3 thoughts on “Guess it’s time to start using Dissenter

  1. Damn I had that idea myself but never thought it would go anywhere and was too lazy to implement it…

    I wonder if the idea will take off. And if it does take off I wonder if it will end up being censored anyway? I’m not sure I’m hugely keen on Gab’s Andrew Torba. He banned lolicon on his platform and as part of launching dissenter he held Tommy Robinson up as an example of why we should all flock to it. Yet Tommy Robinson was outside a “grooming” trial protesting for tougher punishments and is no friend of sex offenders (though it wouldn’t surprise me if he was one himself). So the question remains: Will sex offenders or their sympathisers be allowed to express themselves freely?


  2. But now Andrew Torba has done it… No one would be bothered to change to our plugin. They will just say “we can use dissenter” to which we will say “but the pedophiles aren’t allowed on dissenter” and they will say “Good. electric chair for pedophiles!”. And we’ll be back to where we were on free speech in 2008, when everyone had free speech except the pedophiles. It’s like you need critical mass, and if only the pedophiles are excluded from the mainstream you don’t seem to get that. I don’t really understand why so few people think they are pedophiles though as I would have thought most men would want to fuck a 15yo… But this just seems to be the way it is in our century, and it’s rather hard to make men become “woke”.


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