“Nothing works,” Arrow’s impossibility theorem, and other blackpilled notions

I was recently reading a piece about Saul Alinsky that said, “Alinsky believed that liberty was to be redefined and rewon by every generation according to its circumstances and the demands of the time.”

Makes sense. It’s just the wheel of history. We get tired of the old system, as its flaws become evident, and implement a new system. Then it turns out this “reform” was a step backward, so we have to get reactionary. I talked about this during my 2017 campaign:

Most of the morals that people strongly believe in are just fads that come and go with the passing of time. The criminal code changes constantly as society revises its opinions on what behavior is acceptable and unacceptable. Progress does not go in a straight line, but rather, new ideas get adopted, and then society decides that it erred and should go back to the old ideas, before it changes its mind once again, and the cycle repeats itself.

As I was saying earlier, penology is the same way. Eventually, as Robert Martinson did, we conclude that nothing works. I was pointing out earlier, “This incel zebra gets rejected by all the females so he decides to go ER on the Chad zebras” and someone noted, “…thus becoming the Chad himself and making the former Chads incels. Nothing except war evens out the sexual marketplace. A little boxing just sifts Chads from incels.”

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