Hey Tom, where’s your blog these days?

You know I have a whole slew of incel sites these days, right? Actually, I provide the server, and site leaders run them:

12 thoughts on “Hey Tom, where’s your blog these days?

  1. I don’t have a blog of my own now, but the core principles of Male Sexualism are now Reaction 101 on Jim’s blog. (Arguably they always have been, but now they’re explicitly so) I may create another blog, but not sure; Daily Antifeminist was me — having experienced what can only be described as a “spiritual crisis” — saying all those things that I could not say inside Jim’s blog because it was full of Blue Knights. Now that Blue Knightism has been pretty much eradicated there, I no longer need my own platform. But, just in case, maybe I will create one.

    I don’t think that we should emphasize the supremacy of jailbaits. I think that all men are attracted to fertile females, from age 10 to age 55, and especially those with perky secondary sexual characteristics aka curves, from age 12 to age 30; and there is no strategic sense in emphasizing the attractiveness of 12-year-olds versus 22-year-olds. It is better to say, “Yes, 22-year-olds are more attractive than 12-year-olds, but all men are attracted to 12-year-olds,” and to add that women themselves become horny at ages 8 o 9, which is what Jim has been doing. When you insist on your own idiosyncratic preferences, that drives off those who don’t share them, leading you nowhere. It’s better to agree with the mainstream view that older women (18-25) are often hotter than younger ones (12-17), while still maintaining the position that young women are attractive too, and themselves are super-horny from before puberty.

    That seems to be the winning formula.


  2. It completely disarms the Blue Knights when you agree that 22-year-olds are hotter than 12-year-olds. You just need to add: if she has reached menarche, has budding boobs, some hair on her pussy, a nice waist-to-hip ratio (good hips), round ass, and so on and so forth, all of which girls develop between 11 and 14, then the girl will, invariably, find healthy heterosexual men to screw her. A girl with boobs, even small boobs, and some curvature around the hips, will always score.

    You can then point out that Stalin was an Apex-Chad and he fucked a 13-year-old.

    Having explained all that, it needs to be understood that girls have volcanic sex drives since age 8, which is what Jim has been saying. Point out that there is CP of 8-year-old girls fucking their dogs, also bring up Nancy Friday’s books. Do everything Jim and I have done, and you’ll succeed in convincing lots of high IQ men to support the “legalization of rape, pedophilia, and child prostitution.” Check out the last 5 threads on Jim’s blog, look at the posts written by me (“jewish pedophile”). You can see the triumph of Male Sexualism and Patriarchism over their detractors.


  3. I wouldn’t mind running a forum on the server, but you would probably object to its worldview; for example, while I do strongly and passionately agree that lots of kikes need to be gassed inside fake (non-existent) wooden gas chambers cleverly-disguised as shower rooms, I am still going to blame Leftism primarily on Anglo ideologies from the 19th century and not on Jewish ideologies from the 20th century. I do so knowing that pretty much the entirety of NRx shares that view, even though the alt-right does not. Don’t get me wrong; I still maintain that Anglos, and Germanic whites in general, are superior to Ashkenazim (and superior to East Asians, too), but come on – Feminism, especially in its pedohysterical aspects, has its origins in the Anglosphere, not the shtetl. There should be a holocaust against the Jews not because the Jews invented Feminism — they didn’t — but because they did not work hard enough to destroy Feminism. Also for other reasons, such as the Jews’ race-denialism and so on.

    Feminism is of European origin – deal with it. Notice that people obsessed with Jews almost always are White Knights and Blue Knights, arguing that “Jews are the real misogynists” and that “only white men respect wymyn” and so on. (BASED Anglin is the exception to the rule) Yeah, well, it’s true: Semites are the real misogynists, and there’s nothing wrong with that! But Aryans are the sole creators of civilization, so, there’s that. Thus I suggest that instead of having to choose between Jew-misogyny and Aryan-civilization, they need to be combined; and I, as an oven-dodger with some mystery meat origins from my maternal grandfather, am the man to combine these two forces.


