How did I manage to get trolled so effectively by BuiQuang?

Anglin recently described what trolling is.

“Trolling” is specifically a term which refers to getting under someone’s skin – using emotional and psychological manipulation to get someone to go into an emotional rage or breakdown, and then laughing about it.

I think it was a confluence of factors. First, the environment. It was a forum of white knights and/or purple pilled guys along with feminist chicks (Damara) and a bunch of foids trying to advance the feminine imperative (including the moderator, Ontarkie).

There’s also a norm of political correctness on VisaJourney, which we’ve seen, e.g., in another thread where TBoneTX made their comments about domestic violence.

So anyway, it was inevitable I’d get hit with negative reactions, and that BuiQuang’s trolling would get upvoted, and that there’d be no one defending me. Add to this, of course, that everyone hates cucks. Femoids hate them (although they sometimes find them useful to exploit), the system hates them, and redpillers hate them. So they will attract hatred from everyone.

Cucks’ motives are always called into question. It’s not just that people despise their weakness; people are fundamentally suspicious of the “nice guy” and they will redefine “nice” in such a way as to show that he’s not actually nice. I.e., if he wants or expects anything in exchange for being nice, he’s not nice.

Never mind that the “takers” in society are often allowed to take as much as they want for free, without having to be nice. There’s a hodgepodge of different standards, and it’s arbitrary how different people come to be classed as victims or villains.

The fact, though, that nobody really stands with me in this situation is a sign that it’s over.

Anyway, VisaJourney is a pretty cliquish group. It’s mostly people who have succeeded with their marriages to foreigners. So, that’s why I don’t fit in there. But karma’s gonna come back around and bite them — maybe not in this generation, but the next.

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