Letter to Drake, 2018.12.01

1 December 2018

S’up, Drake.

Wow, December already. What an amazing year it’s been.

Let me go ahead and get the research out of the way first, as best I can. One reason I send you so much stuff of my own is that it’s actually easier to find stuff I’m used to researching, than stuff I’m not used to researching. But let me try. I’ll give you the bad news first, and later the good news (in the form of fulfilled requests).

So first — income per capita, by country. That is kinda hard to find. What I see out there is:

My spreadsheet app on the computer I have hooked up to the printer isn’t working too well right now, so it’s hard for me to print the FreeExistence.org data. There’s a gun rights ranking, if that helps. Dominica scored 42/100 on gun rights, according to the Freedom Index, making them ranked #51.

As for ManPowerGroup’s employment outlook by country — have you seen a document like that before? Because the ones I see don’t list a lot of countries.

Sri Lanka supposedly has a ban on simple possession of CP, according to Interpol and/or ICMEC. (God, I hate these “anti-child exploitation” organizations.)

Okay, so much for research. Everything else you mentioned, I think I’ve included in this envelope. (Dang, I hope you don’t have too much stuff where I need to send info for EVERY country, cuz there are a lot of countries and stuff isn’t always summed up in just a 2-3 page table.)

Whew, I actually feel tired now, partly because I had to sit at the uncomfortable wooden chair in front of the kind of ancient, pre-computer-era wooden desk that has the laptop with the printer. It’s not a very ergonomic situation. I prefer the swivel chair with the table in my bedroom, where I have a desktop PC (but not a printer).

We actually have a pretty nice printer — I think typically the more you spend on the printer itself, the less you’ll pay for toner, by the page anyway (it’s still a large purchase when it does run out, though, but that hasn’t happened probably since the last time we were corresponding and I was sending you stuff like the complete list of proofs of God’s existence. I probably should’ve sent that to Don Egan, Reg. No. 11885-055, instead; he likes that kind of stuff. That dude got shipped out to the Low at Loretto, PA, by the way).

Okay, now to the letter. Well, in a way I’m isolated, but in another sense the incel community is fairly comfy, aside from the fact that there’s certain stuff I can’t talk about with them (e.g. any mention of sexual or romantic success, however slight, is strictly forbidden as “bragging” that drives incels nuts), and the fact that I might eventually get banned, as many have (I’ve gotten a few warnings here and there, and I think at one point was at like a 70% warning level or something; once you hit 100%, you’re gone). The incelosphere is all about finding some ways to cope with the inevitable, and spend the rest of your life in as comfy a situation as possible, unless of course you just want to sacrifice yourself for the greater good, like some of their heroes who went ER (Elliot Rodger).

I’m not really the type to do an underground strategy. My greatest fear is that I’ll try to keep everything secret and because of that, not make the difference I want to, which maybe I could’ve by revealing everything publicly. The counter-argument is that you can actually accomplish more through an underground strategy because you don’t have people constantly working against you, based on their awareness of what you’re up to.

However, because the aboveground strategy is so rare with regard to certain issues (e.g. pedophilia) it’s the one I often choose because it’s the road less traveled. Also, if you act like you have no shame and are willing to be honest, it seems less like you’re being sneaky; sneakiness is often associated with doing something bad and/or dishonest. You end up having to lie, a lot of times, to cover for yourself; and culturally, society has mixed feelings about liars.

I like to be the one guy in a million who will say, “The emperor wears no clothes” openly even though it’s gonna cause me problems personally. I don’t like to pay the cost, but I end up choosing that option anyway. The problem is, with my autism or whatever, even if I tried to fit in, it wouldn’t work well. So I also have less to lose by pursuing an unorthodox strategy. It probably seems illogical because you’re not really in the same situation; you can make an underground strategy work better than I can. You probably have more street smarts, people skills, common sense, etc.

Yeah, Meshelle kinda wanted a good marriage, but on the other hand, by the time I got her, she just wasn’t in much of a mood to submit. I think it’s important to wife up chicks when they’re in, like, they’re early teens and are more of a blank slate. That’s also why I would want to wife up a virgin next time.

But, while it’s easy to find girls with various kinks, virgins are harder to come by, and the state is starting to ban wifing up girls in their early teens, which makes even more virgins off-limits. But even girls who are still virginal by 18 are starting to get Spinster Syndrome due to their sexual frustration, which causes resentment, depression, etc. (See also my attached essay on the topic.)

Chad refers to a guy with top-tier looks, usually athletic, possibly also with a dominant personality that would make him captain of the football team, etc. He can slay the top-tier chicks (i.e. Stacies) without needing to betabuxx. The black equivalent of Chad is called a Tyrone, although Chad has an advantage compared to Tyrone when it comes to slaying, as acknowledged by JBW (Just Be White) theory.

That’s not really hipsternet jargon; more like manosphere, especially incelosphere, jargon. Incels aren’t really considered “cool” by the rest of the Internet (including hipsters, even though a lot of them may not be getting pussy either), nor are we even really allowed much on platforms like Reddit. Even the PUAs in the manosphere don’t respect incels.

I thought a lot of leftists didn’t really acknowledge property rights, or at least had mixed feelings about them. In your interview, you were making a distinction between need and want, although I’m not sure we ever covered the issue of, would it be okay for Jean Valjean to break a bakery window to steal a loaf of bread, if he needed it?

Yeah, you’re right about the dynamics of attack being more successful than defense. I think even militarily that’s probably the case, unless you find a way to entrench yourself and just mow down the attackers as they charge at you. But a lot of pedos are just really nice, easygoing guys who don’t like to attack. Even if they know they should, they won’t do it. It makes sense that they would be gentle people, because they want to fuck kids, and that requires gentleness. But sometimes to get what you want in the world, you have to be kind of an asshole.

It’s why I don’t feel so guilty anymore when people try to shame me for being an asshole. If it weren’t me trying to take what I want, it would be someone else. It’s the idea of, “If everyone else is stealing and getting away with it, then you’re a fool not to steal too.”

