Hey Tom Grauer, can I borrow some shekels?

By “borrow” I mean “spend them frivolously on setting up a Rapecels site, so that we can possibly make use of the talents of Caamib, Zesto, and other independent-minded, creative spirits and/or old guard organizers who have been disenfranchised by the Incels.is establishment, or at any rate sidelined by their unwillingness to cooperate with that regime on its terms.”

I’m referring to literal shekels, by the way; I need about USD $100 (or 373 Israeli shekels) for a few months of Raspberry Pi use plus an Epik domain plus funds for taking care of unexpected contingencies (since this is a line of business where we can easily get shut down).

My problem is, I don’t get an allowance anymore, and you’re the only other guy I know who was crazy enough to put his IRL identity out there. No one else is willing to donate because they’re afraid of getting doxxed. You, on the other hand, have nothing to lose besides 373 shekels.

But keep in mind, if the Jewish race is to survive, you must continue the tradition of your people of investing in cutting edge media conglomerates. Back in the 20th century, it was Harry Warner, Adolph Zukor, William Fox, Carl Laemmle, and Louis B. Mayer buying up film and television companies. Well, now we have the new media!

The concept behind the Rapecels site is, we’re going to finally bridge the gap that Incels.is couldn’t, by bringing together incels and male sexualists in a way that isn’t reliant on the ever-controversial and arguably self-contradictory blackpilled normie rule. This will create openings for implementing a lot of ideas Caamib had, such as allowing femoids and legalizing certain kinds of bragging.

Caamib’s potential is currently being squandered and we need to rectify that situation by giving him a site to run or at least to be involved in (if he doesn’t run it, his involvement will probably be limited to saying, “You don’t know how to run a site worth shit” and posting lists of complaints about misguided policies and practices.)

My BATNA is that if you don’t contribute funding to the site, then I’ll just have to try to acquire money some other way, e.g. by making a renter’s insurance claim on the theft and vandalism that was done to my home this past July by Antifa or whoever. (UPDATE: I can’t get any money from State Farm because my losses fall short of the $500 deductible.)

(I don’t mean to jinx it, but you never know, you might run into a jailbait on the site. It’s been known to happen. Then you can arrange to meet her, and travel across international borders to get caught up in a Chris Hansen-style sting coordinated by an obese, middle-aged law enforcement agent, and subsequently subjected to the International Megan’s Law. No, psyche, we do actually have real jailbaits appear now and then, but they’re all crazy and/or slutty, and usually weird-looking.)

Here’s an example, by the way, of the kind of thread that often gets quietly deleted from Incels.is. We were having a good convo, and I was pleased with the fact that some male sexualist ideas had been accepted by a good portion of the userbase, but it got removed as too edgy. Rapecels need an alternative site if we want to discuss pedo (rather than merely jailbait-related) stuff. And we all know, we can’t solve the JBQ (jailbait question) without solving the PQ (pedo question).

Proposal for a rapecels site

Some people have suggested, “Why don’t you call your forum something other than ‘Rapecels'” but what I want to do is prove that femoids are attracted to rapists by seeing how they flock to this site.

Anyway, we need to raise money for this project, and I’m thinking that like BoyChat, we may need to set up a bureaucracy. We need a bunch of people to have skin in the game.

What I’m proposing is, if you want in, go ahead and donate $100 to buy a share of our stock. This will entitle you to a seat on the Rapecels Board of Molesters, where you can take part in site decision-making.

Just go ahead and send me some paper currency through the mail, if you want to help make this project a reality. I’ve sent currency through the mail many times, including through the international mail, and never had a problem.

Rapecels are romantic idealists

04fcb6f509d2ee151790e47bc0d3cda068cf77-wmRape is based on many ideas that romantics have cherished throughout the ages. E.g., the idea that “Love will find a way,” “Love overcomes obstacles,” etc. It doesn’t matter if she says “No” or tries to fight back; love will not be deterred! Romeo and Juliet violated social convention so that they could be together, and the rapist also does not let some arbitrary manmade law get in the way of physically expressing his desire for a female.

Some will object, “That’s not love!” But according to the Greeks, eros — lust — was a form of a love. It’s a love strong enough that even among those animal species that don’t have actual relationships, are able to rely on it for the procreative needs. It’s the cornerstone of every other kind of love, because without lust, there would be no people with whom to populate the earth and enjoy the other kinds of love that exist.

The marital rapecel refuses to allow his relationship to degenerate into a dead bedroom situation. When his wife won’t put out, he ravishes her, so that she knows that he at least is willing to uphold the integrity of the institution of marriage, which is a “more than friends” relationship. He makes known through his penetration of her that he desires her so strongly that even when she tries to push him away and scream “rape,” he’s not going to let something as trivial as a lack of consent get in the way of his passion. (Later, when the neighbors ask what was all that racket, he’ll explain that it was just some kinky BDSM. Can she disprove it?)

