So I was just contemplating this game

So what do you think of my strategy? I’m the red guys. I decided not to conquer Londinium since I figured, if I established a command, that might turn me into a target as people tried to break it up. But now I’m thinking, maybe what I should’ve done was establish it, and then just put like 6 or 9 or maybe 13 armies in Britannia Inferior or Britannia Superior so that people wouldn’t want to risk getting hit with the counterattack.

I just got all caught up in the turtling strategy of trying to seem as non-threatening as possible, to survive. Also, I’ve been hoarding my reserves. So, what do you think are the odds that I even survive to my next turn?

What I’m thinking I’ll do on my next turn, if I get a next turn, is go ahead and conquer Durocortorum, since that’s looking pretty weak. But I may need to just go ahead and focus on attacking whoever’s strongest, or whoever seems like they can be easily eliminated.

Right now, the Spaniards, Orientals, and Greeks have pretty good strongholds going on. The rest of the board is pretty unorganized, although it wouldn’t surprise me if blue retook Asia Minor, given how much they have invested in it. Their logistics kinda suck for that, though, since their main priority seems to have been fending off black. Anyway, if that happens, what I may end up doing is launching an assault on Crete and then going for Ephosus.

UPDATE: Shit just went sideways.

Protip: don’t ask your kids if they want to have sex with you

Ask them if they’d be “willing” to have sex with you.

One of the first words Stokoe came across that seemed to have a magical effect on people was “willing”. “It started with looking at mediation telephone calls,” she explains – that is, calls to or from a mediation centre, where the aim was to persuade people to engage with mediation to resolve their conflicts. “When they’re in a dispute, people usually want a lawyer or the police. They don’t really want mediation, so they’re quite resistant.”

Stokoe found that people who had already responded negatively when asked if they would like to attend mediation seemed to change their minds when the mediator used the phrase, “Would you be willing to come for a meeting?” “As soon as the word ‘willing’ was uttered, people would say: ‘Oh, yes, definitely’ – they would actually interrupt the sentence to agree.” Stokoe found it had the same effect in different settings: with business-to-business cold callers; with doctors trying to persuade people to go to a weight-loss class. She also looked at phrases such as “Would you like to” and “Would you be interested in”. “Sometimes they worked, but ‘willing’ was the one that got people to agree more rapidly and with more enthusiasm.”

What to say Deploy it when you’ve already been met with some resistance: “I know it’s not your first choice, but would you be willing to meet on Friday?”

So it looks like Sean Windingland decided to commit civil disobedience

Aka, he pretty much openly defied the state. But I wonder if the kids can or will testify against him; otherwise, what corroboration is there for his confession?

By the way, this guy used to be one of my Facebook friends back in the day, when we were talking about creating a social wiki. Apparently, he eventually decided Steemit was what he was looking for. Anyway, here’s the story:

St. Paul man accused of sexually assaulting 6-year-old relatives and posting videos online

A St. Paul man was posting inappropriate videos on social media sites — primarily Facebook — discussing sexual conduct he’d reportedly had with two six-year-old relatives, the tipsters told officers, according to authorities.

On Monday, Sean Windingland was charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct involving the minors, according to the criminal complaint filed in Ramsey County District Court.

Sean Windingland

The 29-year-old was interviewed by investigators last week and admitted to both engaging in sexual conduct with the children and posting videos discussing his interactions with them online, the complaint said.

He also allegedly admitted to sharing naked images of the girls with “pedophiles” on the Internet.

He defended his behavior, telling officers he didn’t view it as wrong because the 6-year-olds consented to it, charges say.

He added that he recently started worrying about the impact the conduct could have on the girls’ future relationships, according to the complaint.

Windingland, who has no criminal history in Minnesota, was scheduled to make his first appearance on the charges Monday afternoon.

No attorney was listed for him in court records.

Most of the alleged conduct took place between January and March at Windingland’s parents St. Paul home, charges say.

I remember when he was talking about no longer being with the mother of his kids, I was surprised that he was able to have any contact with them at all. But he writes:

We’re semi-separated, and whenever I go over there, we can’t not have sex. We like each other too much. She practically “rapes” me. But this isn’t about sex, it’s about touching myself to her, whether that be in regard to us talking, or looking at pictures of her.

Okay, so I wonder how that situation turned out. Usually these separations or semi-separations only last a limited amount of time before the chick moves on to a new dude. Anyway, as Anglin pointed out:

He actually could have just asked for a lawyer and said it was all a joke, instead he admitted to posting child porn on the darkweb and molesting the girls.

Yeah, but then it wouldn’t have been civil disobedience. For it to be civil disobedience, you have to be open about it.


“Online forums tend to work like cults, a tightly controlled environment where people get banned for getting too close to the truth.”

I was toying with the idea earlier that maybe holocaust21 would be a good person to collaborate with on a web forum. Then I realized, it would probably end up like my attempts to ally with Mainländer in creating a JBpill site and administering a Blackpill site. The users want a cult leader, but these guys are more suited to, basically, blogging.

It’s usually the worst element that ends up running web forums, because the users demand it. They won’t hang out anyplace that has decent moderation.

holocaust21 is like the only male sexualist I haven’t started a beef with yet

I’m just waiting for him to say something provocative, but I think he’s just too nice of a guy to do that, so I’m stuck just focusing on caamib and Tom Grauer, even though that gets boring after awhile and I crave more variety.

By the way, I think your assessment of where MGTOW stands is overly optimistic; their approach has always been to say, “Women should be sanctioned just as harshly as men for their pedo stuff.” Even the incel movement ended up cracking down on the pedocels, although that was probably because they felt pressured from the outside. Either way, it was sad to see.

It’s over for us. I don’t even know why Tom bothers to say, “You’re not really suicidal”; even if I’m not, I should be, based on the circumstances in which we find ourselves.