Why do people have to make a big deal about how they don’t trust me

It’s like they think they scored some points against me by saying, “I’m not going to collaborate with you on x, or tell you y, because I don’t trust you.” They’re probably thinking mentally, “Oooooooooh, sick burn! I told him!”

Whatever; I don’t give a shit. I’m hopefully gonna be dead in a couple weeks anyway. Definitely, though, if you’re going to make a point of excluding me from stuff, it doesn’t really bolster your arguments about how “you shouldn’t kill yourself.” Not that it would’ve really affected my decision anyway.

Tom, your first mistake was being involved in Facebook at all; whatever went on there with you and your wife could’ve been done by anyone. Facebook makes you a huge target for frenemies who want to fuck you over. I’ve never really fucked you over in any important way, although I suspect you’re, like me, one of these guys who probably gets banned from forums a lot. Am I right?

So basically, you’re a fellow fuck-up, but this just goes to show that there’s no solidarity among fuck-ups. As for caamib, I don’t know what his deal is. Oh, he’s worried about my “erratic behavior.” Bitch, a lot of our social order is based around the human potential for “erratic behavior.” That’s what the emotion of anger is all about, for instance — impelling people to do stuff that might not be all that logical, if they weren’t all emotionally hyped up. Sometimes you have to be illogical to win.

Even in chess, sometimes you have to behave illogically. E.g., you might use some weird opening that your opponent is unfamiliar with, just to gain an advantage by flustering him. The opening might not even be all that sound, but that doesn’t really matter, if he doesn’t know how to deal with it.

caamib, you need to just be decisive

Maybe find some people whose judgment you trust, and huddle with them and explain what you hope to accomplish, and express your concerns about what could happen if you create this forum, and listen to what they have to say, and make a decision about what you want to do.

And once you’ve decided whether the concept is compatible with your life situation, we can see if we can come up with an action plan that addresses your other concerns adequately as well. Assuming I haven’t offed myself by then.

You and I have never really had major conflict, so I don’t see that as being an issue. You’re not as obnoxious as Tom, so we don’t have to worry about that. Your major concern there is that I’m going to be the obnoxious one, and you’ll have to ban me. I don’t know how ban-happy you really are, though; after all, you let Tom hang around the other forum that we had for a week. Maybe that wasn’t enough time for him to provoke you, though.

Another thing about this project is, if we decide that we think maybe we’ll be moving forward with it, one step will be that I need to have a convo with my mom and see what resources can be allocated to it. To do this right, we’re probably going to need DDoS protection (~$15/month), some kind of email solution (another ~$15/month, presumably), etc. And the costs just keep mounting, if stuff happens like the loss of domains, although Incels.is did fine at their .is domain, so maybe it won’t be an issue.

Maybe this will work out okay, I dunno. Another question to consider is whether you want to involve FeminismIsCancer in any way (assuming he’s even available), or if you have any other knowledgeable tech guy who can help. FiC knows how to do stuff like set up email and darkweb stuff, which I don’t know how to do. However, he has some annoying personal quirks, like the fact that he’s not always all that reliable (e.g. he takes off three days a week to get hammered), plus he can get kinda paranoid in thinking we’re under attack when in my mind the evidence is kinda questionable. Also, he can take offense and be gone (kinda like the situation now), and then you don’t have anyone who knows how to maintain what he set up.

Tom Grauer could probably still come back and have a successful blog and/or forum

What’s really stopping him? Yeah, he lost a lot of reputation and goodwill, but it doesn’t really matter. He could regain it. He could find new places to promote his site, and reach out to potential supporters who haven’t already been burned by him in the past. He could co-found the site with someone who could assure that the archives would be preserved indefinitely. Etc., etc.

The main problem is that he doesn’t have the will to do it. I was just writing about a similar situation here and here. Tom cracked under the pressure of censorship; he lacked the resources to defend his freedom of speech, apparently.

