Of course manosphere 1.0 was just a gateway to other things

That’s why they put a “1.0” at the end.

Don’t make me get into a beef with you, Tom Grauer, because I will start an unnecessary, unjustified, and uncalled-for feud for the purpose of artificially boosting my blog traffic through drama. You can be the next Machine Gun Kelly!

Of course, if this blog did start to attract a lot of notice, publicity, etc. I would probably have to take it private

Therefore, if you want to keep the blog public, you have to not take the bait — at least, not in any way that would actually accomplish the goal of attracting a bunch of attention. This means you’re utterly disarmed against any attacks I might wish to make.

Even though I’m not Jewish, I’m still going to rub my hands together like Gargamel at the prospect.

I was going to post this to Tom Grauer’s blog, but since his blog could go down at any time, I’ll just post it here

I’m just wondering, how much confidence do you have in your own convictions? Because the more confidence you have, the more you can withstand adversity.

You and I have both had times recently when we were on the cusp of success, and then got attacked and trashed our work. (In my case, it was by withdrawing from the election right before campaign season was about to start, because my mom was worried her livelihood might be under threat due to her association with me.)

The thing about it is, as you’re about to accomplish something big, that’s when you’ll get put to the test, to see whether you have enough confidence in your convictions to stay the course even when you’re being attacked. And by that, I’m not just referring to attacks on your ideas, which you can counter easily with your keyboard; I’m talking about attacks on you, your family, etc.

They’re going to test you, to see if you really believe in what you say enough that you’re going to put something that actually matters IRL on the line for it. If you say, “I have to take care of my family first” then you fail the test because those who have the strength of their convictions say, “I have to put my cause first.” And the thing about that is, when you put the cause first, then people realize, “Oh, he has the strength of his convictions” and they respect that and back off somewhat.

If you surrender, though, then they say, “Our victory proves we were right, because the strength of his convictions wasn’t enough to sustain him and keep him from folding.” Any time someone surrenders when they didn’t absolutely have to, that’s taken as weakness (and it actually creates weakness, as Hitler pointed out; it tends to lead to further surrenders).

When people say, “Your ideas are wrong! You should stop putting them out there!” and make credible threats and attacks, a lot of times, they’re not just trying to coerce you into shutting up; they’re also testing you. It feels good at first to surrender, and think, “Ah, I did what people wanted me to do, so now I’ve pleased them” but eventually you realize you failed the test, and that’s when the regret comes.

Those who fight, and endure pain and sacrifice for their causes, others can’t help but respect, even if they disagree with them. And they have to at least partly believe that there must be some truth to your ideas, because people don’t usually fight hard for ideas that are entirely junk. Behind strong conviction, there’s usually some truth.

Or does it sometimes not work that way?

A lot of people have made sacrifices; there were all those tree-sitters who got threatened with arrest for blocking the pipelines, for instance. Do they convince anyone of their views? Probably what they do is bolster the morale of those who already agree with them, which is just as important sometimes.

What needs to happen, though, is that the supporters of causes find ways to take care of their own heroes. So, for example, Tony Hovater’s buddies should’ve helped him find new employment, after he got canned. Maybe they did do that.

The alternative is that someone like Tony should go DyRo, and let the prison system take care of him for the rest of his life. But not too many men have it in them to go DyRo.

Someone like me sucks at most jobs, so therefore it wouldn’t do much good if friends tried to find me employment. I have to be supported by my mom or by the state, etc. unless I’m going to live a very meager existence earning close to minimum wage. Therefore, maybe it really was inevitable that I drop out of the race, if there wasn’t any other way of protecting my family from financial disaster.

But at some point, if pedos have a cause worth fighting for, they should band together to protect their interests. There must be pedos out there who either have neetbuxx or are competent enough at their jobs that if their fellow pedos can protect their livelihood, they can survive.

So yeah, it would seem I fucked up by dropping out of the race

What happened at the end was, my mom gave me a choice. Either (1) I could drop out of the race or (2) she would pay for me to stay someplace other than our house for the last three months of the campaign, so that she could tell her boss, co-workers, staff, etc. that I don’t live with her anymore. That way, they wouldn’t be telling her she had a conflict of interest in working for an organization that’s anti-domestic violence, while supporting a son who’s pro-domestic violence.

(She would still have been financially supporting me, but it apparently wouldn’t have counted because I wouldn’t have been living with her. The newspapers would probably only have noted my living situation, not who was funding it, if I didn’t live with my parents.)

So, what I should have done was taken her up on the second option she offered, and stayed at this campground, which charges only $11/night. Three months of that would’ve only set my mom back a grand. I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that, because I used to know a homeless dude who was staying at a campground because he couldn’t afford a hotel.

