To some extent, I’m ready to embrace feminism now, at least with regard to Meshelle

People gave me a hard time, saying, it was my role to provide a better life for Meshelle, so she could stay home and have babies while I worked. But the fact is, she waited so long before making a serious attempt to have kids that she became infertile anyway. And she didn’t like sitting around the house doing nothing, so she wanted to enter the workforce.

The only thing is, women like to trade sex for money, in addition to whatever other work they do. So she’s now going to be able to do that. She wasn’t a virgin when she met me, so she didn’t really lose a lot of value by having sex with me. By coming to the U.S., she actually gained access to a lot of potential providers, compared to what was available in the Philippines.

So I actually did leave her better off. The only thing is, she didn’t need me once she had the green card, so at that point she dumped me, and used a false rape accusation to coerce me to sign off on the divorce papers. And the police went along with that, because they wanted her to expeditiously have that outcome that she was looking for, viz., cutting all ties with me and making that clean break and moving on.

She can take care of herself; she always has. I chose her for her ability to be self-sufficient. But my situation is a good example of what happens when you think you can get with a strong, independent woman and reverse the sex roles, and live as a househusband the way that a woman would be able to live as a housewife. It doesn’t work, except maybe if you’re Chad, because of the laws of supply and demand. Chads are higher than women, but women are higher than betas, in the socio-sexual hierarchy, and you ignore that at your own peril.

So that’s all there is to it. I don’t have to be subject to two sets of standards (both feminist and patriarchist); I can win by being subject only to the feminist set, aside from the fact that the feminist system would say that I’m guilty of rape because I was accused of rape.

It would’ve been better if the system hadn’t done that, but that’s between me and the system, not between me and Meshelle. Theoretically, if I haven’t done the time, then I shouldn’t have to do the crime, and thus I shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences of being under a cloud of suspicion if I didn’t actually rape her. I didn’t actually do anything wrong, other than let myself get scammed after some people suggested that maybe our setup wasn’t going to be the most conducive for a successful relationship.

See also my essay on the new penology.

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