6 thoughts on “Make sure you set up Google Alerts for “Nathan Larson”, “Nathan D. Larson”, “Nathan Daniel Larson”, etc.

  1. Would be nice if Jewish professors used their IQ to cure diseases instead of “curing” racism.

    C’mon, just because I don’t blame Jews for all bad things ever, doesn’t mean that I can’t play the self-hating Jew role. Recall that I denied the holocaust — for shock value, of course — while fschmidt affirmed it. You’re not gonna meet a more red-pilled Jew than me in the entire world and you know it. So your banhammer-preferences are quite arbitrary.



  2. Not any more than Jim has been jewing up his own blog for almost two decades, without even being Jewish himself. I’m not sure if you deliberately mischaracterize people’s positions or actually read “between the lines” things that aren’t actually there (due to autism); be that as it may, I never intended to shift blame from Jews to whites regarding things that Jews have actually done. And, I mean, you consider the Slavocide committed by Jews to be a positive thing, so there’s that; by the way, why do you hate the Russians so much?


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