I wish I had an excuse to live

I don’t actually want to die, but I don’t have an excuse to live, so I have no choice but to follow this path.

If I were to be rescued, I would be momentarily happy, and then soon enough end up miserable again and back on the same path to death.

8 thoughts on “I wish I had an excuse to live

  1. Yeah, I think I’m done with that. I wouldn’t even have my mom’s moral support the next time around. It’s just hard to go forward with a Virginia election campaign without support from any people who live in Virginia.


  2. Maybe, but did they know you stood for such-and-such? If they knew then at least you have unofficial support, you just have to encourage people to want to be outed as rapist and pedophile supporters.


  3. Well if they only knew you were libertarian then yeah, maybe they don’t agree. Though, to me, it does logically make sense that a libertarian has to be pro-pedophile and pro-rape or at least, in so far as our current cultural understanding of pedophilia and rape extends. For me, I think libertarianism is the desire to maximise individual freedom. Or perhaps it is just increasing individual freedom above and beyond what is currently allowed. Most libertarians probably take a view to impose limits, like prohibiting murder, but exactly where that limit is may vary. A lot of the time libertarians only care about liberalising laws that they care about liberalising, for other laws that they don’t really care about they’re happy to accept the status quo because it makes their lives easy.

    Actually, I think a fundamental problem of the libertarian movement has probably been that it has too much emphasis on rights and not enough on responsibility. Authoritarian movements tend to apportion blame like they’ll say “the problem is the white males harassing the women” or “the problem is the drug dealers, peddling their drugs”. Libertarians sometimes blame the police, but they also don’t tend to argue for totally abolishing the police. So they kind of end up reaching their net rather wide, and aren’t entirely serious about it, especially given that, to enforce their idea of blaming the police, they’ll need the police, so…


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