  4. We don’t really have a lot to lose. Either you run it, or nobody runs it, because we don’t have any other volunteers who want to take on that job. I hope you’re good at finding jailbait pics to post, because that’s probably what we need to jumpstart the site’s activity.


  5. You can find them all here:


    Not to come out as too strong a zio-kike-shill, but one of the best things about Israel is that I have been bragging about indulging in Cheese Pizza for almost a year now, and implicitly suggesting that for at least two years, and the Israeli police doesn’t even bother to check whether or not my claim is true.


  6. I dunno if it is specific to Israel. They are still pretty paedohysterical AFAIK. It might just be no one reported you and/or they don’t have sufficient evidence to convict. If they raid you, and they fail to find sufficient evidence, then you’re obviously the sort of person who is going to cause them an embarrassment. Your average copper just wants to collect his paycheck and go home, your ambitious copper wants to build his little empire. And he does that by going after easy targets which doesn’t include political dissidents with dangerous ideas that might expose the police for what they are… The ones who really want to take down political dissidents are probably the SJW true believers.


  7. Yes, cucked Israel has lots of pedohysteria, rapehysteria, etc., but the police is staggeringly low IQ and incompetent in many cases, which is excellent. When that vile rotten cunt, Aliza Levine, the mother of my soon-to-be-ex-wife Einat Levine, filed her complaint against me, the local police department’s computer was disabled, so apparently they did not even bother to type down the complaint, lol! But yes, you are also correct in that they don’t want to deal with people like me.

    Truth be told, I have absolutely no CP on my devices and do not spread CP, but I have visited some websites, evidently – if the police really wanted me in, they could probably check that out. So they probably just don’t think it’s worth it; my mouth is too big, and at any rate I only brag about having watched CP, not possessing/distributing it. Or maybe the police doesn’t even know about me, other that aforementioned complaint. But we’ll see – I don’t mind baiting the police into coming right here.


  8. One of my lawyers has represented a guy who downloaded 20,000 CP files; he walked scot free, has not been even one single day behind bars (which itself is not the worst thing ever, though it’s not a nice experience). So as far as I’m concerned, I have nothing to worry about even if the police raid my mom’s apartment.


  9. Well, they can always say “aha! you admitted it clear as day!” but you can then say, “ah, but I am a massive troll and so I was lying”. They might then say “ah, but we don’t believe that” but you can then even prove that you were lying by pointing out that you stated that CP is all teens who just LOVE to be fucked which is clearly not CP as CP – according to the police own statements is “horrific images of babies being RAPED and KILLED on camera!” therefore, you can’t have seen CP because if you had then you would have known how horrific it is. As they say in maths class: Proof by contradiction! Case closed.

    Mind you… Didn’t your prime minister get locked up for rape? Which is like… Dude wtf. Even US presidents haven’t been locked up for rape, and both Clinton and Bush have been accused of rape.


  10. They locked former-president Moshe Katzav for “rape,” yes. It was clear to everyone with eyes to see that he did nothing wrong, but the Feminist lobby flexed all its muscles, and the judges are all cucks and cunts, so they caved in. Plus the rape legislation here is insane.

    I was (still technically am) married to a woman 20 years my senior, so nobody will think that I’m a “real pedo.” Of course, it can be argued that this marriage is a sham designed to give a useful distraction story to cover up my pedophile activism, but a) that’s not actually true; b) there is no way to prove such a thing anyway. Heh, my entire life feels like one great troll sometimes.


  11. I read he started attacking all the media when they were trying to lock him up for rape. That strategy seems to work for Trump but not for him, how come? Do you think he should have done something better? Maybe he should have declared himself an MRA?

    Also according to my calculations from Wikipedia he has now been released from prison and I think his parole conditions may have lapsed. His parole conditions were insane, he was even banned from speaking to the media. And Israel calls itself a free society? WTF.

    Anyway, you should go ask him out to lunch, he can’t be that busy these days. Having lunch with a former president convicted of rape is a once in a lifetime experience!


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