It’s not looking good for Comstock

The Dems point out that she usually votes with Trump, but on the other hand, she was a NeverTrumper (and for a bad reason — the Access Hollywood tapes), which is why she attracted basically two primary challengers. (Both Shak Hill and I served essentially in that capacity, attacking her from the left.) It’s never a good sign when you get primaried; Lingamfelter got primaried too last year, and he also lost.

She hasn’t taken a stance in support for Brett Kavanaugh. Instead, she got on what may turn out to be the wrong side of history, by supporting the #MeToo movement.

On the other hand, Wexton doesn’t seem to have any major drawbacks. Even though her commercials have rhetoric saying she’s in favor of a bunch of anti-man stuff (e.g. collecting child support, getting tough on sex offenders, and keeping guns away from “domestic abusers”), she hasn’t really been a feminist SJW. Her legislation isn’t really all that extreme (it seems like mostly housekeeping rather than anything substantive), and most of the cuckservatives probably would’ve voted for the same bills. Heck, the Republicans even say that she voted against helping victims of domestic abuse (HB 1, HB 484), although that too seems trumped up.

And she’s apparently been willing to plea bargain with sex offenders, even pedophiles, supposedly, also that’s pretty run-of-the-mill. All prosecutors in northern Virginia tend to plea bargain. When it comes right down to it, there’s not much difference between her and Comstock.

What’s a bad sign for Comstock, though, is that she turned down the League of Women Voters debate. I don’t necessarily like having a league of women voters (men wouldn’t be able to set up such an organization for themselves), but to not do the debate seems like cowardice and maybe even acquiescence to defeat.

Jennifer Wexton declines my endorsement

I was reading this Fauquier Times article:

In an Aug. 13 blog post that has since been made private, Larson endorsed Comstock’s Democratic challenger, state Sen. Jennifer Wexton, in the November election. Wexton spokesman Ray Reiling, however, said the senator would not accept Larson’s endorsement and called his views “abhorrent.”

“We do not under any circumstances accept Mr. Larson’s endorsement. His views are abhorrent and we strongly condemn them,” Reiling said in an emailed statement.

(“Abhorrent” is a word that’s always used in a sanctimonious context, I’ve noticed.)

Anyway, she can’t really decline an endorsement. That’s like declining to accept an employee’s resignation. These are unilateral acts, not requiring the permission of the other party.

What I’ve suggested is that libertarian- and conservative-leaning voters pump and dump Jennifer Wexton. Use her in the 2018 general election to get rid of Barbara Comstock, and then discard her in the 2020 general election by voting in Shak Hill or some other Republican — hopefully somebody who’s better than Comstock (making sure of that is why it’s important to vote in the primaries). Or if you’re libertarian, and there’s a libertarian candidate on the ballot in 2020, then of course vote for him.

Anyway, Wexton can’t stop people from voting for her based on my advice. As long as she’s on the ballot (and even if she withdrew, since the voters are entitled to write her in; what is she gonna do, make a Sherman pledge?), people can vote for her as a way of purging out Comstock from the Republican Party, with the intent of voting in another Republican in 2020. Of course, she can try to hang on in 2020, rather than getting voted out.

wexton_pelosi_1000px-681x375But at least at first, Wexton will be in a weaker position than Comstock is, when it comes to pushing feminist policies, because she’ll be a freshman Congresswoman, rather than someone who’s already been there for two terms. Voting against incumbents is also a great way to register your displeasure with the direction in which the government is going. And if you’re a Trump fan, it’s potentially helpful to Donald Trump to have a Democratic majority for the next couple years, since he can use Pelosi as a foil in the 2020 presidential election.

Not that any of this really matters all that much, since we’re not going to be able to stop the acceleration into the feminist singularity. When conservatives get elected people think, “Hooray, we’re gonna make the country great again.” Margaret Thatcher turned back years of socialist “progress” in the U.K., for example. It didn’t change the fact that the U.K. is nothing compared to what it once was. Their civilization is still on the decline; their fertility rate is 1.81, for example. Brexit isn’t going to change the fact that relations between the sexes are as dysfunctional there as anywhere.

Same deal with Germany. Hitler was a heroic guy, who made some progress in bringing Germany’s fertility rate back up. But he wasn’t able to stay in power, and now Germany’s fertility rate is 1.50.

