Whenever there’s an ill-behaved woman or non-white around, it’s usually because some white man allowed it

When I think of women and people who annoy me, it’s usually because some white guy made that possible. Look at Internet forums, for instance. Weren’t they all started by white guys? Certainly the Internet itself was created by white guys. Yet they allowed on this riffraff that’s causing a lot of trouble. We could actually have women and nonwhites around, and it wouldn’t be a big deal, if whites could keep them in check.

So from now on, any time the shitskins, heebs, femoids, etc. are causing problems, I’ll be like, “Who’s the white guy responsible for allowing this?”

I’m ready to throw out the baby with the bathwater

So Trump is getting rid of birthright citizenship. Good, let’s do that, and let’s ban all other refugees as well. Anything to stop the BuiQuangs of the world from getting in. They come here, and then they support immigrants’ using manipulative tactics to take advantage of U.S. citizens to get visas, and defiling the sanctity of marriage through divorce. It’s not good.

We don’t need that type of person in this country. I used to think refugees were cool, and that letting them in would help cause a “brain drain” in their own country. Well, look what the brain drain gave us — chicks like Nina Kouprianova, who betray their husbands.

They’re not sending their best, that’s for sure. I would even go so far as to say that we should send back the refugees who are already here. Yeah, some of them may have families, etc. but who gives a shit? Nobody cares about marriage or parental rights anyway.

Moving past BuiQuang

The thing about moving past BuiQuang is, we’re now in the realm of post-morality where any judgments that were made earlier are now irrelevant. “Feeling sorry” or “not feeling sorry” for anyone is now a dead issue. “Fault” is a dead issue. There’s no story anymore; there’s only what happened, and what happened is increasingly a distant memory, with a few unpleasant highlights that stand out.

The problem with relationships, and particularly relationship problems and relationship failures, in this purple-pilled era, is that as a man, you get judged no matter what you do. Even if your relationship is going well, people will try to undermine it; but if it’s going poorly, then people will REALLY give you hell.

The only way out of that damned-if-you-do,-damned-if-you-don’t situation is just not to have a relationship. Of course, chicks will gladly snap up a guy who has something to offer them, and then cheat on him and/or dispose of him as it suits them, knowing he will get all the blame, because he chose to have that relationship and didn’t magically cause it to be as perfect as it would’ve been if he’d been an alpha and/or married a virgin.

A dirty little secret is that in the 21st century, being celibate is actually not all that bad, compared to the alternative that is available to most men, which is to be some sort of cuck — and not just any cuck, but a cuck that society will not even pretend to respect (and which the femoid will cease to pretend to respect, as soon as she no longer needs to).

Rest and peace are good. As part of the devaluation / moving on, I’m going to put away a few reminders of Meshelle, such as that coffee mug she gave me.

Here’s how this moving on deal works, in a nutshell

I get my shit back, and society doesn’t have to listen to me talk about Meshelle anymore (unless they read this blog, which only a couple dozen people a day do).

Society had to go to the trouble of taking my shit to begin with, just like they had to go to the trouble of taking my shit earlier, when they burglarized the place. They get their desired result in the end; they just have to work a little harder for it.

Another reason why marital rape accusations are common, by the way

The real reasons why relationships break up can be kinda complicated, and many of the reasons might be secret. A lot of times, fault is shared between the two parties.

Rather than explain what happened over and over to different people, and get judged for one’s own part in it, and answer the same questions again and again, it’s easier to just come up with a simplified narrative, e.g., “He raped me,” “He beat me,” or whatever.

That condenses into three words a whole story, and probably significantly curtails what might have otherwise been a lengthy line of questioning. We saw this happen with August — at first, she had a longer story of what happened, and later, she removed certain parts (e.g. about her own role in what happened) and mostly just condensed it down to “he raped me”.

Same with Meshelle. At first, she used to talk about how I didn’t give her a good life (i.e. I didn’t make enough money for us to move out of my mom’s house). Later, she just simplified her story down to, “You raped me” because that’s easier than talking about finances and so on.

Well, I’ve simplified my story about her, too. I just say now, “She was just using me for a green card.” The reality is more complicated than that, but rather than keep all those nuances in my head, to ponder every time I re-evaluate the situation, it’s easier just to give a nine-word summary that only brings up one aspect of what happened. It’s kind of a misleading interpretation of the chain of events; but Meshelle’s account is even more misleading.

The truth is, we both kinda came into that relationship with expectations based on previous people we’d been with. She probably should have stayed with Glenn, or one of the guys she was with before Glenn. She loved him more, I’d say.

And possibly I should’ve stayed with Elizabeth, although maybe that relationship would’ve failed too.

Anyway, both of these narratives are kinda true, in a way — Meshelle was raped in the sense that she didn’t get out of the relationship everything that she might have been hoping to get out of it; and she was also using me a green card, in the sense that she was prepared to ditch me and just move on with her American dream if I didn’t go along with the changed game plan she had in mind, for after she got here (in which, contrary to the expectations she’d cultivated in me before I bought her plane ticket, I was going to have to be the main breadwinner).

BuiQuang writes, “You both used each other and you lost.” I was at least open and upfront, though, about my intentions and limitations; Meshelle wasn’t really the same way, because she was prepared to say whatever needed to be said to come to this country and get her green card. Femoids seem to always have this delusion that they can change men, or maybe they just think, “Well, if I can’t change him, I can dump him and find some other convenient branch to swing to, so I win either way.”

Hey feminists, why are there so many more housewives than househusbands?

If the sexes are equal, then why don’t we see more situations where the wife is bringing home the bacon while the husband stays home with the kids? Why is the opposite much more common?

Why don’t women have to betabuxx? Why is it an option for them to get sex without having to work?

That’s what I would ask BuiQuang — are you an antifeminist? Because a consistent feminist would say there’s nothing wrong with a man staying home and being a househusband while the wife works.

Why is it okay for Meshelle to hold a false rape accusation over my head to get me to sign off on a divorce?

BuiQuang wrote:

You both used each other and you lost.  Too bad, so sad for you.  Obviously, you the victim.   You did not plan to hold green card over her head to gain control.  You the good guy.

Why is it bad for me to do that, but okay for Meshelle to use a false rape accusation to get me to sign off on a divorce? How is that not some form of abusive coercion, the only difference being that she’s using the system to do it? He also writes:

Why should anyone feel sorry for you?  You didn’t get enough warnings not to marry?

Come to think of it, I think people also warned Meshelle not to marry me. Didn’t the consular officer bring up some concerns, and also people on Facebook told her to dump me, before she even got to the U.S.? More importantly, didn’t I warn her about the effect of the felony on my potential job opportunities? She said she didn’t care, though; that it wasn’t a dealbreaker for her.

Yet nobody tells her that any of the outcomes of this marriage were her fault. It’s kinda like the situation with Richard Spencer — a Redditor took issue with his wife’s decision to marry him, knowing he was a white nationalist; and people accused him of victim-blaming.