The female brain is not actually wired to have any concept of rape anyway. There’s only “sex she regrets” and “sex she doesn’t regret”. The word our modern society uses for sex she regrets is “rape”. If the law defines rape differently that “regretted sex,” she will just change the facts of what happened so that it meets the legal definition.

See the hypocrisy — femoids will say, “Rape is a crime” yet they violate the law all the time by making false rape accusations. Of course, they can’t help it; it’s in their nature, so society lets them get away with. Well, I can’t help being a masculine man who wants to dominate femoids either! Just like it’s in female nature to want to blame men for everything, it’s in my nature to want to force femoids into sexual submission. Am I supposed to be untrue to my nature? My romantic idealism won’t allow that, since the very definition of romance is that the two sexes are fulfilling their masculine and feminine tendencies, respectively, so that they can be in harmony together, to fulfill the romantic ideal of what a relationship is supposed to be about.

Why should we accept feminine lack of responsibility, while not accepting male dominance? That would be misandrist, by which I mean, it would seem to suggest something negative about men (much as misogyny means expressing anything negative about women). If we’re going to let femoids get away with blaming men for everything, then men should be allowed to have control. Rape is one way of exercising control. I’m just trying to restore some balance between the sexes. The feminists are always saying relationships are unhealthy when there’s a power imbalance, so therefore I want to eliminate the power imbalance by getting rid of femoids’ power to say, “I don’t want to have sex,” which puts men in a submissive position as the ones who tend to want more sex and to be less picky about sex partners.

Femoids have become so entitled and arrogant. Nothing is asked of them other than that they open their legs and moan when they’re getting fucked as though they’re enjoying it, which comes easily to them because they’re natural actresses, having evolved through millennia of needing to please powerful men by pretending to like them. If a femoid refuses to put out, I think her man has a right to say, “Relationships are supposed to be better than this. There are supposed to be expressions of physical love” and then enforce his standards by holding her down and violating her, rather than accept some kind of pseudo-relationship, masquerading as the real thing, that doesn’t involve the amount and kind of intimacy that he wants. This is what I mean by idealism — upholding an ideal, by force if necessary, rather than settling for less.

Some will say, “If she doesn’t put out, you can always divorce her.” That’s not the idealistic way of looking at it! Marriage is supposed to be permanent. To say, “I’ll just let her go if she doesn’t fulfill my wishes” is to act like she isn’t special, and can just be replaced by some other broad. But love is all about viewing a particular person as special rather than fungible. Pragmatic love says, “I’ll settle for what I can get.” E.g., for whichever girl will consent to sex. Idealistic love says, “I’ll have the girl I want, even if it has to be by rape. I won’t let go of this relationship; I will make it happen, and preserve its integrity (by keeping it sexual, lest it degenerate into a platonic relationship) by force if need be.”

All day long, we hear on the radio these songs where femoids talk about their love and devotion for Chads who mistreat them. They long to be violated by Chad. Well, I may not be able to become like Chad in EVERY way, but I can at least be as rapey as Chad. Yeah, I may not have Chad’s jawline or hairline, but I can least twist her arm and overpower her to fuck her like Chad does. I’m just trying to Chadmaxx in whatever ways are possible for me; what’s wrong with that?

In the Bible, the Christian God says, “You better accept my love, or I’ll send you to hell.” How is that any different than if I tell some chick, “You better open your legs, or I’ll beat the shit out of you”? True love doesn’t take no for an answer, because true love accepts no substitutes for the object of affection. In a world where love is not a crime, to have a “oneitis” is not a disorder at all; the obsession is just supposed to drive you to rape, rather than to despair. And when you forcibly penetrate her, that’s not “abusive, controlling behavior”; that’s just proof of your love.

Maybe someday she’ll have some rape-babies that will be further evidence of your love, and you can tell them about how their mommy was so desirable to you that you couldn’t help but violate her so you could bring those kids into existence. Kids just want to feel wanted; and what could make them feel more wanted, than knowing their dad didn’t take no for an answer, but insisted on impregnating their mom? Life is all about the fight for existence, and when your kids know that they were the product of rape, they’ll realize that you were fighting for their existence from the very get-go, even before they were conceived; and that will give them the confidence that they are loved and that you will always be there for them.

What will make your daughter feel all the more wanted, though, of course, is when you rape her up the pussy as well, and thereby show that the same love you had for her mom, you also have for her. Your daughter will then realize that before she was even brought into the world, you had erotic love for her, and looked forward to the day when you could be in her bed, raping her; and that you raped her mother, and nurtured the offspring you had together, because you found her so desirable from not just the beginning, but even before the beginning. Just the thought of doing that with my own daughter, in fact, gets me hard as a rock as I’m typing this, so strong is my love for her.

There’s a saying that if God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him. It’s the same way with rape! Femoids’ attitude is, “If rape does not exist, it’s necessary to invent it.” There’s not enough rape going on in our society, which is why femoids feel the need to make so many false rape allegations. If they had more rape in their lives, they wouldn’t need to invent all these stories of rape; they could just tell the stories of how they actually were raped.

