How did I manage to get trolled so effectively by BuiQuang?

Anglin recently described what trolling is.

“Trolling” is specifically a term which refers to getting under someone’s skin – using emotional and psychological manipulation to get someone to go into an emotional rage or breakdown, and then laughing about it.

I think it was a confluence of factors. First, the environment. It was a forum of white knights and/or purple pilled guys along with feminist chicks (Damara) and a bunch of foids trying to advance the feminine imperative (including the moderator, Ontarkie).

There’s also a norm of political correctness on VisaJourney, which we’ve seen, e.g., in another thread where TBoneTX made their comments about domestic violence.

So anyway, it was inevitable I’d get hit with negative reactions, and that BuiQuang’s trolling would get upvoted, and that there’d be no one defending me. Add to this, of course, that everyone hates cucks. Femoids hate them (although they sometimes find them useful to exploit), the system hates them, and redpillers hate them. So they will attract hatred from everyone.

Cucks’ motives are always called into question. It’s not just that people despise their weakness; people are fundamentally suspicious of the “nice guy” and they will redefine “nice” in such a way as to show that he’s not actually nice. I.e., if he wants or expects anything in exchange for being nice, he’s not nice.

Never mind that the “takers” in society are often allowed to take as much as they want for free, without having to be nice. There’s a hodgepodge of different standards, and it’s arbitrary how different people come to be classed as victims or villains.

The fact, though, that nobody really stands with me in this situation is a sign that it’s over.

Anyway, VisaJourney is a pretty cliquish group. It’s mostly people who have succeeded with their marriages to foreigners. So, that’s why I don’t fit in there. But karma’s gonna come back around and bite them — maybe not in this generation, but the next.

There’s no guarantee your relationship will turn out okay, even if you follow everyone’s advice

Let’s suppose you follow everyone’s relationship advice. (Impossible, since people have conflicting advice, but let’s suppose you follow the best advice out there.) And let’s suppose you even do everything that your girlfriend or wife wants you to do. There’s still no guarantee that your relationship will work.

For one thing, doing everything your girlfriend or wife ostensibly wants you to do often is to fail a shit test. For another thing, it’s pretty much acknowledged that betas are getting treated worse than ever these days.

The guys who have relationships that seem to be working (who really knows, though; she could be cheating or whatever, and he could be quietly putting up with getting cucked, for the good of the kids, etc.) are usually those who are in the older generation and have a wife who’s not all that young anymore, which reduces the risk of relationship ruptures because she doesn’t have as many options now. Even the guys who supposedly have working relationships will usually admit that the girl is not all that well-behaved.

A few men will survive the coming holocaust, or holodomor, as the case may be, but it’s probably not going to be the autists. Still, even the non-autists are having more problems than in the past, and there will be more problems yet to come.

One might say, every man would be well-advised to avoid marriage at this point, now that girls have smartphones, but maybe a few will manage somehow to maintain control. Oh, but I thought it was wrong to do that? BuiQuang writes, in “Green card baby outside USA more than 2 years”:

Baby got green card with me in 2015. I went back to Viet Nam to marry and baby got sick. I went back to USA to work. Baby stay with my wife. My wife will interview for visa soon. I will go to Viet Nam so they can come back to US with me. Do I need new visa for our baby?

Can we really say, in the modern era, that a woman of fertile age left alone in a foreign country for two years will stay faithful? What are the odds? Sounds like a good way to end up with this type of situation (including the ending panel).

One thing’s for sure — if a man is unlucky enough to have a relationship that doesn’t work (falls apart, etc.) then society won’t have his back.

Why was I not entitled to two years with Meshelle before she went away?

BuiQuang writes:

You both used each other and you lost. Too bad, so sad for you. Obviously, you the victim. You did not plan to hold green card over her head to gain control. You the good guy.

What’s wrong with holding the green card over her head, as a defensive measure to deter her from, e.g., making false rape accusations against me? Why should she not be punished for making false rape accusations?

Also, what’s wrong with having her serve as an indentured servant for two years? A lot of white guys had to serve years as indentured servants before they were allowed to live as free men in this country. Two years is not all that long of an indenture.

And I didn’t even really expect anything of her other than that she put out, which she didn’t mind doing anyway, usually.

So I’m gonna give this asshole one more chance

whisenant orderJudge Whisenant denied my motion this morning, so I’m gonna wait till next Thanksgiving and then file another motion saying it’s been 14 months since the cops seized my stuff, and they should’ve had enough time to go through it and give my property back. That is of course, assuming I don’t catch a case because of this stuff.

Next year, once the leaves are off the trees, and the Democrats have their trifecta, and people are making their plans to get together for turkey and pumpkin pie, it’ll be time to file that motion.

By that point, I’ll be able to say Meshelle hasn’t been heard from in more than a year, and that she presumably moved on with her life. So I will express to the court that I too want to tie up the last remaining loose end so I can close that chapter of my life as well.

I’m not going to make reference to my previous motion, either. I’ll just pretend like it never existed. The less said about it the better.

So that I remember what was taken, though — there was:

  • Blue HP Stream
  • Grey/silver HP Elitebook 6930p
  • Toshiba laptop
  • iPad
  • Samsung mobile phone
  • iPhone
  • Thumb drive
  • Several SATA hard drives (one Hitachi and several Western Digital drives)

Well anyway, one advantage of this situation is that now I think about Whisenant and the court proceedings more, when I used to think of BuiQuang and the VisaJourney thread more. I kinda figured it would take another incident to push out of my mind that incident.


Whenever there’s an ill-behaved woman or non-white around, it’s usually because some white man allowed it

When I think of women and people who annoy me, it’s usually because some white guy made that possible. Look at Internet forums, for instance. Weren’t they all started by white guys? Certainly the Internet itself was created by white guys. Yet they allowed on this riffraff that’s causing a lot of trouble. We could actually have women and nonwhites around, and it wouldn’t be a big deal, if whites could keep them in check.

So from now on, any time the shitskins, heebs, femoids, etc. are causing problems, I’ll be like, “Who’s the white guy responsible for allowing this?”

I’m ready to throw out the baby with the bathwater

So Trump is getting rid of birthright citizenship. Good, let’s do that, and let’s ban all other refugees as well. Anything to stop the BuiQuangs of the world from getting in. They come here, and then they support immigrants’ using manipulative tactics to take advantage of U.S. citizens to get visas, and defiling the sanctity of marriage through divorce. It’s not good.

We don’t need that type of person in this country. I used to think refugees were cool, and that letting them in would help cause a “brain drain” in their own country. Well, look what the brain drain gave us — chicks like Nina Kouprianova, who betray their husbands.

They’re not sending their best, that’s for sure. I would even go so far as to say that we should send back the refugees who are already here. Yeah, some of them may have families, etc. but who gives a shit? Nobody cares about marriage or parental rights anyway.