Which isn’t to say that I’m not a fool in my own way. But there’s a certain logic behind my foolery, even if it’s not always immediately evident, given that I choose a path hardly anyone else chooses, for reasons that aren’t really shared by most people.

You’re probably right that Latin America offers better opportunities for freedom, without the need to live in a third world shithole. In particular, I hear good things about Brazil. One advantage of Brazil is that there are a lot of whites there (if they really are white; I have a more restrictive definition of “white” than a lot of white nationalists. My definition is more in line with Hitler’s concept of the “Aryan”). Argentina also seems okay, from what I’ve read thus far, which isn’t much. They’ve accepted refugees, which is always a good sign (even though I think they were Nazi refugees).

No, I’ll probably end up standing and fighting right here in Virginia. Or not fighting, as the case may be. I understand the logic behind voting with one’s feet, but I’m prepared to go down with this ship rather than try to fit in somewhere else (even though I barely fit in here, and I can participate in Internet communities from anywhere on the planet). If my parents were going to expatriate, or if I were rich, maybe I would expatriate. No, I kinda just want to fuck my daughter right here in the U.S. and become the next Steven Pladl (or Josef Fritzl, if it comes to that — although I’m half-kidding when I say that).

Periscope is about 1,000 pedos talking to a girl in a livestream and “daring” her to do stuff like “turn your shirt inside out” and giving her hearts and compliments if she does what they want. Some of these girls have gotten really lazy about actually paying attention and obeying orders, though, because of the laws of supply and demand. Pedos have had to resort to some really coercive strategies, like saying, “Now that you’ve given me your nudes, you better do everything else I want too, or I’ll expose you to your whole school, your parents, etc.” And it just escalates from there. A lot of “female” pedos are involved in this stuff (in fact, they say it’s crucial), although I think a lot of them are actually trannies.

Yeah, I agree, it’s not worth the investment of time for this online stuff, although I like a vid of a girl getting nekkid and doing hot stuff as much as anyone, and I think it would be interesting to see the seduction process, if they didn’t get too evil in their methods.

Yeah, I don’t have strong feelings about Ludmila either way. I hadn’t realized she was going to be loyal. By the way — I was thinking, you know how we, as prisoners, always talk(ed) about how some friends don’t write? Well, I experienced something like that with Terry Hoff — he’s just a more interesting dude in person because we can play chess and stuff, or hold conversations that just don’t seem to occur much by letter, for whatever reason. So I almost felt like I wrote out of a sense of duty, because I knew he wanted me to; and then I made my exit when I could.

You, on the other hand (even though I broke off communication twice, which I rarely do with anyone), I’ve enjoyed corresponding with, partly because you’re intellectual, have a diverse range of interests, interesting opinions, etc. Plus, in your own way, you’re a fighter for change. The only reason I quit writing those two times was basically because I got triggered and needed to detach for my own emotional reasons. But the nature of my situation was different back then.

E.g., we had a conflict over whether it was okay for me to say that I was suffering, while your suffering was greater. But at the moment, I’m not really “suffering” or whatever you want to call it, the way I was back in late 2013/early 2014. I’m not really actively suicidal, for instance (although you might say I was never truly suicidal, based on the ham sandwich argument). Then I think the other conflict was over marriage or something, but I forget the details.

Or you said that I was selfish by not wanting to sign off on my divorce with August. Well, with both of my wives, my arm ended up getting twisted till I signed off anyway. I dunno, I don’t like to sign away my sexual property. I don’t believe there’s any such thing as being selfish, when her pussy belongs to me. If you don’t view women as property, then I guess we might have a pretty fundamental difference of opinion there on that issue, but whatever.

You know what it is? I’m just tired of always being the bad guy in these situations, when I tried to make it work. I’m tired of chicks being manipulative rather than upfront about what they really want. And I’m tired of society sending conflicting messages about how we’re supposed to behave toward women, and shaming us whichever way we act, and fucking us over.

Marriage is a piece of paper that was SUPPOSED to be a form of leverage you could use against someone. Otherwise, why have it? If men and women could totally trust each other, contracts, or ownership, or any of these other legal instruments would be unnecessary. There was never any agreement, before the marriage, that under certain circumstances I should sign off on a divorce. There were actually a lot of conditions that these girls kept hidden from me, while I tried to be upfront as much as possible.

But, because I have a penis, everything is my fault, it seems, while girls can forever play the victim card and get away with it. People will always sympathize with them based on the theory of, “Well, you have a pussy, so that means you must be in the right. You must be the reasonable one, who’s just trying to have a good relationship, while men walk all over you. Here, let me kiss your butt and express righteous indignation toward all those men who you say have wronged you. Let me give you a bunch of money, or vote for society to give you a bunch of money, or to coerce this guy into giving you a bunch of money. Let’s find creative ways to fuck over the lives of all the men (or at least the non-Chads who accepted having to settle for the leftovers after Chad was done deflowering you) who you say have disappointed you, and let’s never question your choice of men or ask whether you played any part in causing this relationship’s breakdown.”

I’m just tired of the white knighting. We have so many of those already. We need some people to defend men’s prerogatives for a change, and listen to their #HeToo stories of how they were among the millions of men who have gotten fucked over, along with their kids in many cases. But people don’t want to sympathize with men, because men are supposed to bear all the responsibilities while having no rights to exercise any authority. It sucks, and I reject that whole mentality and all of its manifestations.

So, I guess I still have some emotionality around that issue, because I feel like I’m on the defense already and don’t need more arrows being hurled at me. I’ve been hit by plenty, and the other side hasn’t been hit by any. When there’s an imbalance, the goal should be to transfer some weight rather than add weight to where there’s already the source of the imbalance. I have a powerful hatred of those who take August’s and Meshelle’s side over me, and say that I wronged them, and that they did no wrong.

I don’t mind staying single, if that’s what it takes to not get fucked over again, but I’m just tired of the rules being changed all the time in whatever way will make me the designated bad guy; and that’s pretty much how it is with relations between the sexes these days, at least when it comes to betabuxxes and failed normies.

Yes, I can feel the hatred coursing through me, more powerfully than in Luke Skywalker when the Emperor told him his fleet was lost and that his friends on the Endor moon would not survive. And I’m usually a pretty easygoing guy. It’s rare that I harbor that kind of hatred, especially for such a long period, and with such an intensity.

Do you know why attack works better than defense, when it comes to influencing people? Because of a principle that was taught by Victor Hugo in Les Misérables: “Anger may be foolish and absurd, and one may be wrongly irritated, but a man never feels outraged unless in some respect he is fundamentally right. Jean Valjean was outraged.”

People have to somewhat respect rage that is carried past a certain point, because it becomes an unpredictable force. Rage makes people go a little bit crazy, which is the point. Neil Strauss wrote in The Game, “Katya’s friend saw the gleam of madness in Mystery’s eyes—and in a fight the insane generally have a competitive edge.”

Some stuff would never get done in this world if it weren’t for rage. But like fire, it’s a powerful force that can do a lot of harm, too. Revenge often goes too far, but maybe sometimes people don’t go far enough, and just let abuses go uncorrected. I could go on and on about how much I want to mutilate and terrorize the people I’ve mentioned above who are the targets of my rage, but I’ll move on.

I don’t even resent women’s bitchiness, etc. anymore so much; but men, especially those with experience with women, have no excuse for sticking up for them, when they should know better at this point. You were saying, by the way, that most men aren’t so desperate for puss that they’ll put up with all kinds of bad behavior from women. Yeah, but there’s loss aversion, a psychological phenomenon where men care more about losing a bitchy, aging wife than gaining a sweet, hot fresh jailbait. (See my attached post on that.) Although part of the issue too is that men want to do what’s best for their kids.

You know what happened? Probably I felt powerless because of my situation with August and Meshelle, and couldn’t strike back against anyone except you (in retaliation for what you wrote), so that’s what I did. It’s like how people can’t catch the guys who actually molest kids, so they’ll strike at you, the child porn viewer, as a way of feeling like they made a difference. People HATE to feel powerless; they want to do SOMETHING to at least feel like they’ve making progress toward correcting a situation that dissatisfies or bothers them, even if it’s mostly just a symbolic gesture. On some level, I know this is to some extent kinda retarded, but I can’t help myself sometimes. Besides, sometimes gestures are actually warranted.

Funny you mention that Ludmila doesn’t owe you anything. When does a girl ever consider herself to owe a man anything? That’s a foreign concept with women. As soon as you’re no longer useful to her, and there’s no prospect of being useful to her in the future, she’s done. You must be giving her some kind of emotional support, or stimulation, or something, that she values. Aka, she loves you (because of how you make her feel).

One of the reasons for identity politics is that people have given up on trying to get people to change who aren’t in their group. E.g., people have given up on trying to get pedophiles to not have sex with kids. So, anti-pedophilia becomes an identity politics thing, where they hate you because of what you are, since they think nothing can stop you from molesting kids other than getting locked up in jail, or put on a very short leash where it would be very easy for you to get locked back up for some petty violation. This is the new penology.

You were saying earlier that syndicalism works better on a small scale. Wouldn’t it be the same way with other forms of direct democracy? E.g., the jury system, where you have twelve laymen deciding a case involving one defendant (or a small group of defendants)? They hear his individual case and decide what’s appropriate to do with him, according to their judgments (which unfortunately are often the result of mass indoctrination through media and the educational system; but sometimes some independent thinking or dissident enculturation manages to influence someone).

I don’t get how the Bureau of Prisons can change your release date without some written authorization somewhere, as a way by which they can cover their asses if you sue them for wrongful imprisonment. So what would that document have been, and who would have issued it, and what authority is it based on, and what remedies are there at this point? What about habeas corpus; is that doable?

I’ve gotten fired many times, for stuff that clinically would probably be described as autism and ADHD (I’ve been diagnosed with autism and medicated for ADHD, not that it matters; these shrinks don’t know what they’re doing or talking about). Aka, I can be lazy, disorganized, and not all that tactful sometimes. Competing for the #1 reason why I get fired would be, lack of productivity and saying stuff that offends people or makes me seem incompetent. Another factor competing for the #2 or #3 slot would be, making too many mistakes. But now another factor is that I’m so famous, people can just google me and find out everything about me. These days, if co-workers don’t like you, there’s a good chance they’ll google you to try to find some dirt; and then it’s just a matter of reporting you to HR.

No, I won’t be running for office again, since my mom wants to avoid the publicity. Otherwise, I would be running for sheriff or state senator or something in 2019. Some incels wanted me to run for President in 2020, but it’s not in the cards, unless some really unexpected development (like winning the lottery) happens. I’m just gonna hang around and post essays to incel sites, and maybe start my own incel sites, and a wiki as well; and program now and then. Desultorily, I work on Inclupedia-related stuff.

You were saying I could look in a specific place for girls who meet my standards. The problem is, girls will fake being a certain way, when they want a relationship. They try to get you locked down, by doing what you want in the short-term, and trying to seem like their desires are the same as, or complementary to yours; and then they switch up when they’ve got you (e.g. after you’ve gotten married, or had kids together, or whatever, and feel like you can’t leave the relationship). That’s when their true colors come out.

Both Augustine and Meshelle acted like they were going to do whatever I wanted, and for a short time, they even delivered on a lot of what they promised, till they got the upper hand, and then their true nature became evident. I got them to promise all kinds of stuff, in the early phases of the relationship, and they broke most of those promises before it was all over.

Femoids don’t really believe in keeping their end of any kind of agreement unless (1) you can force them to, or (2) they feel like keeping their end. Why would they care about keeping their word, when they can always just cry “rape,” “abuse,” or whatever, and get everyone to believe that you’re the bad guy from whom she needs to be protected? You have no power in that situation.

With regard to using the law against the law, that comes down to Saul Alinsky’s principle that you should “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules”. Sometimes trying to do this works; sometimes it doesn’t. The government doesn’t ALWAYS get away with violating the Constitution, for instance. Of course, it would help if there were more of an independent check on the system, rather than a judge appointed by the political branches; that’s where juries come in.

You were saying that in relationships, both parties should be honest. Femoids don’t really believe in honesty, aka StraightTalk. They believe in PowerTalk, i.e. using communication whose main purpose is getting what they want. That may or may not involve telling the truth. If a lie is plausibly deniable, and will get her what she wants, she may (in fact, probably will) use that instead. It’s probably inherently in femoids’ nature to be as deceitful as they can get away with, because they start lying as soon as they learn to talk, and this continues their whole lives. Only if you can force them to be honest will they be that way.

Of course, some girls are more skilled at deceit than others, and therefore will be more apt to resort to it 24/7; e.g. Slavic femoids are notorious for that. Richard Spencer, the white nationalist, is getting frivorce-raped by his Russian wife, who now claims he abused her. That’ll teach him to regard a Slav as a fellow white. Slavic femoids need to be strictly dominated and controlled; one must not let their beauty entice one into letting one’s guard down and allowing oneself to be lured into a trap.

You’re probably more emotionally intelligent that I am when it comes to dealing with femoids. That’s another factor that militates in favor of my staying single. It seems to be my natural state; I’ve spent most of my life single, with the exception of a few years in college when I had an off-and-on girlfriend whom in retrospect, maybe I should’ve married, because she gave me the best sex I’ve ever experienced, and she really loved me. But I’m still not sure that relationship would’ve worked out, even if I’d tried my best, because money issues probably would’ve been a problem, and she might have also been the type to cheat under certain circumstances (e.g. she used to get drunk and flirt with other men right in front of me, so god knows what she did when I wasn’t looking).

The thing about the Kavanaugh situation is, sometimes politicians will demand one of their own resign over sexual misconduct (e.g. Barbara Comstock, the Republican I ran against this year before I dropped out, called on Trump to drop out at the 11th hour, after the Access Hollywood video came out) and sometimes they won’t. So I guess there was some sort of political calculus there that differed from other situations where they got rid of whoever was making them look bad. A lot of Republicans wanted to dump Roy Moore from the Senate ticket, for instance, for hitting on teen girls decades ago.

So I take it you noticed the thing about Dominica wanting you to have a spotless criminal record, and hiring private investigators to verify that. Bummer. They must really be wanting their nation to be a country club without any riffraff.

The Dragon’s Choice, I don’t recall ever seeing. That doesn’t ring a bell, even though the stuff you sent me, I typed in by hand and posted to Nathania. But if I see it, I’ll send it.

I don’t say that Facebook ruins everyone’s life who uses it, but I think it has a detrimental effect on everyone who uses it, sometimes in insidious ways. Perhaps I would’ve been better off if I’d never used it. It might have kept me from getting with August and Meshelle, both of whom were Facebookers. (I met August on Facebook.)

Okay, how about this. If I ever end up fucking my daughter, then I’ll agree that maybe some good can come out of Facebook, because Piper would not have existed, presumably, if I hadn’t met August on Facebook. If I don’t end up fucking my daughter, then it was pointless for me to ever go on Facebook. We need to settle the issue by my favorite way of settling all issues, which is by reference to my daughter’s pussy, since that’s really all that matters in this world, given that I want it above all else that exists on this planet. Everything else is just insignificant details.

But no, let me escalate this a little, because I don’t want to sell my potential approval of Facebook too cheaply. If I fuck my daughter AND impregnate her AND she has my babies, then I’ll say that Facebook maybe had a good outcome. And preferably the babies shouldn’t turn out retarded or deformed due to inbreeding. And preferably I shouldn’t get caught or go to prison, although to some extent I want to get caught so I can get a bunch of publicity for doing something awesome like fuck and impregnate my own daughter. I would feel really proud to be known for that.

In my view, you’re probably better off just staying out of touch with people who can’t be reached by any other means than Facebook. But that’s just my opinion, based on my own experiences and observations of those who have used Facebook. Maybe your experience tells you something different.

The only reason I bring it up is so that I can mentally check a box and say, “I did my due diligence to give him the benefit, if there is any, of knowing what I think about it.” The rest is up to you. I don’t even really need to devote a lot of effort to trying to support that particular opinion with facts, logic, etc., because trial and error will tell you whether I’m right or not more convincingly than anything I could say.

I don’t fall into the category of the “EVERYONE,” by the way, who allegedly uses Facebook. I literally don’t use it for anything, except occasionally (like once every few months) I might click a link to something publicly posted there; but usually I end up regretting it. That happens something approaching 100% of the time. If nothing else, I end up regretting the time I spent there rather than on something else; and I regret feeding the network by participating in it even as a viewer rather than contributor. But maybe you’re different than I am, and what’s best for me isn’t what’s best for you.

I don’t hate Facebook as much as I hate feminists and white knights, but I do hate it. Well, hate is a strong word. I dislike it. It’s probably better if I reserve 100% of my hatred for feminists and white knights, lest I dilute it by wasting it on stuff like Facebook.

With regard to my purpose in life — some men don’t really choose their purpose, but rather are called. Maybe all men are that way; who knows. Didn’t you kinda know by your teens what you wanted to be when you grew up? Or you had some ideas about what would interest you, that you still have now. E.g., if you wanted to be an airline pilot back then, the idea probably still has some appeal to you, even if it’ll never happen.

I don’t feel like I really have a meaningful choice. I definitely believe in determinism, with regard to certain stuff. A metaphor one might use is, it’s like I crossed the event horizon of the black hole. Once you do that, you don’t have a choice to go back. Whatever the fate of the universe is (e.g. will it be destroyed, or will there be a heat death?), we might not have a way to avoiding that either, no matter what efforts might be made to save civilization from its ultimate fate.

I’m usually pretty comfy these days; it’s only at certain times that I feel disgruntled or bored. Aloneness in certain ways (e.g. having certain companionship voids) has always been a part of my life, but sometimes I can be distracted from it, or not feel so lonely.