Poor Christine Blasey Ford. She really wishes that some high status man like Brett Kavanaugh would have wanted to grope her. If only I’d been around back then, I could have raped her, and then she could have focused on that incident rather than making up some fake story about how this other guy forced himself upon her. I think these false allegations leave femoids feeling empty inside; what they really need is a TRUE rape story they can tell. That will leave them feeling complete, to have had that peak experience of being so strongly desired, and tell the whole world about it.

Some will say, “Femoids only want to be raped by high-quality men.” This assumes that it would be low-quality men doing the raping. Yet as we know, it’s actually the frustrated high-quality man who is often a rapist, because he knows that his genetics deserve to be passed on, and it seems like a crime to not cause that to happen.

People will say, “Rape shows disrespect for women” — but on the contrary, rape shows respect for her by saying, “I want to participate in passing on your genetics by making some babies with you.” What could be a greater compliment than that?

Women realize their inferiority, and they hate to take responsibility for anything. So what they want is a man who will violate them (and thereby take responsibility for the decision to have sex), and who will then mercilessly dominate them (and thereby take responsibility for all future decisions as well). That way, no matter what happens, the femoid will not be to blame for anything.

However, society lets femoids make bad decisions and then blame those decisions on men anyway, and make false accusations of having been dominated. The problem with that is, letting femoids make decisions means that more bad decisions will be made, which means that more blaming will go on than would have gone on if men had just been allowed to rape femoids (thereby making her sexual decisions for her) and make all the other decisions in the relationship as well.

So therefore, both on pragmatic AND idealistic grounds, femoids have a need to be raped. Now, some might say, “How are you going to set up a society where femoids can be legally raped, if femoids are 50% of the electorate?” The answer is, we just need to rape them into submission. Just put a dog leash on her, and then go to the polls and have her vote for the candidate you want to see get elected, who will be a radical patriarchist; and then take her home and fuck her up the ass as a reward for her obedience and further assertion of dominance.

There’s a saying, “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.” Similarly, it’s not the femoids’ views on rape that count; it’s the views of those who rape the femoids. If you’re her rapist, then you can get her to do whatever else you want, in addition to putting out. You can have her get one of those absentee ballots and then grab her by the neck and say, “Either vote for the reactionary party, or I’ll sodomize you so hard your rectum will prolapse.” That’s how you handle femoids, and get out the vote for good conservative candidates, in this era of female suffrage.

People might say, “She’ll call the cops, though.” Nah, if you make her afraid enough, she won’t do that. Remember Colleen Stan? Her kidnapper kept her in a box for years, and told her that if she ever escaped, members of his organization would come and get her. It was the same way with Elizabeth Smart, who appeared in public with her captor many times and didn’t go to the cops, because she was afraid of him. You just gotta know how to control your bitches.

Some people would say, “CuckTears is gonna screenshot this shit.” Nah, they won’t do that, because they know what the consequences are. These roasties know that if they do that, I’m going to find them and rape them (thus, if they screenshot it, that means they must want to get raped, which means it’s consensual, which means I can’t be charged for it). The cucks, on the other hand, know that if they screenshot me, I’ll rape their bitches.

Someone might argue, “Your threat is meaningless, because you’re not actually gonna rape any bitches; you’re just talking shit.” Well if that’s the case, then how can anyone give me a hard time about anything I’ve said above, if it’s just idle talk? If this is just hypothetical rape, then who cares? It has no connection to the real world, and is just mental masturbation.

People want to argue that rape is wrong, while disregarding the fact that life itself is one big rape. I didn’t CHOOSE to be born; that was forced upon me, and now society says I’m not allowed to kill myself. And there are many other forms of domination we have to submit to. So how can femoids single out one particular form that they supposedly don’t like, and say, “That’s bad”?

Society says, “You can’t kill yourself, because you don’t know what’s good for you. Life is actually great and you’ll discover that if we force you to stay alive.” Well, why can’t I tell a femoid then, “You can’t say no to sex with me; you need to just submit so that you can find out what a great experience it is to have my penis inside of you, and have my babies”? Don’t we have a culture of life, where every life is sacred, including the life I’m going to create with the bitch I rape? Every sperm is precious, lest you forget.

Yet we have these supposedly pro-life conservatives saying we need an FBI investigation of Kavanaugh to see if he groped some bitch. His only crime, if there was a crime, was in only feeling her up rather than actually impregnating her. If she’d devoted herself to being a teenage mother rather than her fancy career, maybe she’d be happier and less neurotic today. But the problem is, he didn’t love her enough to forcibly knock her up, and that’s why she’s so mad at him and trying to get revenge now.

Men being forced to be incel is the true rape. “How is that rape,” you might ask. Well, rape is unwanted sexual penetration, is it not? Yet we didn’t want girls to fuck Chads (and leave all sub-8 men without sex). So, guess what.