Even if you ascend, if she’s a non-virgin, she’s probably not going to indulge your fetishes

If you get with a virgin, you can mold her to be your ideal sex partner. During the pair-bonding, she will associate the sexual acts you introduce her to with the positive feelings she has when she’s with you, of love, pleasure, etc. Because she’s never had her heart broken, she’ll be generous with her body and give it to you fully, obeying all of your wishes cheerfully, because she has no bitterness that would make her think, “Why should I do anything to please a man; last time I did that, I got dumped.”

If she’s been with Chad, though, he will have already molded her to suit HIS preferences. She will have learned to enjoy the way HE liked to fuck her, and because he’s a man who was way out of her league, that in her mind will always stand out as her peak sexual experience. If you want her to do anything different than what he did with her, she’ll regard that as a lesser experience and maybe not even want to cooperate. In her mind, “Chad’s way is the best way” and your way is inferior.

When you make yourself vulnerable to her by revealing what you desire to do with her, and she turns you down and says she wants to do it a different way (i.e. Chad’s way), even though you’re putting your dick in a pussy, you’re still going to feel rejected and unloved. And in fact, even if you try to reverse the masculine and feminine roles by letting her take the lead, so that you’re catering to her desires and trying to mimic how Chad used to fuck her, it’s never going to be quite the same for her, and therefore she’ll always view you as lacking as well.

It will be so bad that you will wish you never fucked that girl, because of the demoralization the memories of her treating you that way will inflict on you. Seriously, you will regret adding that notch to your belt, because of the psychological trauma that went with it. If you make the mistake of wifing up such a girl, then theoretically you sentence yourself to a lifetime of mediocre, tepid sex; but in reality you probably won’t have to deal with her all that long because most marriages to roasties end in divorce anyway.

A girl’s youth and virginity are her most important characteristics, even more so than attractiveness, because even if she’s so ugly you’re ashamed to be seen with her, what really matters the most is that when you’re in the bedroom together, she does what you want, and isn’t comparing you unfavorably to memories of Chad.

Some other thoughts on Final Fantasy

I’ve now beaten Final Fantasy twice, once using the fighter-fighter-fighter-fighter party, and once using the blackbelt-blackbelt-thief-thief party. Some thoughts:

  • Repeatedly defeating the Eye guarding the Floater chest in the Ice cave is an underrated way of grinding your way to a level-up. It beats the Hall of Giants and the Power Peninsula. The only scary part is that you might encounter some Sorcerers or other lethal creatures on your way out.
  • The Thief seems like an overrated character. Given his many mediocrities, he seems similar to a Red Mage, in that he’ll leave you frustrated that he can’t be as good as a Fighter, Black Mage, etc.
  • You never really get to a point of having total dominance over creatures like Frost Wolves, because they can usually use their numerical advantage to get off some Frost spells before you have a chance to wipe them out with a FIR2 or FIR3 spell.
  • Chaos doesn’t seem like that hard of a foe. The second Kraken is actually more dangerous, because each physical attack he makes will usually wipe out one of your guys. Survival against him is mostly a matter of luck.
  • The only dungeon where running out of resources is a major problem is the Template of Fiends Past. The last time, when I got toward the end, I said “Fuck the Masmune” and went straight toward Tiamat and Chaos, since I was out of heal potions and didn’t have any heal spells.

The “warnings not to marry”

So over at VisaJourney, they wrote:

perhaps you should have taken everyone elses advice. i guess she was really in love with you and didnt care at all about the greencard:/


You aren’t taking in any of the advise given, but keep going back to statistics which have nothing to do with you.


You don’t know what you are doing. You were warned not to marry her. You don’t have a clue.


Exactly, you signed up for this even after everyone warned you not to marry her.


Why should anyone feel sorry for you? You didn’t get enough warnings not to marry?


The same people telling you to contest restraining order are same one who told u not to marry in 2014. Maybe, they smart and know things better than u.

(By the way, I don’t know that it was the same individuals giving both advice; the two threads mostly had different participants.) Also:

Bring an immigrant wife to US and expect her to go to work or start a business to support you while you no work is lack common sense. People warned you and you ignored them.