Slight correction to this part of the article, by the way:

0pasftfLarson said he suspects the members of the “Anonymous” hacking group were responsible for the burglary because they left behind a note and a U-lock bicycle lock, which he said is signature symbol of the group.

Maybe I misremember, but I thought what I said on the phone to the reporter was, the note said Anonymous took credit for the burglary, but I suspect Antifa because they’ve used bike locks on people before.

antifa-prof-arrested-7-1024x565Most famously, there was an incident in Berkeley where Antifa member Eric Clanton hit a 20-year-old college student, Sean Stiles, over the head with a U-lock.

Antifa had put out a call to take action against me. It could be that whoever did it belonged to both organizations. Those are both leftist groups.

We’ll never know how many votes I would’ve gotten

I got quite a bit of publicity, which could’ve been helpful in getting some votes; but also turned out to be my downfall, in that I was forced out of the race. It would not have looked good for the feminists and various other groups that opposed me if I had gotten a lot of votes. It would have indicated there’s a significant number of people who are willing to vote against them. That could be why some people were so intent on applying pressure to get me to drop out.

I don’t find it all that implausible that I would’ve gotten some support. I had the support of about half the incel community, and some libertarian commentators were on the fence about whether they should support me.

It bothers me a bit that it’s always going to be a mystery how many votes I could’ve gotten, had I been able to stay in the race. The most plausible scenario is that it would’ve been somewhere around 2%, but you never know; some libertarians’ percentages fluctuated depending on what district they were running in and who their opponents were. Robert Sarvis is an example of that.

Not getting to see exactly how the story would’ve ended is part of why I don’t like to drop out of races; but on the other hand, life in general is that way. We die before we get to see how a lot of stories end. It’s one of the downsides of suicide; the world is like a soap opera that’s hard to quit watching because there are always new story-lines being added.

But let’s look at it this way. Suppose Jennifer Wexton wins. Maybe I can claim credit for that, based on the idea that my endorsement made the difference. That then arguably counts as a win for me (doubly so if the voters then throw her back out of Congress in 2020, as I’ve suggested they should do).

You know what they say, ABC, Anyone But Comstock. But the bottom line is, while political volatility is fun to induce and watch because of its schadenfreude value, we also need acceleration, and the Democrats are the ones who are going to give us the most of that.

So, I don’t get to appear in the roll of honor here, like one of my inspirations, Robert A. Buchanan, the first man I ever voted for. Oh well. I’m actually lucky I got as far as I got, before I was stopped. It’s actually arguably more of an honor not to appear there, because it means you were dangerous enough to the establishment that they had to stop you.

So I see Barbara Comstock has been hanging out in Frederick County lately

Nice hoverhand

I was there early in the petitioning season, gathering sigs in Winchester. (Yeah, I know that’s technically not Frederick County, but you know what I mean.) The people there seemed nice. I probably would’ve hung out there more, but it’s a long way for me to drive, and there weren’t a lot of petitioning locations, plus in the mountains it’s usually about 10 degrees colder than other places.

I can’t really blame Jennifer Wexton for mostly wanting to hang out in the eastern side of the district. It’s more populous, it’s closer to where she lives, and the people there are probably friendlier to Democrats. It’s probably in her interests to focus more on firing up her base and getting them out to vote. Likewise, I can see why Comstock would want to hang out among a crowd that’s probably more favorable to Republicans. She probably gets a respite from the stalkers.

Anyway, I was looking up Frederick County and it’s growing at about 30% every 10 years. Still not as fast as Loudoun, but fast. I’m thinking that as places like Manassas and Leesburg fill up with non-whites, the white commuters are going to retreat to places like Winchester.

Winchester is a culturally important place, and also has the Winchester Star, an important newspaper that the candidates seem to like trying to butter up. They have a Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival which I would probably take Piper to, if she were here. Since she’s not here, most of the family-friendly festivities and rural tourist attractions of the area have little or no relevance to me. I don’t even have a wife to take to such places anymore, so yeah, you can’t really blame me for just wanting to save gas by staying at home.

I was just thinking — Comstock shows up at these events, but can people even really talk to her about the pressing issues at hand? Cultural decay, which is accelerated by bad public policy, remains a concern; yet she doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it. If anything, she’s making it worse. But, she votes with Trump 97% of the time, so I guess that’s going to be enough to get these Republicans’ votes, even though the white race is dwindling in number. It’s not white genocide, but it is #WhiteAttrition, which I’m going to add as a new category.