This is more suicidefuel right here

SoyUnPerdedor writes:

Also @Ryo_Hazuki dont forget those fags that come here for the sole purpose of shilling whatever political ideology they have and don’t care about inceldom, sort of like @Leucosticte

I can’t respond because I’m banned from the forum. Look at this list of my threads. Does that seem like the contribution history of a guy who doesn’t care about inceldom? But they’ll talk that kind of shit about me, just because they don’t think I’m one of their own.

Fuck this world, man. Anyway, my suicide supplies are out for delivery today, so my mission is going down soon. Hopefully I succeed.

I fuckin’ hate how incels treated me in the end, after all I tried to do for them. They seem to be basically opposed to the idea of a guy running on any incel-friendly platform and viewing their community as a base of potential supporters to reach out to. I look at that kind of political behavior as coalition-building, but they regard it with suspicion and reject it.

3 thoughts on “This is more suicidefuel right here

  1. Soyunperdedor is ethnically somali, so, as a nonwhite, he naturally doesn’t have sympathies for people like you. But don’t let his opinion represent the whole incel block, I still love you despite my fiasco as a mod/admin on your sites, please don’t die and please notice me, senpai.


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