So Meshelle wrote

Hi just wanna ask if you received some mail under my name from USCIS? I badly need it asap cause I needed it to go back home. My mom is in the hospital dying right now. 😢 I cant fly without those letter. Thank you so much

I told her,

No, I didn’t receive anything like that. You should contact them, though, and let them know you changed your address.

She wrote:

Okay. Thank you. Appreciate your reply.

I have no proof that she’s telling the truth. She sent a photo of her mom sleeping in a hospital bed, but she didn’t look all that sickly, and I was unaware of any chronic health problems that her mom had.

Anyway, in the future I’m just not going to respond, even if I do get immigration correspondence that she wants forwarded on to her. She should tell the post office that she wants her mail forwarded to a new address. If she doesn’t have a place to live where she can receive correspondence, maybe she should’ve just stayed here rather than moving out.

She caused my family problems by getting the cops to raid the place and take our computer equipment, and now she wants help from us because she has a sob story about her own family. Yet she’s offering nothing in return. No sex, nothing. She just wants help getting her green card so that she can move on with her life, and probably fuck other white guys, and take advantage of the other benefits this country has to offer, which we helped provide her with by giving her everything she needed to get started in this country.

But she doesn’t really have good character, because if she did, she wouldn’t have made a false rape accusation. But that’s just AWALT behavior; if she hadn’t done that, she would’ve done something else, because to fuck over a man who doesn’t subjugate her properly is just an AWALT tendency. I helped to elevate her by helping her be independent (getting her all her documents that she needed to get job, getting her a car and a driver’s license, etc.) and the way she rewarded me was by moving out and making a false rape allegation; and probably now she’s getting fucked by other men who don’t help her the way I helped her.

But that’s just female nature. They will always fuck over men who are nice to them, and don’t keep them in their place by some kind of force or other leverage. Unfortunately, I gave away my leverage because I thought it was the decent thing to do, to treat her as an equal. I will never make that mistake again.

Nor will I treat her like a male friend, whom I might help just under the theory that what goes around comes around. She will never help me in any way, no matter what my situation is, so I will invest nothing in helping her. She can find any number of men who will help her, and society will help her, just because she has a pussy. She doesn’t need my help.

Nor does she deserve my help, because she chose to fuck us over in the end. I could write all that in an email, but I’m just gonna ghost on her, because it would be pointless to try to convince her that she did anything wrong. She has to keep up a narrative that I’m the only one who did anything wrong, and her intentions were pure, honest, and in good faith from the beginning. The more I help her eliminate inconvenience from her life (like having to deal with USCIS), and help her get a foothold in this country, the more I help put her in a position to fuck over me and other American men. I’d rather she just GTFO back to the Philippines.

Even now, she’s probably not being honest with me (not that I necessarily want to know the full truth anyway). She just needs to go away, at this point. And all the white knights who want to help her and take her side need to get lost as well, as do the feminist foids who take her side, etc. They can all go fuck themselves.

What really bothers me about VisaJourney

is that they pull kind of a bait-and-switch, or a motte-and-bailey, or a double standard, or whatever.

Suppose you go there and say, “Women are bitches; they need to just be under men’s control.” They’ll say, “This is a visa advice site; take this rhetoric elsewhere.”

But if you bring up your relationship situation, in the context of how it affects immigration stuff, they’ll judge you for it, and say you’re the bad guy in the situation because you have a penis. Meanwhile, they’ll help any woman who shows up to their site wanting advice with her immigration situation. This could be American women who got romance scammed by sexy foreign men, or foreign women who married an American husband and now want to frivorce-rape him and get a green card. They will give her the benefit of the doubt, and assume she’s a poor, innocent victim of the patriarchy, while suspecting the motives of any man who comes there with a story of how he was manipulated and mistreated, at worst assuming he’s the bad guy, and at best mocking him for being a chump who let himself get taken advantage of.

So rhetoric is allowed, as long as it’s feminist rhetoric. But if a man wants to say antifeminist stuff, they consider that spam and will lock the thread.

That’s the motte and bailey. The motte is, “This is a visa advice site; other stuff (like antifeminist rhetoric) is off-topic and therefore spammy and won’t be tolerated.” The bailey is, “Here’s all this feminist doctrine and rhetoric that we let people express, that goes beyond what we’d have is this were only a visa advice site.”

It’s another case of “I don’t like him”.

What I was gonna tell Sarge

Is there really anything left to talk about? You pretty much know my stance on stuff.

I gave Zesto a site because I was trying to help a friend. I didn’t realize he was going to “go to war” with you and your team. I knew he had some grievances against you, but that’s pretty typical of banned users, especially since tends to go out of its way to alienate them and play the victim after a ban is handed down. Anyway, most people who get banned don’t go to war with you, even if they may complain about how the situation was handled.

I didn’t realize he still had issues with NEET, or that knajjd was going to demand that NEET pick a side, which would cause NEET’s whole circle to have to join with him in doing that. In my view, that was an unnecessary escalation and provocation, but I guess knajjd figured Zesto wasn’t going to do anything about it.

One might say, guys like BP101, or Zesto, or others who become obsessed with the situation and won’t go away just have mental problems and can’t be placated, but in Zesto’s case, stuff happened that triggered him, which maybe could’ve been avoided. knajjd is not really known for his de-escalation skills; I guess he figures it works better to just take a hard line. Well, one can argue that each mod has their own moderation style that they’re comfortable with and that works for them, but I just wonder if it was really all that effective in this case.

Hey Tom, where’s your blog these days?

You know I have a whole slew of incel sites these days, right? Actually, I provide the server, and site leaders run them: