Some other thoughts on Final Fantasy

I’ve now beaten Final Fantasy twice, once using the fighter-fighter-fighter-fighter party, and once using the blackbelt-blackbelt-thief-thief party. Some thoughts:

  • Repeatedly defeating the Eye guarding the Floater chest in the Ice cave is an underrated way of grinding your way to a level-up. It beats the Hall of Giants and the Power Peninsula. The only scary part is that you might encounter some Sorcerers or other lethal creatures on your way out.
  • The Thief seems like an overrated character. Given his many mediocrities, he seems similar to a Red Mage, in that he’ll leave you frustrated that he can’t be as good as a Fighter, Black Mage, etc.
  • You never really get to a point of having total dominance over creatures like Frost Wolves, because they can usually use their numerical advantage to get off some Frost spells before you have a chance to wipe them out with a FIR2 or FIR3 spell.
  • Chaos doesn’t seem like that hard of a foe. The second Kraken is actually more dangerous, because each physical attack he makes will usually wipe out one of your guys. Survival against him is mostly a matter of luck.
  • The only dungeon where running out of resources is a major problem is the Template of Fiends Past. The last time, when I got toward the end, I said “Fuck the Masmune” and went straight toward Tiamat and Chaos, since I was out of heal potions and didn’t have any heal spells.

Mixed martial arts

CaptureI just got done beating Final Fantasy with a party consisting of four fighters, and now I’m playing with a party of two thieves and two black belts. This involves quite a lot more grinding, and I was just about to go through the Marsh Cave when I noticed, I forgot to get the copper rings from Elfland. That’s the same mistake I made last game. I realize now, by the way, that it doesn’t pay to be cheap, because:

  • The less weapons and armor you buy, the more you’ll end up having to visit the inn (and paying for that); plus you’ll end up grinding for a longer time against less rewarding enemies, rather than moving up in the world more quickly
  • You end up leaving a lot of treasure behind in the caves anyway, so what difference does it make
  • The more time you spend grinding to earn extra money, the more experience you gain, so even if you “waste” money, who cares
  • Before too long, you end up with more money than you know what to do with, anyway

The only possible exception might be, maybe some stuff in Melmond can be bypassed on the way to Crescent Lake, but that’s about it. E.g., maybe you can skip the iron gauntlet in favor of the silver gauntlet. On the other hand, there’s also a silver gauntlet in the volcano. None of that stuff is even all that expensive, though.

Really, “money” in this game is just another way of saying “time spent grinding”. So the question is, what minimizes your time spent grinding? Or, if you want to talk about saving time, what gets you through dungeons alive, without the need to do a whole bunch of leveling first?

By the way, I don’t see why people suggest having a healer in Final Fantasy

The more time you spend healing during battle, or having a white mage hammer mostly ineffectually, the longer the battles will drag on, giving the enemies chances to inflict more damage on you. You would be better off just adding another fighter to your party.

The party I may play with next time could be fighter, thief, black belt, black mage. I also thought about thief, black belt, white mage, black mage; or thief, black belt, black mage, black mage.

It’s hard to decide. I hear red wizards suck, by the way. What I would like to do, is get my computer back so I can play with my original fighter, thief, white mage, black mage party. I forget how far along it was; it seems like I was about to go back down into the earth cave or something:

After you kill the vampire, you’re supposed to grab the ruby, because getting access to the ruby is the whole point of killing him. The first time, I killed him and then forgot to grab the ruby. I went all the way out of the dungeon and then was like, “Oh fuck, I forgot the ruby.” So I had to go all the way back. That time, I finally grabbed it.

Then the cops came and took my computer, so I had to start all the way over at the very beginning of the game. So then I killed the vampire again, and grabbed the ruby, but then lost that progress by loading instead of saving. Geez.