He probably knows that if he were to be successful (i.e. popular and influential) again, he would come under the same pressure, and he would be just as unable this time to take a stand, as he was last time. That’s the reality we’re dealing with.

Yeah, we can take issue with Tom for deleting everything, but probably he did that so that no one could repost the content; he was caving in to the pressure in the most extreme way possible. Tom is mostly just the messenger at this point for the establishment, and their message is, “You can’t have a site like that.”

caamib is aware of the censorship too, and this is manifested in his hesitation to create a new forum with me. I don’t think the issue is even any personality defects on my part; it’s more that we face so much censorship from the outside, which we would not be able to weather in 2019 (just like we couldn’t weather it in 2018).

We got fucked over by the establishment, in that they silenced us; and now our choice is to either live with that, or commit suicide. We can also try to comfort ourselves by maintaining a small and obscure Internet presence and telling ourselves, “We’re making a difference.” The majority of the public harbors such delusions as a way of coping; in fact, the whole electoral system in which we choose between two centrist parties which have been bought off by the special interests is a way by which people maintain an illusion of having some political power.

People use to complain about Abd Lomax’s walls of text, calling it “diarrhea of the keyboard.” What we’re engaging in right now in the male sexualist movement is mostly masturbation of the keyboard.

We’re fucked, and it’s time to acknowledge that and check out.

holocaust21 is like the only male sexualist I haven’t started a beef with yet

I’m just waiting for him to say something provocative, but I think he’s just too nice of a guy to do that, so I’m stuck just focusing on caamib and Tom Grauer, even though that gets boring after awhile and I crave more variety.

By the way, I think your assessment of where MGTOW stands is overly optimistic; their approach has always been to say, “Women should be sanctioned just as harshly as men for their pedo stuff.” Even the incel movement ended up cracking down on the pedocels, although that was probably because they felt pressured from the outside. Either way, it was sad to see.

It’s over for us. I don’t even know why Tom bothers to say, “You’re not really suicidal”; even if I’m not, I should be, based on the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Right now, caamib does not have the mentality of a winner

caamib’s going around saying, “I can’t start a forum because of x, y, and z. I need to address concerns a, b, and c before I can attempt anything like that.”

That’s how a guy talks when he has no intention of buckling down and getting serious about a project. A man talks that way when he’s just dreaming about what he’d like to have, but knows he’s not actually willing to put forth the effort, and take on the risks, involved in actually trying to achieve it.

So he’ll come up with excuses that there’s no way I can possibly address, which means he can put off forever actually taking any action. He can say, “I’m not sure I can trust you,” to put the blame on me as the one who’s responsible for why this project isn’t moving forward. I have no way to prove that I’m trustworthy, since he’s not giving me a chance, so this means the project will remain stalled indefinitely.

That’s probably why he doesn’t progress in his career, either. People look at him and say, “This is not a guy we want to promote to a position of managerial responsibility, because he doesn’t have the attitude necessary to be a winner. We better just keep him in this low-level, dead-end, minimum wage job forever, and hopefully he’ll quit at some point and we can hire someone who actually shows promise and ambition, who’s not just some idle dreamer who wastes everyone’s time.”

Hopefully he’ll shape up and show some gumption, but I’m not optimistic, based on the pattern I’ve been observing over the past several months. I hear a lot of talk from him about, “What if the authorities fuck me over?” Uh, bub, you don’t have a lot to lose. You have no wife, no kids. You don’t even have an Internet forum anymore. You apparently don’t even have any ideas about stuff to post to your blog anymore, because I never see you post these days. The last post was in June 2018.

That means all that’s at stake is that if you’re stuck in a prison cell, you’ll feel physically and psychologically uncomfortable. Worrying about that just shows a lack of courage and fortitude.

Also, he’s going to say, “The stuff you posted hurt my fee-fees, so I’m not sure I can work with you.” Whatever, dude! If you were serious about wanting to make your dreams realities, you wouldn’t let small interpersonal slights get in the way of your aspirations.