When I think about the property that was taken, for the most part it was a bunch of trash

E.g., my laptop didn’t have an HDMI port, and my tablet was too big (phablet size would probably be more ideal). Just like my phone is a little too small to want to sit for hours reading a novel on, that tablet was too big. Being the Goldilocks (I even have the blond hair, in sparse amounts) that I am, I need something in the middle.

It’s one of the reasons why initially maybe I didn’t take the legalities of the case more seriously, opting to focus instead on the culture war (much as in my political campaigns, I primarily focused on the culture war, using a run for office and the structure of elections more generally as a venue for education. Although one might argue, if you’re going to do that, you might want to offer a little bit more of a shadow defense. Oh well; it’s just a matter of calibration, then. These campaigns, whether they’re a run for a seat in the legislative branch, or a motion for a remedy to be granted by the judicial branch, are always going to have some imperfections. There’s always going to be stuff that could’ve been done better.

And at this point, I’m kind of used to my property, and my data and my access thereto, being permanently taken away and/or destroyed, anyway.  In 2018, that’s the kind of stuff that happens (not that search and seizure hasn’t been an area where abuses by the police have been going unchecked by the courts for a long time). Fortunately, equipment has become so cheap that it’s easy to replace; unfortunately, the fact that its cheapness makes it available to the masses means it’s also on the cops’ radar screen more.

It’s kind of like how when I think of the loss of Meshelle, I have to acknowledge, she was and is a pile of trash too, for the most part. The foids that are available in the modern mate market, even if they may have started out with potential many years ago, are not of very high quality to the betas and so on to whom they are briefly and/or partially available for purchase (which may be reneged upon by the other party without refund) at exorbitant prices.

Well, anyway. We’re back to looking at life as a collaboration. People can either accept what I have to offer (and what exactly, and how much, that is, can only be determined by giving me, or allowing me to have, a chance); or reject it, e.g. by tying my hands from doing anything.

The way Thoreau looked at it too was that the state was pitiable, although I don’t give them quite so much credit or generosity in that way. I think when he wrote that, it was probably a lot of COPE. One wishes that one could be so detached and let stuff go like that, without feeling upset about it.

I mean, in a way it makes sense — those who have nothing to offer don’t get the pleasure of doing anything meaningful; yet they’re probably able to convince themselves that fucking over other people IS meaningful, or maybe they’re psychopathic enough not to care. It is true, though, that at a society-wide level, these fuck-ups that are allowed to happen are going to come back to haunt said society.

There was something else I was going to write, but I forget what it was. Fuck. Normally I’m able to remember, but I got called away and forgot. I should’ve jotted down a quick note to remind myself.

Another reason why marital rape accusations are common, by the way

The real reasons why relationships break up can be kinda complicated, and many of the reasons might be secret. A lot of times, fault is shared between the two parties.

Rather than explain what happened over and over to different people, and get judged for one’s own part in it, and answer the same questions again and again, it’s easier to just come up with a simplified narrative, e.g., “He raped me,” “He beat me,” or whatever.

That condenses into three words a whole story, and probably significantly curtails what might have otherwise been a lengthy line of questioning. We saw this happen with August — at first, she had a longer story of what happened, and later, she removed certain parts (e.g. about her own role in what happened) and mostly just condensed it down to “he raped me”.

Same with Meshelle. At first, she used to talk about how I didn’t give her a good life (i.e. I didn’t make enough money for us to move out of my mom’s house). Later, she just simplified her story down to, “You raped me” because that’s easier than talking about finances and so on.

Well, I’ve simplified my story about her, too. I just say now, “She was just using me for a green card.” The reality is more complicated than that, but rather than keep all those nuances in my head, to ponder every time I re-evaluate the situation, it’s easier just to give a nine-word summary that only brings up one aspect of what happened. It’s kind of a misleading interpretation of the chain of events; but Meshelle’s account is even more misleading.

The truth is, we both kinda came into that relationship with expectations based on previous people we’d been with. She probably should have stayed with Glenn, or one of the guys she was with before Glenn. She loved him more, I’d say.

And possibly I should’ve stayed with Elizabeth, although maybe that relationship would’ve failed too.

Anyway, both of these narratives are kinda true, in a way — Meshelle was raped in the sense that she didn’t get out of the relationship everything that she might have been hoping to get out of it; and she was also using me a green card, in the sense that she was prepared to ditch me and just move on with her American dream if I didn’t go along with the changed game plan she had in mind, for after she got here (in which, contrary to the expectations she’d cultivated in me before I bought her plane ticket, I was going to have to be the main breadwinner).

BuiQuang writes, “You both used each other and you lost.” I was at least open and upfront, though, about my intentions and limitations; Meshelle wasn’t really the same way, because she was prepared to say whatever needed to be said to come to this country and get her green card. Femoids seem to always have this delusion that they can change men, or maybe they just think, “Well, if I can’t change him, I can dump him and find some other convenient branch to swing to, so I win either way.”

Here’s the motion I’m filing with the circuit court today


Obtained by Detective C. Shaw
On August 28, 2018

Description of Location Searched:
9270 Prospect Avenue
Catlett, VA 20119


COMES NOW Nathan Daniel Larson and, pursuant of Code of Virginia §§19.2-54 and 19.2-60, moves for the unsealing of the search warrant affidavit, search warrant, and search warrant return; and for the return of the silver-colored Hewlett Packard laptop computer that were seized by Sheriff’s deputies from his residence on August 29, 2018.

The silver-colored Hewlett Packard laptop computer contains software that this litigant was developing for use in launching a tech company. It is standard procedure, when police need to search a business computer, to create an image of the data and then return the equipment so as not to disrupt business operations.