Anyway, as Hitler wrote, “those nations which lay down their arms without being absolutely forced to do so subsequently prefer to submit to the greatest humiliations and exactions rather than try to change their fate by resorting to arms again.” That’s the problem with this type of surrender, in which one drops out of a race when it wasn’t necessary. It makes it hard to motivate oneself to try again later.

I had already promised myself during this petitioning season that I wasn’t going to run for Congress again after 2018 anyway. I was going to say what I needed to say, and then leave politics. But normally I would want to see my campaign through to its end, rather than aborting it. Otherwise, it was somewhat of a waste of time, because the voters didn’t get their chance to weigh in, and let their voices be heard.

My opponent, Barbara Comstock, even presumed to speak on behalf of all of her constituents (not just her supporters, but also those who might have voted for me) by saying, “It is good news for all voters in #VA10 that Nathan Larson, a convicted felon who served time in prison for threatening to kill POTUS and is an admitted pedophile, an admitted rapist, white supremacist, and misogynist, is now off the ballot in #VA10”.

So yeah, it would seem I fucked up. But I also have to ask, “Why didn’t anyone else suggest the campground idea?” People were saying I should try to raise money to support my campaign. But that wasn’t really necessary, since my mom was offering to provide the necessary support, on the condition that I use the money to move out temporarily.

When it comes right down to it, my decision to drop out was probably worse than Tom Grauer’s decision to delete his blog and not save any backup of it. (The thing about what he did, though, was that he deliberately left no way by which he could reverse what he was doing, even though he had ample opportunity to do an export and thereby leave that bridge standing rather than burn it.)

Because of this bad decision, I lose a certain amount of self-respect. It further supports my opinion of myself as being a man who makes poor decisions that waste his potential. The only silver lining is that I can think, “If I made this dumb decision, then maybe I’ll also make a foolish decision to kill myself, and act on it before I have a chance to realize I don’t need to do that.”

It’s just another item that I can add to the reasons list. Maybe someday, I’ll be sitting there with the pentobarbital in front of me, and be like, “I’ve made a bunch of bad decisions up to this point, so why not one more?” But no, I probably have too much self-love for that.

Anyway, there is one other way I can try to redeem myself.

caamib dissects the “disaster” of the incel community/movement

He writes:

For all of you who read this and know just how idiotic the groups that have taken over the current mainstream of the incel name, I want to tell you just one thing – I am indeed sorry. There was hardly a way for me to predict this would occur. If I could go back 2 years I assure you that it would not. But now there isn’t much I can do anymore but perchance start my own incel community. I was thinking about that a lot. Now, some of you know I am currently mostly hanging out with male sexualists like Eivind Berge, Tom Grauer, Holocaust21 and Nathan Larson (despite disagreeing with some things Nathan believes in)  as these men still have some brains left. I ‘d start a community for incels and love-shy people, along with male sexualists. Please, if you read all of this huge text tell me what you think about the idea. As I said, there isn’t currently a single one incel community that is worth anything. All are complete disaster for way or the other. If you have any intelligence you will not be on any of these communities.

C’mon, man, don’t you disagree with some things Grauer says too? He copied most of my ideology anyway, or maybe came up with some of the same ideas independently.

I’m mostly just writing this post to try to attract traffic to my own site by pinging a blogger who’s more popular than me, so I could just leave it at that, but to keep up appearances, I better add some more filler. Earlier in the piece, caamib writes:

To say that my blog started the current insanity around incels would be simply wrong.

So what did? Well, in order to understand that we must go back some years. Two original incel (a term invented by a Canadian woman in 1997) communities were Love-shy.com, a site that takes its name from an unrecognized disorder called love-shyness that American psychologist Brian G. Gilmartin wrote about in his 1987 book Shyness & Love: Causes, Consequences, and Treatments, and the now defunct Incel Support.

I thought I heard that a man came up with the term “incel” many decades ago? Henry Flynt, maybe? Okay, let me find one more thing to quote from caamib’s post:

But things aren’t that simple. Starting a website/forum is different from starting a subreddit. Reddit is a huge community with thousands of subreddits but it is much more difficult to get people to register on your site specifically. Another problem is that my technical skills are poor and I know very little about hosting. The current disgusting incel forum was a consequence of a disgusting community but how am I to get a real community? I know about 15 people who will register but how do I get others?

You really don’t need all that many people; quality > quantity. Some of the best publications are just an editor and a handful of writers. If you have a few prolific content creators, then the public can just lurk, and you’ll have accomplished your goal, which was to reach people with quality content.