I see people tell u not to marry her.


~~After review of this thread it will remain locked. Members have continually given you advice you have ignored there is nothing alse that can be said that hasn’t. This thread is not to be restarted in any form.~~

The thing is, the advice from 2014 didn’t really impart any red pill knowledge or wisdom. They said nothing about the alpha fuxx/beta buxx feminine imperative (which means that a girl is unlikely to stay with you just because she loves your personality, without you giving her money, unless you’re Chad), for instance, or how non-virgins tend to be more disloyal, or how there’s no such thing as relationship equity.

The nonexistence of relationship equity means that you need to have ongoing relevance

When men get criticized harshly on VisaJourney, it’s usually because they weren’t devoting themselves fully to putting a woman’s interests first, or they were demanding something in return for what they had done or, worse, what they had done in the past. At the very least, to get ANY respect from women, men need to have ongoing relevance — they need to be contributing something in the present. A woman’s interest in a non-Chad isn’t even about “what have you done for me lately”; it’s about “what are you going to do for me now and in the future?”

By the way, back in 2014 they weren’t really “warning me not to marry”

If you look at the posts, they were expressing some doubts, suggestions, etc. but they didn’t straight-up warn me not to marry. They were just saying there was some stuff to consider, and some possibilities that might be worth exploring.

How is the affidavit of support morally binding?

BuiQuang writes:

Also, as her husband, you are obligated morally and legally to support her. Giving her room and board and all her basic necessities was not generosity or holding up a deal. It’s your legal obligation. Also, I don’t know any couple who makes a deal for room and board. You have no idea what a marriage is. You only wanted to use this woman to be a breadwinner while you stay at home and not work as posted in posts from 2014.

Yeah, it may not have been clear enough from the thread that Meshelle said many, many times that she was okay with being the breadwinner. But it often happens that people make judgmental comments, based on erroneous assumptions, in relationship-related threads.

Anyway, if he’s talking about my moral obligation to do what I promised in the affidavit of support, what about all the money that the state took from me, which wasn’t pursuant to any agreement?

Also, if he’s talking about my obligation under natural law to provide for my wife, or saying that it’s the nature of marriage that men trade money for sex, what about the obligation of the woman to present herself as a virgin bride, or to stay with her husband; if we’re going to be traditionalist, aren’t I entitled to have such expectations, in return for making sure Meshelle’s needs were taken care of? Meshelle was, after all, being provided for, so as I told BuiQuang, my end of the “obligation” (both to Meshelle and to the government) was being upheld. Meshelle just left because she didn’t like living with my mom.

Yeah, I think there was an understanding between Meshelle and I that if she wanted to move up in the world and have a nicer place, she was potentially going to need to be the breadwinner because my income wasn’t guaranteed. VisaJourney may not have realized she was aware of the consequences of the felony, and what it would mean. The fact remains, though, that I did everything I was supposed to under both the Affidavit of Support and any other promise I made to Meshelle or her dad.

Of course, Meshelle could rip my family off now by filing a lawsuit, but people say she probably won’t. That’s not typically the Filipina way. She’ll probably just go away and live her life on her own, now that she has that divorce decree in hand. It does suck that, to get into this marriage, I got divorced from Augustine and therefore lost the rights of a widower; but whatever. Nobody cares.

It would’ve been nice if some of Augustine’s vids, etc. had survived, but oh well. Elsewhere:

You both used each other and you lost. Too bad, so sad for you. Obviously, you the victim. You did not plan to hold green card over her head to gain control. You the good guy.

Isn’t that why conditions on residency exist — so that the U.S. citizen spouse has some slight measure of control over whether he gets fucked over? Otherwise, what is the point? The whole idea is to make sure that the marriage isn’t fraudulent; e.g. they might look askance at the situation if, for example, she left as soon as she got her green card, and didn’t claim abuse.