This litigant is one of many thousands of United States citizens who had the unfortunate experience of, after marrying a foreign wife, finding that she was mostly interested in obtaining a green card, rather than actually building a family. After she obtained the green card, she sought to free herself from the marriage by using the threat of a rape accusation to coerce this litigant into (1) withdrawing his objection to her divorce complaint, and (2) signing off on the final divorce decree (see documents filed in Larson v. Larson, case CL18000204-00). See also the attached corroborating 28 January 2018 email, “Separation agreement”, in which the accuser states:


The advice usually given, at online forums such as VisaJourney, to U.S. citizens in a situation such as this litigant’s, is to divorce and move on. See, e.g., 21 September 2017 post by caliliving (“divorce, move on and focus on your life“); 22 September 2017 posts by NuestraUnion (“There are plenty of reasons to divorce. You need to move on with your life“), belinda63 (“Move on with life, divorce her“), BuiQuang (“Divorce and go on with your life“), caliliving (“Divorce and move on“); etc.

Now that the divorce has been finalized, the court can assist with this litigant’s process of moving on with his life, by returning his property that was taken by the police at his ex-wife’s behest, back when she was trying to find a way to extort cooperation from this litigant during the divorce proceedings. As the VisaJourney posters point out, we can reasonably expect that after the accuser’s petition to remove conditions on residence is approved by the U.S. Customs and Immigration Service, she will lose interest in pressing any criminal charges. See, e.g., 22 September 2017 posts by belinda63 (“VAWA [Violence Against Women Act] is not needed. What will be needed is a divorce so she can file with a divorce waiver“), caliliving (“She just wants a green card and to move on w her life and find a man w a job that works and can support her” and “She just wants a greencare to be free from you”), etc.

The consensus is clear, that it’s time to forget about my ex-wife and her rape allegations, and move on. It’s time to put this marriage, and everything that went along with it (such as rape accusations, and any lingering consequences of those) in the rear-view mirror forever. Once my computer equipment is returned to me, I can focus on building a company, rather than being distracted by any more reminders of my ex-wife. (The ongoing absence of the property that was taken by the police from my house is one of those reminders.)

It’s time to move on. Please help me with that. Thank you in advance.

Submitted this 28th day of October 2018.

Nathan Daniel Larson
9270 Prospect Avenue
Catlett, VA 20119
(540) 341-5911


I certify that a copy of the above was mailed to Abigail J. Owens, Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney for the County of Fauquier, on October 28, 2018.

Nathan Daniel Larson
9270 Prospect Avenue
Catlett, VA 20119
(540) 341-5911

I probably should have called the cops on Meshelle that time when she scratched me

There was a time when she got upset at me and then scratched me to the point that I bled. I probably should have called the cops right then and gotten her thrown in jail. Virginia is a mandatory arrest state; if you call the cops on your domestic partner, and they see evidence that she committed domestic violence against you, she’s going to jail.

It’s not really fair that she walks away from the relationship with a squeaky clean record, while I still have this criminal investigation hanging over my head. Probably more men should call the cops when their wives get violent with them.

It’s not like it’s going to cause her to walk away from the relationship. On the contrary, it’s going to hurt her opportunities to get a job, which will probably make her more likely to stay in the relationship, because she can’t support herself. Remember Ben’s story.

If I were to ever be in a relationship again, and something like that were to happen, I would probably call the cops, because it needs to be put in the record when someone has a history of getting violent. Certainly, when I went to court, it ended up being put in the record that I punched my mom on the shoulder on one occasion when I was 15 and on antidepressants.

They will always establish a record of men’s getting violent, while letting women get away scot-free. Probably the reason is that when girls get violent, it’s considered “cute”. It’s not really all that cute, though, when they decide to play the victim and call the cops and put their man through hell. And, since I’m pretty much going volcel/MGTOW till further notice, I’m not going to be the one calling the cops on anyone, so this situation goes uncorrected.

I wonder if I should just confess to raping Meshelle

I mean, what’s the downside?

I was thinking about my life, and my future. What am I going to do, try to get on SSI, and live in this house the rest of my life? What’s the point? Do I even know how to live on my own, once my parents are gone?

Alternatively, I could just go to prison, and then all my needs would be taken care of. I imagine all I would need to do is contact Candyce Shaw and tell her I’m ready to confess, and then write up a statement admitting to raping Meshelle. Then I could just go to court and enter an open guilty plea. Why not? I can get sentenced to five-to-life that way. That would solve most of my problems.

Another possibility is that I could go to a mental hospital. I could threaten to kill myself, and then they’d probably keep me there till I told them I wasn’t suicidal anymore. Maybe I’ll wait till later before playing that card, though.

Why is it okay for Meshelle to hold a false rape accusation over my head to get me to sign off on a divorce?

BuiQuang wrote:

You both used each other and you lost.  Too bad, so sad for you.  Obviously, you the victim.   You did not plan to hold green card over her head to gain control.  You the good guy.

Why is it bad for me to do that, but okay for Meshelle to use a false rape accusation to get me to sign off on a divorce? How is that not some form of abusive coercion, the only difference being that she’s using the system to do it? He also writes:

Why should anyone feel sorry for you?  You didn’t get enough warnings not to marry?

Come to think of it, I think people also warned Meshelle not to marry me. Didn’t the consular officer bring up some concerns, and also people on Facebook told her to dump me, before she even got to the U.S.? More importantly, didn’t I warn her about the effect of the felony on my potential job opportunities? She said she didn’t care, though; that it wasn’t a dealbreaker for her.

Yet nobody tells her that any of the outcomes of this marriage were her fault. It’s kinda like the situation with Richard Spencer — a Redditor took issue with his wife’s decision to marry him, knowing he was a white nationalist; and people accused him of victim-blaming.