Should we be angry at Chad for deflowering more virgins than he plans on supporting?

Roosh writes:

The MGTOW lifestyle is withdrawing from human activity and attacking those who continue to play the game for their own benefit. There is no “lifestyle” to it.

That raises the question, SHOULD we feel resentful at these players who (1) enable girls’ sluttiness by banging them out, and (2) leave those girls unsuitable for marriage?

Let’s suppose there’s a million Chads and this country, and half of them refuse to bang girls they’re not going to wife up. Then the remaining half will just bang more girls.

That’s the real dilemma — all it really takes is just a few Chads to bang out all the girls who want to be sluts. We could make it illegal to bang these girls, and to some extent we already did that by putting in place age of consent laws that say the older Chads don’t get to bang younger Stacies. The result is that (1) the younger Chads have more Stacies to themselves and (2) betas have no shot at these girls. (The younger betas don’t have a chance with those girls because they don’t have their betabuxx yet.)

All of our laws and culture these days are based around controlling men’s sexual behavior, while letting foids do what they want. On shows like Special Victims Unit, there’s no slut-shaming at all, because that would be viewed as blaming the victim. Also, nobody talks about how society set these girls up to be pumped and dumped, by letting them run around freely.

Trying to keep girls safe by catching all the rapists and molesters and so on is like trying to keep yourself from getting bitten by mosquitoes by having a bunch of bug zappers. You’ll never be able to catch all of them; what you need to do is go inside where you won’t get bitten.

Even if you ascend, if she’s a non-virgin, she’s probably not going to indulge your fetishes

If you get with a virgin, you can mold her to be your ideal sex partner. During the pair-bonding, she will associate the sexual acts you introduce her to with the positive feelings she has when she’s with you, of love, pleasure, etc. Because she’s never had her heart broken, she’ll be generous with her body and give it to you fully, obeying all of your wishes cheerfully, because she has no bitterness that would make her think, “Why should I do anything to please a man; last time I did that, I got dumped.”

If she’s been with Chad, though, he will have already molded her to suit HIS preferences. She will have learned to enjoy the way HE liked to fuck her, and because he’s a man who was way out of her league, that in her mind will always stand out as her peak sexual experience. If you want her to do anything different than what he did with her, she’ll regard that as a lesser experience and maybe not even want to cooperate. In her mind, “Chad’s way is the best way” and your way is inferior.

When you make yourself vulnerable to her by revealing what you desire to do with her, and she turns you down and says she wants to do it a different way (i.e. Chad’s way), even though you’re putting your dick in a pussy, you’re still going to feel rejected and unloved. And in fact, even if you try to reverse the masculine and feminine roles by letting her take the lead, so that you’re catering to her desires and trying to mimic how Chad used to fuck her, it’s never going to be quite the same for her, and therefore she’ll always view you as lacking as well.

It will be so bad that you will wish you never fucked that girl, because of the demoralization the memories of her treating you that way will inflict on you. Seriously, you will regret adding that notch to your belt, because of the psychological trauma that went with it. If you make the mistake of wifing up such a girl, then theoretically you sentence yourself to a lifetime of mediocre, tepid sex; but in reality you probably won’t have to deal with her all that long because most marriages to roasties end in divorce anyway.

A girl’s youth and virginity are her most important characteristics, even more so than attractiveness, because even if she’s so ugly you’re ashamed to be seen with her, what really matters the most is that when you’re in the bedroom together, she does what you want, and isn’t comparing you unfavorably to memories of Chad.