There’s no guarantee your relationship will turn out okay, even if you follow everyone’s advice

Let’s suppose you follow everyone’s relationship advice. (Impossible, since people have conflicting advice, but let’s suppose you follow the best advice out there.) And let’s suppose you even do everything that your girlfriend or wife wants you to do. There’s still no guarantee that your relationship will work.

For one thing, doing everything your girlfriend or wife ostensibly wants you to do often is to fail a shit test. For another thing, it’s pretty much acknowledged that betas are getting treated worse than ever these days.

The guys who have relationships that seem to be working (who really knows, though; she could be cheating or whatever, and he could be quietly putting up with getting cucked, for the good of the kids, etc.) are usually those who are in the older generation and have a wife who’s not all that young anymore, which reduces the risk of relationship ruptures because she doesn’t have as many options now. Even the guys who supposedly have working relationships will usually admit that the girl is not all that well-behaved.

A few men will survive the coming holocaust, or holodomor, as the case may be, but it’s probably not going to be the autists. Still, even the non-autists are having more problems than in the past, and there will be more problems yet to come.

One might say, every man would be well-advised to avoid marriage at this point, now that girls have smartphones, but maybe a few will manage somehow to maintain control. Oh, but I thought it was wrong to do that? BuiQuang writes, in “Green card baby outside USA more than 2 years”:

Baby got green card with me in 2015. I went back to Viet Nam to marry and baby got sick. I went back to USA to work. Baby stay with my wife. My wife will interview for visa soon. I will go to Viet Nam so they can come back to US with me. Do I need new visa for our baby?

Can we really say, in the modern era, that a woman of fertile age left alone in a foreign country for two years will stay faithful? What are the odds? Sounds like a good way to end up with this type of situation (including the ending panel).

One thing’s for sure — if a man is unlucky enough to have a relationship that doesn’t work (falls apart, etc.) then society won’t have his back.

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