So why are you trying to hang onto Einat, anyway, Tom

Is it because you just don’t like to let go of your sexual property? Okay, I get that.

But Tom, if you’re really serious about asserting your ownership claim to what’s yours, you need to just fuckin’ rape her, to put her in her place. And not just in one hole, but in all three holes, just to make sure she gets the message. In fact, you need to do to her everything on this list (with the exception of banning her from; you don’t need to worry about that, because I’ll take care of that, if she ever joins).

Now you may be wondering, “How am I supposed to rape her?” It’s not my job to figure that out, Tom! I’m just here to give permission to rape her, and provide moral support. As men, we decide who gets to rape which women, and so I’ve already done my part by affirming, “Yes, she is allocated to you, to be your rape-slave; that has not been negated or abrogated by anything that has transpired.”

Recognizing the existence of your rights is something I can do; but the actual exercise of your rights is your responsibility. But I guess if you insist, I can help hold her down while you tie her up. Even if we’re racial enemies, the foid is still the common enemy, who must be subjugated.

Nah, on second thought, Jews fucked up relations between white men and women, so now Jews can deal with their own fucked up relations between the sexes.

3 thoughts on “So why are you trying to hang onto Einat, anyway, Tom

  1. She never refused me sex, and agreed to all my fetishes (I urinated inside her pussy and ass, for instance). Also she has a kind personality, as do all roasted chubsters. Man I miss her cunt…


  2. Btw, on the internet she has always identified as Einat Levine, not Grauer, even post-marriage.

    Seriously, it will be amusing if you write a post about Einat Levine, so that when she googles her name, she’ll find out that someone out there has “interesting” things to say about her.


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