You seem like a believer in free will. I’m not so much that way. E.g., I’ve experienced not being able to control my own body, when my paruresis kept me from providing a urine sample for a drug test. That’s determinism at work.

The justice system has concluded that the fact that you looked at child porn means that for the rest of your life, you’ll be at elevated risk of having sex with little kids. Well guess what — there IS an elevated likelihood you’ll have sex with little kids, compared to most guys who have no interest in child porn. (Or is it just a coincidence that you happen to both like child porn AND fucking kids? Or do you simply feel uninhibited about talking about how you want to fuck kids, because people already know from your charges that you’re a pedophile?) So the stereotype is perhaps correct in this instance, even if looking at child porn doesn’t actually cause a person to have sex with little kids. There can still be a correlation in certain ways (e.g. most people who have sex with kids have also looked at child porn).

That doesn’t mean that banning child porn reduces the rate of men having sex with kids, but in your case, locking you up would actually keep you from having sex with kids. Not that I consider such incapacitation desirable; I don’t even give a shit if you rape some little girl, as long as it’s not my daughter or any other girl I would have a reason to care about. And the main reason I don’t want you raping my daughter is that I want her for myself. I.e., if anyone’s raping her, I want it to be me. I’m not against rape (of one’s wives anyway), and I’m not even against rape of any random chick these days, given that in these degenerate times, they’re just gonna become sluts anyway.

That’s the main argument for incapacitation — that it works 100% of the time, while other penological options may fail. It’s an attempt to eliminate your ability to exercise free will and impose determinism on you, so that your life will follow a path desired by those in charge, rather than a path that they don’t desire.

Yeah, my mom knows it’s illogical to send strangers money over the Internet, but she can’t help herself, because they know how to manipulate her emotions. She’s said so many times she’s going to quit talking to them and quit sending money, but they know how to weaken her resolve through various ploys. . (For one thing, Nigerian romance scammers typically speak with a sexy British accent that American women find irresistible.) She’s a smart, educated woman but she still falls for their scams, and there are millions of women like her, who likewise give a lot of their money to romance scammers. You might not fully believe it till you see it, because it seems contrary to reason, but there are many stories like hers.

Incels agree that there’s a downward spiral in which they don’t get pussy, which makes them become nastier people, etc. but they would say that from the beginning, they were discriminated against in many arenas of life because of their looks, and this was what fucked up their personalities. Also, they would say that even if they tried to have a better personality, their looks would still work against them, and the meager rewards (if any) of their efforts would diminish their motivation to want to even bother trying. They’d rather hang out on the Internet with fellow incels than keep trying to get a femoid, especially in this day and age when relationships tend to be less rewarding than ever, due to dysfunctional relations between the sexes and the scarcity of high-quality femoids (with most of the good ones going to the top-tier men, leaving not many for “sub-8 men”).

Here’s a proposition, or hypothesis, I’ll put forward. Could it be that your strong belief in free will — in the ability of the individual to choose his destiny, or at least his attitude and behavior — is a delusional coping mechanism for dealing with a world where trying to teach your philosophy to others is going to have limited impact in a lot of ways, due to determinism’s in many cases forcing people onto certain paths from which they can’t deviate much?

I mean, if you’ve set as your goal that you want to teach, yet people resist teaching, then that could make you feel frustrated, unless you make yourself believe that people have the free will to accept the teaching and change. But a lot of times, people resist changing; that’s why rehabilitation was eventually recognized as a mostly failed penological model. (It didn’t help that the government was in charge of rehabilitative programs; the government can’t do much of anything efficiently, but kill people, and sometimes not even that; they have to hire military contractors to do their killing in certain places.)

It’s just a hypothesis. Incels will always tend to look first for how people might be trying to cope with a difficult and unpleasant situation through self-delusion, rather than assuming that optimism is warranted. The reason is that all day long, we hear people saying delusional stuff in their efforts to cope. What’s religion, for instance?

Come to think of it, even my mom, with these romance scammers, is falling into the temptation of self-delusion that one of these relationships could be real. That’s how they’re able to get her to part with her money. She just wants to believe so badly, because facing the reality would be tough. It’s so much easier to put off that day of reckoning, even if in doing so, it ultimately is worse when it does come.

I’m not saying you are delusional, I’m just asking, or challenging you, if you will. Maybe you have had some experiences or observations to support a conclusion that people do have a lot of free will. Well, what happens to these bureaucrats in the prison system when you talk about trying to figure out what’s going on with your shot? Why can’t they exercise their free will to look into that, and do something about it?

People do kinda behave like machines sometimes, don’t they? They say they want one thing (because it feels good, or sounds good), but their actions tell another story; and it’s really their actions that matter most of all. In fact, conflict between what they say they want, and what they do, just makes it all the more evident how controlled they are by their nature, by circumstances, etc. because even when they feel a sense of duty or whatever, they can’t fulfill it.

E.g., why can’t some friends or family of yours act in accordance with the love they say they have for you? Why don’t they use their free will to behave differently? I agonized over that question for a long time, when I was in prison, wondering why they couldn’t make just a slight effort, even. Sometimes just a slight effort could make a huge difference. But a lot of times, it’s apparently too much too ask.

Incels would say, girls can’t help but want to reject them, because they can’t force themselves to like an ugly guy. Even though their philosophy (to the extent girls have such a thing; maybe I should say, the ideas which sound good to them, or which they adopted out of intellectual inertia because it’s what they were taught and nobody ever told them differently) says they shouldn’t be shallow, their bodies tell them they should be. And so, that’s how they act.

There’s a password and countersign the incels have. The reply to “It’s over” is “It never began.” I.e., not only is it hopeless now, it was always hopeless. Having said that, I’m still going to try to make a difference in this world, but only because it’s my nature to do so, not because I’m exercising my free will or anything like that.

Or could it be that I’m deluding myself into believing I have no free will, because that would be easier than admitting I just have a tendency to use my free will in some self-destructive ways? Hmm, what could be the cause of that, though? If it’s as illogical as you say, then why would I do it, especially after you point it out?