But another question that arises is, why should ANY American man marry a foreign girl, and sign the Affidavit of Support, unless she’s a virginal bride? What assurance does he have that she’s not going to just leave him for another man, or whatever, once she has her green card, and fuck him over? Why WOULDN’T she; if she wasn’t virginal, then how was he in any way special to her? There was this other post:

No, marriage is not about using each other for our own desires. It’s love to share. Share require compromise. U think marriage about using each other then u will never be happy.

If marriage isn’t about a trade of money for sex, then why do wives insist on getting financial support in exchange for putting out, or else feel ripped off? Also, love is about a lack of other options. If she wasn’t a virginal bride, then how does she lack other options, given that there’s nothing particularly special to her about the man she married? These betabuxx marriages tend to be pretty mercenary from the female point of view; she is not loving her betabuxx the way she loved (and still loves) Chad.

Millennials have the prosecutorial mindset

If you’ve been criminally prosecuted before, you know how the typical prosecutorial mindset is. They’re all about punishing people and upholding respect for the law. Judges will sometimes talk more about the need to protect the public (since it’s their ass on the line if you reoffend and people notice the fact that they gave you a light sentence); but prosecutors are focused more on making sure you get your just deserts for what you did.

Prosecutors don’t directly feed any children, or invent any new devices, or anything like that. They just punish the bad people so that the common man doesn’t get the idea that crime pays. Prosecution is intended to keep people from having the audacity to challenge the state’s authority, by letting them know that there will be harsh punishments for violations. The prosecutors don’t necessarily care if they make anyone’s life better by removing the bad man from society; they just want to make sure that the bad man doesn’t get away with anything.

The prosecutor wants the public to view the punishments as just so that he’ll have respect for the law and the state; but of course, what’s “fair” is a matter of opinion, so really he’s just catering to the masses’s sentiments. If the people were to get demoralized, believing the law to be unfair, they might rise up or something. Of course, the people might get demoralized too by believing that the law is too harsh, and want to fight back for that reason; but prosecutors have that Machiavellian mindset that it’s better to be feared than loved, so therefore it’s better to err on the side of being too harsh than not harsh enough.

Modern feminism is influenced by the millennial idea that it doesn’t matter if women are miserable, as long as men aren’t able to feel entitled to women’s bodies. An abstract ideal has been put ahead of practicality and women’s actual well-being (which was supposed to be the point of feminism; feminism was supposed to be a system that worked better than patriarchy).

Feminism supposedly is a system that’s better-suited to our advanced, information-age economy than “archaic” patriarchy, which like negro slavery, is no longer necessary or useful. The difference, though, is that before, negroes were useful for physical labor, while now they’re useful for nothing; while before, women were only useful for sex and raising kids, and now they’re still only useful for that. Yet, feminism has made them useful for even less than what they were useful for during the patriarchal era. They’re not even able to keep their fertility rate above the replacement rate.

Well anyway, here’s James Lucrative’s video about the millennial mentality:

Notice I didn’t have that attitude toward Meshelle

For awhile, after she left, I had that Trumpian attitude of, “She has to go back.” That was one reason I didn’t want to sign off on the divorce. I was going to make it harder for her to remove her immigration conditions, or make it take a longer time, anyway.

But a more powerful motivator was that I simply didn’t want to let go of sexual property that easily. As it turned out, the police worked with her to force me to sign the final decree, under threat of getting prosecuted for rape.

Anyway, my attitude is that it’s usually better to be selfish than vindictive, although there are a few exceptions. If you’re going to be vindictive, you should at least make sure that your cause is worthy.

Of course manosphere 1.0 was just a gateway to other things

That’s why they put a “1.0” at the end.

Don’t make me get into a beef with you, Tom Grauer, because I will start an unnecessary, unjustified, and uncalled-for feud for the purpose of artificially boosting my blog traffic through drama. You can be the next Machine Gun Kelly!

Of course, if this blog did start to attract a lot of notice, publicity, etc. I would probably have to take it private

Therefore, if you want to keep the blog public, you have to not take the bait — at least, not in any way that would actually accomplish the goal of attracting a bunch of attention. This means you’re utterly disarmed against any attacks I might wish to make.

Even though I’m not Jewish, I’m still going to rub my hands together like Gargamel at the prospect.