What really bothers me about VisaJourney

is that they pull kind of a bait-and-switch, or a motte-and-bailey, or a double standard, or whatever.

Suppose you go there and say, “Women are bitches; they need to just be under men’s control.” They’ll say, “This is a visa advice site; take this rhetoric elsewhere.”

But if you bring up your relationship situation, in the context of how it affects immigration stuff, they’ll judge you for it, and say you’re the bad guy in the situation because you have a penis. Meanwhile, they’ll help any woman who shows up to their site wanting advice with her immigration situation. This could be American women who got romance scammed by sexy foreign men, or foreign women who married an American husband and now want to frivorce-rape him and get a green card. They will give her the benefit of the doubt, and assume she’s a poor, innocent victim of the patriarchy, while suspecting the motives of any man who comes there with a story of how he was manipulated and mistreated, at worst assuming he’s the bad guy, and at best mocking him for being a chump who let himself get taken advantage of.

So rhetoric is allowed, as long as it’s feminist rhetoric. But if a man wants to say antifeminist stuff, they consider that spam and will lock the thread.

That’s the motte and bailey. The motte is, “This is a visa advice site; other stuff (like antifeminist rhetoric) is off-topic and therefore spammy and won’t be tolerated.” The bailey is, “Here’s all this feminist doctrine and rhetoric that we let people express, that goes beyond what we’d have is this were only a visa advice site.”

It’s another case of “I don’t like him”.

Here’s the motion I’m filing with the circuit court today


Obtained by Detective C. Shaw
On August 28, 2018

Description of Location Searched:
9270 Prospect Avenue
Catlett, VA 20119


COMES NOW Nathan Daniel Larson and, pursuant of Code of Virginia §§19.2-54 and 19.2-60, moves for the unsealing of the search warrant affidavit, search warrant, and search warrant return; and for the return of the silver-colored Hewlett Packard laptop computer that were seized by Sheriff’s deputies from his residence on August 29, 2018.

The silver-colored Hewlett Packard laptop computer contains software that this litigant was developing for use in launching a tech company. It is standard procedure, when police need to search a business computer, to create an image of the data and then return the equipment so as not to disrupt business operations.

This litigant is one of many thousands of United States citizens who had the unfortunate experience of, after marrying a foreign wife, finding that she was mostly interested in obtaining a green card, rather than actually building a family. After she obtained the green card, she sought to free herself from the marriage by using the threat of a rape accusation to coerce this litigant into (1) withdrawing his objection to her divorce complaint, and (2) signing off on the final divorce decree (see documents filed in Larson v. Larson, case CL18000204-00). See also the attached corroborating 28 January 2018 email, “Separation agreement”, in which the accuser states:


The advice usually given, at online forums such as VisaJourney, to U.S. citizens in a situation such as this litigant’s, is to divorce and move on. See, e.g., 21 September 2017 post by caliliving (“divorce, move on and focus on your life“); 22 September 2017 posts by NuestraUnion (“There are plenty of reasons to divorce. You need to move on with your life“), belinda63 (“Move on with life, divorce her“), BuiQuang (“Divorce and go on with your life“), caliliving (“Divorce and move on“); etc.

Now that the divorce has been finalized, the court can assist with this litigant’s process of moving on with his life, by returning his property that was taken by the police at his ex-wife’s behest, back when she was trying to find a way to extort cooperation from this litigant during the divorce proceedings. As the VisaJourney posters point out, we can reasonably expect that after the accuser’s petition to remove conditions on residence is approved by the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service, she will lose interest in pressing any criminal charges. See, e.g., 22 September 2017 posts by belinda63 (“VAWA [Violence Against Women Act] is not needed. What will be needed is a divorce so she can file with a divorce waiver“), caliliving (“She just wants a green card and to move on w her life and find a man w a job that works and can support her” and “She just wants a greencare to be free from you”), etc.

The consensus is clear, that it’s time to forget about my ex-wife and her rape allegations, and move on. It’s time to put this marriage, and everything that went along with it (such as rape accusations, and any lingering consequences of those) in the rear-view mirror forever. Once my computer equipment is returned to me, I can focus on building a company, rather than being distracted by any more reminders of my ex-wife. (The ongoing absence of the property that was taken by the police from my house is one of those reminders.)

It’s time to move on. Please help me with that. Thank you in advance.

Submitted this 28th day of October 2018.

Nathan Daniel Larson
9270 Prospect Avenue
Catlett, VA 20119
(540) 341-5911


I certify that a copy of the above was mailed to Abigail J. Owens, Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for the County of Fauquier, on October 28, 2018.

Nathan Daniel Larson
9270 Prospect Avenue
Catlett, VA 20119
(540) 341-5911

It’s time for a moratorium on visas

We’ve had a moratorium on federal executions since 2004, because the federal government isn’t sure how to execute people humanely. Maybe it’s also time to have a moratorium on visas, till we can figure out a way to prevent visa fraud and more generally ensure the integrity of the system and protect American interests.

That would also have the benefit of killing off places like VisaJourney, probably.