Oh, before I go, I wanted to alert you to a few other unsolicited items I enclosed — e.g. this article on the FIRST STEP Act. See, the focus on incapacitation may end up killing that bill. What’s good about this legislation, though, is how it’s starting a dialog on penological theory. I think if we’re going to switch to a different system, we should switch to restorative justice, rather than back to rehabilitation, which we already tried.

We could try the Japanese approach, for instance. They’ve been pretty successful, although part of that success may be due to the fact that their country doesn’t have a massive black and Hispanic underclass. Some would say that because of the intractable nature of our underclass-related problems, we have no choice but mass incarceration if we want to keep crime under control.

What’s your proposed approach for getting rid of, or otherwise dealing with, the underclass? Hitler had some ideas with regard to that, but that’s because he was a guy who believed in following ideas to their logical conclusions, while Americans are better able to deal with cognitive dissonance through their mastery of doublethink.

Your friend,

From now on, anywhere in the incelosphere where I say “Vote Libertarian” it means “Go ER”

The Daily Stormer got into a bind where they had to refrain from advocating violence so that they wouldn’t get subpoenaed; yet if they were to say, “Just sit on your hands because there’s nothing we can do” that would have made it seem like they were denigrating the significance of their own cause.

The reality is that violence, suicide, and other illegal acts could be deemed logical and even justified in light of how a large segment of the population has been reduced to a sexually disenfranchised underclass of slaves. But we’re not allowed to say that.

The workaround Andrew Anglin came up with was to tell his followers, “Vote Republican!” We know that literally voting Republican won’t cause any significant change. Most Republican politicians are cucks who consistently vote for the femiservative agenda. We’ve had a Republican President and Congress for two years now, and life has gotten worse for incels during that time. Censorship has continued eroding even our right to free speech, and the Trump administration has hit sites like Truecels.org with subpoenas without sufficient evidence to support a determination of probable cause.

Brett Kavanaugh got put on the Supreme Court, and he promptly chose a bunch of femoids to be his law clerks, because he’s such a good little beta that he gets along with ambitious career femoids well. He definitely has not said anything about how the way he was treated during the confirmation process demonstrates how femoids need to be put in their place. Do you really think this guy is going to overturn Roe v. Wade — or that if he did, that would bring back patriarchy?

Over on the other forum, I got hit with a 10% warning level for saying, “We know what needs to be done; it’s just a matter of getting up and doing it.” We can’t even make oblique references to going ER now, I guess because some filmmaker might put it in a dramatization of the incelosphere. We can expect that the major incel forum(s) will become more and more cucked in an effort to survive, until they either (1) become completely irrelevant or (2) get shut down even after they’ve reached maximum cuckoldry, the way that Return of Kings and r/TheRedPill got shut down, even though they disallowed saying anything all that misogynistic.

Do you really think that in the 21st century, it’s going to be allowed for a high-profile Internet forum to be “noninclusive” by disallowing femoid users, and to be “misogynistic” by saying the behavior femoids are allowed to get away with is the cause of our problems? The other forum (don’t know what to call it, since they’ve been switching domains) doesn’t even allow white knighting or the expression of bluepilled views. Do you think Iceland is going to let that fly?

However, if people on the Internet see us saying, “Vote Libertarian” they can’t really screenshot that and use it against us. We’re just advocating the use of the democratic process to get our ideals implemented; nothing wrong with that. And guess what, the original Libertarian party platform used “sexist” language, in the same way the Declaration of Independence did. It was only over time that they became cucked into being a left-of-center party.

Remember too what that patriarchist shitlord Murray Rothbard wrote, “Having a desire for a ham sandwich, a man decides that this is a want that should be satisfied and proceeds to act upon his judgment of the methods by which a ham sandwich can be assembled. . . . Typically, in order to produce a ham sandwich for Jones in his armchair, it is necessary for his wife to expend energy in unwrapping the bread, slicing the ham, placing the ham between bread slices, and carrying it to Jones.” It was just assumed back then that femoids existed to serve men.

Incels and pedophiles

The two movements are running into the same problem, which is that the system of free love is breaking down. Free love is based on the idea of, “What if the girl consents, tho?” Pedophilic free love is just a subset of that: “What if the LITTLE girl consents, tho?”

#MeToo is invalidating consent across the board, by allowing women to call into question whether they were truly able or willing to consent. And of course, anyone who doubts a rape allegation is a misogynist in the MeToo’ers view.

We have situations where the police are taking seriously allegations that a husband raped his wife, so that men can’t even use the argument, “What if the wife consents, tho” anymore. Already, of course, drunken sex has been categorized as rape, so that we can’t say, “What if the drunk girl consented, tho.”

So now we’re going to try to establish a legal principle based on the idea of, “What if the child consents, tho”? The politics are headed in the opposite direction, of considering everything victimization that used to be categorized as potentially consensual.

The only area in which the feminists have wanted to grant any wiggle room was in letting teen girls have sex with boys their own age. Since provisioning isn’t a factor in that situation, teen girls are mostly choosing sex partners based on looks, game, and other superficial qualities, which means it’s generally going to be Chad rather than the bottom 80% of teen boys who get sex.

But that’s pretty much how feminists want it, because their agenda is to keep girls in school, rather than setting them up with a older guy who’s going to provision for them. The feminists are not going to be cool with letting older men get with 3-year-old girls, because the two might fall in love and he might start provisioning for her, and encourage her to leave school.

The cornerstone of feminism is keeping girls in school so that they don’t end up in a situation where they’re financially dependent on a husband or boyfriend.

Humans view being a “loser” in relative, not absolute, terms

It’s always been a human tendency to compare oneself to others and try to keep up with the Joneses. That’s how we figure out our place in the social hierarchy. There’s safety in being part of the herd; you don’t want to be a straggler that could get picked off by wolves.

Well, what happens when suddenly there are massive numbers of “losers”? I.e., lots of people can’t achieve their goals? Then suddenly there’s not so much pressure to achieve, to keep up with the Joneses. The Joneses are losing right along with you.

