You are such a misfit, Tom

Ordinarily, I would say, if you don’t fit in anywhere, you should create your own blog, forum, etc. Yet you always shut your stuff down, so I can’t even help you with that. The only place you fit in was on caamib’s forum, but he’s gone now. Probably the only reason Jim hasn’t banned you from his blog is that he either hasn’t noticed you, or it’s just not his practice to ban people, even when he finds them tiresome, as in the case of some of his “excessively frequent commenters“.

It’s over for you; you may as well just commit suicide.

caamib, hit me up

It’s time to create the new Incels and Male Sexualists site (or whatever we’re going to create that’s less-cucked than but not as edgy as We can run it under the same principle as before, that you’re in charge of the rules and mod decisions, but I help with tech stuff. And this time I’ll have a better backup system in place so we don’t lose our data.

Hey Tom Grauer, can I borrow some shekels?

By “borrow” I mean “spend them frivolously on setting up a Rapecels site, so that we can possibly make use of the talents of Caamib, Zesto, and other independent-minded, creative spirits and/or old guard organizers who have been disenfranchised by the establishment, or at any rate sidelined by their unwillingness to cooperate with that regime on its terms.”

I’m referring to literal shekels, by the way; I need about USD $100 (or 373 Israeli shekels) for a few months of Raspberry Pi use plus an Epik domain plus funds for taking care of unexpected contingencies (since this is a line of business where we can easily get shut down).

My problem is, I don’t get an allowance anymore, and you’re the only other guy I know who was crazy enough to put his IRL identity out there. No one else is willing to donate because they’re afraid of getting doxxed. You, on the other hand, have nothing to lose besides 373 shekels.

But keep in mind, if the Jewish race is to survive, you must continue the tradition of your people of investing in cutting edge media conglomerates. Back in the 20th century, it was Harry Warner, Adolph Zukor, William Fox, Carl Laemmle, and Louis B. Mayer buying up film and television companies. Well, now we have the new media!

The concept behind the Rapecels site is, we’re going to finally bridge the gap that couldn’t, by bringing together incels and male sexualists in a way that isn’t reliant on the ever-controversial and arguably self-contradictory blackpilled normie rule. This will create openings for implementing a lot of ideas Caamib had, such as allowing femoids and legalizing certain kinds of bragging.

Caamib’s potential is currently being squandered and we need to rectify that situation by giving him a site to run or at least to be involved in (if he doesn’t run it, his involvement will probably be limited to saying, “You don’t know how to run a site worth shit” and posting lists of complaints about misguided policies and practices.)

My BATNA is that if you don’t contribute funding to the site, then I’ll just have to try to acquire money some other way, e.g. by making a renter’s insurance claim on the theft and vandalism that was done to my home this past July by Antifa or whoever. (UPDATE: I can’t get any money from State Farm because my losses fall short of the $500 deductible.)

(I don’t mean to jinx it, but you never know, you might run into a jailbait on the site. It’s been known to happen. Then you can arrange to meet her, and travel across international borders to get caught up in a Chris Hansen-style sting coordinated by an obese, middle-aged law enforcement agent, and subsequently subjected to the International Megan’s Law. No, psyche, we do actually have real jailbaits appear now and then, but they’re all crazy and/or slutty, and usually weird-looking.)

Here’s an example, by the way, of the kind of thread that often gets quietly deleted from We were having a good convo, and I was pleased with the fact that some male sexualist ideas had been accepted by a good portion of the userbase, but it got removed as too edgy. Rapecels need an alternative site if we want to discuss pedo (rather than merely jailbait-related) stuff. And we all know, we can’t solve the JBQ (jailbait question) without solving the PQ (pedo question).

caamib dissects the “disaster” of the incel community/movement

He writes:

For all of you who read this and know just how idiotic the groups that have taken over the current mainstream of the incel name, I want to tell you just one thing – I am indeed sorry. There was hardly a way for me to predict this would occur. If I could go back 2 years I assure you that it would not. But now there isn’t much I can do anymore but perchance start my own incel community. I was thinking about that a lot. Now, some of you know I am currently mostly hanging out with male sexualists like Eivind Berge, Tom Grauer, Holocaust21 and Nathan Larson (despite disagreeing with some things Nathan believes in)  as these men still have some brains left. I ‘d start a community for incels and love-shy people, along with male sexualists. Please, if you read all of this huge text tell me what you think about the idea. As I said, there isn’t currently a single one incel community that is worth anything. All are complete disaster for way or the other. If you have any intelligence you will not be on any of these communities.

C’mon, man, don’t you disagree with some things Grauer says too? He copied most of my ideology anyway, or maybe came up with some of the same ideas independently.

I’m mostly just writing this post to try to attract traffic to my own site by pinging a blogger who’s more popular than me, so I could just leave it at that, but to keep up appearances, I better add some more filler. Earlier in the piece, caamib writes:

To say that my blog started the current insanity around incels would be simply wrong.

So what did? Well, in order to understand that we must go back some years. Two original incel (a term invented by a Canadian woman in 1997) communities were, a site that takes its name from an unrecognized disorder called love-shyness that American psychologist Brian G. Gilmartin wrote about in his 1987 book Shyness & Love: Causes, Consequences, and Treatments, and the now defunct Incel Support.

I thought I heard that a man came up with the term “incel” many decades ago? Henry Flynt, maybe? Okay, let me find one more thing to quote from caamib’s post:

But things aren’t that simple. Starting a website/forum is different from starting a subreddit. Reddit is a huge community with thousands of subreddits but it is much more difficult to get people to register on your site specifically. Another problem is that my technical skills are poor and I know very little about hosting. The current disgusting incel forum was a consequence of a disgusting community but how am I to get a real community? I know about 15 people who will register but how do I get others?

You really don’t need all that many people; quality > quantity. Some of the best publications are just an editor and a handful of writers. If you have a few prolific content creators, then the public can just lurk, and you’ll have accomplished your goal, which was to reach people with quality content.