NoFap is cope

Men just want to engage in NoFap because they’re disempowered from doing anything else, and so it feels like they’re at least taking some kind of action that the Jews don’t want them to. The Jews say, “Here’s some pornography,” and the guy says, “No, I don’t want it” (even though he could’ve just downloaded some pirated porn for free, without enriching the Jews) and he thinks he’s accomplished something by that.

NoFap is just a placebo, basically. It’s like these antidepressants that women take, and then tell themselves, “Well, since it pretty much kills my ability to have an orgasm, it must be a pretty effective drug. I better stay on it.” They just don’t want to feel like they’re doing nothing about their depression, and taking this drug gives them a sense of taking positive action.

I mean, NoFap probably does teach self-discipline, but at what cost? People who never get any sexual outlet tend to be kinda irritable. It probably is true that if you’re going to engage in some kind of aggressive activity, it might be good not to fap, but what aggressive activity do you need to engage in, when you live in a civilization? Are you a bouncer, or a cop, or a soldier, or something? Are you a professional boxer? What’s the deal?

The kind of self-discipline NoFap teaches isn’t necessarily the same type that you need to be successful in other arenas anyway. It’s just teaching you how to NOT do something, as opposed to how to do something. It’s not going to give you the kind of discipline that will make you buckle down and write a 1,000-page novel. It’s more like the kind of discipline that would be helpful if you were trying to quit drinking or smoking or something. Emptying out your life of what you don’t want, though, doesn’t necessarily fill it with what you do what.