Proposal for a rapecels site

Some people have suggested, “Why don’t you call your forum something other than ‘Rapecels'” but what I want to do is prove that femoids are attracted to rapists by seeing how they flock to this site.

Anyway, we need to raise money for this project, and I’m thinking that like BoyChat, we may need to set up a bureaucracy. We need a bunch of people to have skin in the game.

What I’m proposing is, if you want in, go ahead and donate $100 to buy a share of our stock. This will entitle you to a seat on the Rapecels Board of Molesters, where you can take part in site decision-making.

Just go ahead and send me some paper currency through the mail, if you want to help make this project a reality. I’ve sent currency through the mail many times, including through the international mail, and never had a problem.

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