If you live in some third-world country where practically everyone is living in a run-down shack, do you really care all that much that you also live in a run-down shack? There’s no embarrassment associated with it. It’s just normal. No wonder, then, that third-worlders often seem so happy and carefree. They don’t have a lot of worries, because it would be hard for them to fall any lower than they already are. The first-worlder, on the other hand, is worried, “If I lose my job, the bank might foreclose on my McMansion, and I might end up living in a run-down shack!”

Well, it’s the same way with incels. If only a small percentage of the population is incel, then it seems shameful. But what happens when a large percentage is incel? Then it starts to seem normal. You look around and there are ordinary guys who are incel. This implies that you don’t need to have anything wrong with you, to be incel, just like in a third-world country, you don’t need to have anything wrong with you, to live in a run-down shack.

That’s what makes incel sites so comfy. There’s this sense of, “You are not alone.” In fact, your online neighbors are in the same boat. And there are millions of them.

When society is in decline, even those who DO have something wrong with them now are on the same level as ordinary people. So for example, in a third-world country, if you have 80 IQ, you might still live in the same kind of run-down shack as the guy with 120 IQ. At that point, IQ doesn’t even matter that much.

And we see in American society too, the normie-tier guy is not doing too much better than the ugly man, in terms of what he’s able to pull. Neither of them is going to get a virginal bride. The normie might get cheated on and frivorce-raped, and lose his kid to his wife. So both the cuck and the incel end up alone, and without any kids to raise.

The incel gets jealous at seeing obnoxious brutes with beautiful blondes on their arms. But the normie also has reason to be jealous about the fact that his wife got fucked by Chad all through her youthful prime, and still fantasizes about Chad and probably cheats with Chad, and won’t give her husband the kind of great sex she gave Chad.

One of the disadvantages of this type of scenario, from the standpoint of society, is that it becomes no longer possible to control and manipulate men by appealing to their desire to keep up with the Joneses. When massive numbers of men have been disenfranchised, then being disenfranchised starts to feel comfy.

It can be demoralizing sometimes to be dehumanized by a bureaucracy that treats everyone the same. Even the rich guy who drives a luxury car has to sit around at the DMV and wait for his number to be called, just like the poor guy who drives a beat-up clunker. From the standpoint of the poor guy, though, being treated equally to the rich guy is a step up in the world.

What society has done, then, in fucking over normies and taking away their sexual prerogatives, is effectively elevate those men who used to be shamed for being incels, by subjecting the masses of men to treatment that is almost as bad as what incels endured. If the normie has to settle for being a cuck, then suddenly being incel doesn’t seem as horrible in comparison as it used to.

The way feminists respond to this state of affairs is by saying, “See, these misogynists are everywhere! There are millions who demonstrate their misogyny by complaining about being forced into inceldom or cuckoldry. This shows how numerically dominant, and therefore powerful, these misogynists are, and how capable they are, by force of numbers, of oppressing all women.” That doesn’t really prove anything, though; that would be like Bashar al-Assad were to say, “Look how many Sunni Muslims there are in the Syrian population; see how they’re in a position to systematically oppress me?”

Femoids say, “1 in 3 women gets raped; that shows we’re oppressed we are.” Actually, it shows how they’re so powerful that they’re in a position to manipulate the statistics, and keep anyone from questioning those statistics by the threat of being called a misogynist. It’s kind of like how the way you know that Jews are actually the powerful ones is that we have to listen constantly to stories about the Holocaust without questioning them.

How much of anti-pedo sentiment is just a gigacope for the fact that prepubescent girls are off-limits?

The easiest thing to do, when you can’t have something, is to take a sour-grapes attitude toward it. That’s why when men get to be in, say, their 50s, and can no longer pull 20-year-old girls as easily, they start to talk about how 20-year-old girls aren’t that great anyway. They start talking about how they prefer older femoids’ maturity. (Another reason is that they don’t want to seem like perverts for wanting to violate the half-your-age-plus-seven rule.)

Well, it could be the same way with prepubescents. They’re off-limits, so it’s easiest to just say, “I wouldn’t want a girl that young anyway. Real men prefer older women.” I saw this dude over at RVF saying that as you get older, “you start to look at other attributes of the woman… like pleasantness, conversation and positivity (all things lacking in hot young things)”. If that were true, then Hugh Hefner should’ve been using his money and fame to attract femoids his age, rather than young bunnies, because why wouldn’t you want the best you can get, if you’re in such high demand?

As soon as you admit that something you can’t have is desirable, then it starts to torment you, especially if you see other men having it. Why do you suppose child pornography had to be banned? Men couldn’t handle seeing other men doing stuff with prepubescent girls, that they’re not allowed to do. People justify these laws by saying, “The victim gets revictimized every time the video is watched,” but there will come a day when those girls are long dead of old age and buried, and the videos out of copyright (and therefore unable to generate income streams), yet the videos will remain illegal because they will retain their power to arouse male desire.

Remember what drove Elliot Rodger nuts — seeing obnoxious brutes with beautiful blonde girls, and knowing how much he wanted to have that. He wasn’t able to just tell himself, “Blondes aren’t that great anyway; they’re so dumb,” etc.

If men were to acknowledge that getting a blowjob from a prepubescent girl might actually feel good, it would produce discontentment at not getting to have that. Part of what child porn videos reveal, that must be kept hidden from the world, is that some of these little girls have some skills and talent at sucking dick, and really give it their all, even before reaching puberty.

Some cucks hate this type of thread because it interferes with their ability to gigacope with the fact that even if they ascend, they still won’t be allowed to get their dick sucked by a cute little girl. The truth hurts, but you gotta face it with courage. It’s just part of taking the blackpill.

Child porn sites aren’t really all that different from incel sites

When you think about it, they have a lot in common.

Why do so many incels use anime avatars? It’s to substitute for degenerate, unpleasant, uncooperative modern femoids by putting forth an image of an idealized femoid. The waifu is perfect in every way — submissive, loving, innocent, etc.

