Why was I not entitled to two years with Meshelle before she went away?

BuiQuang writes:

You both used each other and you lost. Too bad, so sad for you. Obviously, you the victim. You did not plan to hold green card over her head to gain control. You the good guy.

What’s wrong with holding the green card over her head, as a defensive measure to deter her from, e.g., making false rape accusations against me? Why should she not be punished for making false rape accusations?

Also, what’s wrong with having her serve as an indentured servant for two years? A lot of white guys had to serve years as indentured servants before they were allowed to live as free men in this country. Two years is not all that long of an indenture.

And I didn’t even really expect anything of her other than that she put out, which she didn’t mind doing anyway, usually.

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