I can’t think of any visa category we need. Even foreign diplomats probably aren’t really needed on American soil, given that we have modern communication now, by which different countries’ leaders can communicate directly. Having a bunch of foreign embassies gives other countries the ability to spy on the U.S. more easily, and provides a place for fugitives to hole up, Julian Assange-style.

Why do we need tourists? A lot of them will overstay their visas. This isn’t Costa Rica, a shithole that relies on tourism dollars, and that most people wouldn’t want to move to, except to retire relatively cheaply.

Why do we need foreign students, who are just going to go back home after getting their education here (or else overstay their visas)? Why do we need foreign workers? Yeah, they expand the economy, but their production is offset by their consumption. We can produce our own children here anyway (and they’ll be higher-quality, if white); we don’t need to import them.

Yes, I know immigrants have a history of being entrepreneurial and starting some cool tech companies; but we’re not in a period of history that’s conducive to technological progress anyway. There’s so much censorship, and the required politically correct human resource policies are so onerous, that it almost seems pointless to try to start a new tech company. Let’s fix those situations, and then think about letting in immigrants.

As for fiancée and spousal visas, I think we should get rid of those until we restore some reasonable rights for U.S. citizen husbands.

Before we should end the moratorium, we should restore patriarchy; legalize racial discrimination by private citizens; and implement white supremacy in government, or some other form of aristocracy.

BuiQuang doesn’t really have a consistent attitude toward immigration

He’s like, “Immigration fraud is bad, UNLESS you’re fucking over a U.S. citizen husband to immigrate. Then it’s okay.”

That seems to actually be a pretty common attitude around VisaJourney. Upholding the right of femoids to fuck over men is of paramount concern to them; upholding the integrity of the immigration system is secondary at best. Yeah, they may get indignant about immigration fraud, but ONLY if the type of fraud doesn’t involve fucking over a U.S. citizen husband. If it involves fucking over a U.S. citizen husband, then not only do they condone it, they actually support it, and will condemn the U.S. citizen husband for objecting to her behavior and for being gullible enough to allow it to happen.

They’re basically just a bunch of white knights.

You’ll notice, he says NOTHING bad about Meshelle or her behavior. Really, nobody in that whole thread does. They are all saying bad stuff about me and my behavior. They don’t even hold her morally accountable for lying or being manipulative or breaking her promises or anything like that. They are only talking about MY responsibilities. It’s operative social conventions.

And supposedly I’m the one who has no idea what a marriage is, even though Meshelle was the one who left me, got a restraining order against me, and filed for divorce. Yeah, let’s have a moratorium on issuing marriage licenses, then, since the system is obviously broken (in that men have no rights whatsoever under it; even the right not to sign for a divorce is pretty much nonexistent in that men can be coerced into signing, as I was) and everyone wants to take femoids’ side.

Close the borders. Keep out the BuiQuangs and the Meshelles of the world.

VisaJourney is probably going to mostly die

I would predict that with the growing hostility to prospective immigrants, and growing awareness that there’s a lot of visa fraud, sites like VisaJourney that take such a hostile attitude toward U.S. citizen husbands will lose popularity.

It’s kind of like how Roosh V Forum, which took such a hostile attitude toward incels, is losing popularity. I don’t think they can cope and rationalize forever; they have to acknowledge at some point that IT’S OVER. Even the ability to enjoy the decline so much will go away as they get older.

I think there are only a handful of people very active at RVF anymore. It’s the same way with VisaJourney. It’s always the same few regulars who respond to everything. That doesn’t seem like a coincidence; it’s not hard for them to monitor everything, because there’s not a lot of activity.

A lot of times, I’ll face some malefactor who then will no longer be around later. E.g., BuiQuang is no longer around. I’d like to check out RVF and see which of the people in this thread are no longer around.

Who are these people on VisaJourney, anyway?

We probably have a fair number of bluepilled normies; then there are chicks who scammed their way into the U.S. by one means or another. Maybe they claimed they loved their American husband more than they loved Chad. That’s a pretty common scam. Whether they’re still with him or not, they didn’t save their best for him, although they probably led him to believe they preferred him to Chad.

Then of course there are the types of agenda-pushing feminists who try to take over every online community.

Any “misogynists” such as myself probably got driven out a long time ago (through moderator intervention in discussions, etc.), so that’s why these threads are dominated by people like BuiQuang who get a lot of upvotes sometimes. It’s just another online community that got taken over by cucks and femoids.

I want to create a redpilled visa advice forum

It’s going to have different moderators than VisaJourney (none of these bluepillers, and preferably no foids), and we’re going to allow necroposting (since why not? Someone might have a useful or interesting correction or comment, even after the OP’s situation is moot or resolved).

VisaJourney has some cool stuff, like timelines and step-by-step guides and whatnot; but most of the good stuff they have to offer is outside the forums. The forums are abysmal.

I even found recently that their advice was potentially wrong, in that they said that if an immigrant wife divorces you and then files the I-751 on her own, she can get her conditions removed regardless of the reason for the divorce. That’s not necessarily true. What I read was that if she’s considered at fault, they can deny her petition. But I can’t say anything about that because they closed the thread. And I probably can’t post to similar threads where people gave similar advice, because that would be necroposting.