It’s the same with child porn; the prepubescent girl is idealized as undefiled, sweet, and cute, in contrast to the Chad-obsessed pubescent girl who ruthlessly pursues her alpha fucks/beta bucks imperative.

In reality, even if we could bring anime to life, those girls would just behave like any other femoids, because AWALT. Remember how Jessica Rabbit behaved as a thot, when she was brought into the world of non-cartoon men? It’s the same issue that arises when you bring foreign femoids into the U.S. as mail-order brides; even if they’re from a country like the Philippines where divorce is illegal, that doesn’t preclude them for filing for divorce in American courts once they’re here.

Similarly, although prepubescent femoids are idealized as better than pubescent femoids, they can still be very manipulative. As soon as they can talk, they instinctively start lying to get out of trouble, to obtain what they want, etc. That’s just immutable female nature. As they develop and gain experience, they’ll become more subtle in their manipulativeness.

If there’s a power balance between young foids and older men, it’s mostly because young foids haven’t yet become experts at using deceit to get men to do what they want. People usually say, “Older men will trick little girls into sex.” It’s more like, little girls might not be as adept at exploiting men for their resources yet, without resorting to cuteness as a means of persuasion.

A redpilled man will realize, all older femoids have to offer, that younger femoids lack, is greater ability to get men to do what they want, through deployment of a bag of tricks they’ve perfect over years. But older femoids are still jealous of younger femoids’ cuteness, which has a more reliable effect on men than older femoids attempts to spin their drawbacks as virtues (e.g. by saying “age” is equivalent to “maturity” or that “sluttiness” is equivalent to “experience” (i.e. sexual prowess).)

Like incel sites, child porn sites served as (mostly) all-male hangouts, where men could hang out in a comfy environment and pass the time without the need for femoids. We can’t have that, though, apparently.

Hey incels, why do you want a femoid, anyway?

Yeah, it feels good to put your dick in one, but that’s about it. You can’t relate to them the way you could relate to a fellow man, so they’ll never be a “friend” (it’s often assumed, in phrases like “more than friends,” that friendship is the foundation of a romantic relationship, but it’s typically not; as soon as you’re going to be boyfriend-girlfriend, or husband-wife, the dynamics change).

A male friend might actually have your back in time of trouble. A female friend or girlfriend will just say, “I’m sorry you have to go through that.” She can’t even offer good advice because she can’t relate to what you go through as a man; which is why she also can’t appreciate any sacrifices you make for her.

If you have a sister, you already know that relations even between male-female siblings are not what they would be between brothers. It was Orville and Wilbur Wright, two brothers, who built an airplane; that would never happen between a brother-and-sister team, because they would never have the same interests. She would be wanting to chase after boys rather than sit around working on airframes.

Also, as early as manosphere 2.0, red pillers were talking about how women can’t love men the way men want to be loved. Also, girls want a man they can look up to; which means the love they’ll have for you is like the love of a daughter for a father, not the unconditional love of a mother for her son. You always have the burden of performance.

That makes me wonder, by the way — is there some pair bonding that happens between father and daughter, or is that conditional love too? Well, I know of one family where the father wasn’t that great of a breadwinner, and I think his relationship with his daughters, or at least the eldest daughter anyway, was troubled. That’s usually the kind of situation where a proxy father (like a pastor) has to step in to help.

Anyway — if a femoid likes you, that’s just a sign you have either the alpha fuxx or beta buxx, which is another way of saying, you either are really good looking, or are mediocre-looking but have money. Why do you want someone who’s so shallow and/or mercenary? You might as well hang out with your brothers instead, aside from the fact that you need a femoid to produce kids with and help care for and raise them (since you have to be at work most of the day).

Even then, though, they’re just the most responsible teenager in the house.

Women don’t age well

As time goes on, and bad shit happens in women’s lives, their personalities get worse and worse, as the bitterness accumulates. It might be the same way with men, but at least it’s offset by the fact that men gain wisdom, knowledge, maturity, etc. as they get older (theoretically). Women just degrade in quality as they age; not only do they become less pleasant to be around, but their pussies become looser, their tits start to sag, their bodies generally lose their nice youthful shape, etc.

This wouldn’t be such a big problem, except that older women don’t even want men to have the pleasure of being with a young woman; they apparently expect you to abide by the half-your-age-plus-seven rule, or maybe something even stricter. Meanwhile, there are apparently some men who want to uphold that same rule; I’m not sure why.

These girls’ expectations are just too high. They want a man who’s only slightly older than them, who nonetheless has his shit together, doesn’t mind the fact that she’s been with a bunch of Chads, etc. As girls get older, their expectations only rise. E.g., they start expecting that men will tolerate their being polyamorous, etc.

This could all be curbed through patriarchism, but maybe it’s best to first just let the process play out the way it currently is playing out. Let the leftists double down on feminism; even vote for the leftists sometimes, if they’re not currently the incumbents.

Actually, what might be optimal would be to just vote for the Libertarians, who want to give women equal rights and theoretically want to also cut off all welfare payments to single moms, etc. What we’ll see happen, I think, is that those girls will just return to their fathers or something, or maybe they’ll find some beta cuck. It will be slightly better than letting them live off of the government, though.

Theoretically, the betas should just reject non-virginal girls, and that would solve a lot of our problems; I’m not sure if it’ll play out that way, though. There’s a huge amount of propaganda out there in favor of wifing up non-virgins. Men are always going to want to play Captain Save-a-Ho just because they think they should help a girl who’s been fucked over by Chad, even though they purposefully bypassed the nice guys to get with said Chads. Oh well.

Incels are not a particularly large movement, and I don’t think awareness of alpha-fuxx, beta-buxx strategies is really going to spread very widely outside of a few communities, many of which (e.g. the Rooshosphere) seem to be shrinking right now. Blacks have been aware of the Captain Save-a-Ho phenomenon for awhile now, but that doesn’t really help whites; whites could probably listen to that song and not understand what it’s about.

See also: Part II.