It’s not looking good for Comstock

The Dems point out that she usually votes with Trump, but on the other hand, she was a NeverTrumper (and for a bad reason — the Access Hollywood tapes), which is why she attracted basically two primary challengers. (Both Shak Hill and I served essentially in that capacity, attacking her from the left.) It’s never a good sign when you get primaried; Lingamfelter got primaried too last year, and he also lost.

She hasn’t taken a stance in support for Brett Kavanaugh. Instead, she got on what may turn out to be the wrong side of history, by supporting the #MeToo movement.

On the other hand, Wexton doesn’t seem to have any major drawbacks. Even though her commercials have rhetoric saying she’s in favor of a bunch of anti-man stuff (e.g. collecting child support, getting tough on sex offenders, and keeping guns away from “domestic abusers”), she hasn’t really been a feminist SJW. Her legislation isn’t really all that extreme (it seems like mostly housekeeping rather than anything substantive), and most of the cuckservatives probably would’ve voted for the same bills. Heck, the Republicans even say that she voted against helping victims of domestic abuse (HB 1, HB 484), although that too seems trumped up.

And she’s apparently been willing to plea bargain with sex offenders, even pedophiles, supposedly, also that’s pretty run-of-the-mill. All prosecutors in northern Virginia tend to plea bargain. When it comes right down to it, there’s not much difference between her and Comstock.

What’s a bad sign for Comstock, though, is that she turned down the League of Women Voters debate. I don’t necessarily like having a league of women voters (men wouldn’t be able to set up such an organization for themselves), but to not do the debate seems like cowardice and maybe even acquiescence to defeat.

CuckTears looks at posts from the perspective of “these incels aren’t impressing me”

They’re so used to guys being white knights who want to impress them, that they think it’s gonna work on us if they say, “When you say x, it doesn’t make me want to open my legs.” Or they think that by saying that, it’s gonna influence the white knights around them to double down on trying to get some pussy by being total manginas.

For example, they suggest that, because of our weird online interests, we would be talking about that stuff on a date with a foid. Every guy has stuff he holds back from letting girls know about on a date. It’s the same way with girls; they have girl talk with each other about the slutty stuff they do (and may even post about it to Reddit), but they don’t tell guys about that stuff on dates.

Who even goes on dates anymore? These days, if you’re trying to actually get pussy, you’d probably just meet online, then arrange to get together at your place or hers, and get pussy the same day. The longer you orbit, and the more dates you go on before getting pussy, the less likely it is that you’ll EVER get pussy from her; or if you do get pussy from her, the fact that you had to orbit for so long probably means that you weren’t her first choice. If a girl likes you as more than a friend (aka more than a beta she’s just gonna use for personal gain without putting out), she’s probably made the decision pretty early on that she wants to get fucked by you, and the rest is just logistical details.

So all this stuff about trying to impress girls is nonsense. We know that Chad thinks thoughts that are every bit as misogynistic as anything we think, and that girls can sense that, and are attracted to him. In fact, the less he cares about any particular foid, the more likely he is to get to fuck her.

Civilization, though, was built on rape-slavery, so that’s what I strive to implement. Also, what can I say, I’m a romantic idealist! I don’t want just a fuck-buddy; I want to make a girl my property, and I want to make the daughters we make together my sexual property as well. I want everything, but these foids want to be in control and have the ability to give their pussies to whatever guys they want, rather than being faithful to one man.

They are the ones who should be trying to impress me; that’s the natural order. This isn’t about me trying to qualify myself to them. My only problem is that I’m not enough of a sociopath, that I would be playing the games needed to get pussy in this modern world.