When I think about the property that was taken, for the most part it was a bunch of trash

E.g., my laptop didn’t have an HDMI port, and my tablet was too big (phablet size would probably be more ideal). Just like my phone is a little too small to want to sit for hours reading a novel on, that tablet was too big. Being the Goldilocks (I even have the blond hair, in sparse amounts) that I am, I need something in the middle.

It’s one of the reasons why initially maybe I didn’t take the legalities of the case more seriously, opting to focus instead on the culture war (much as in my political campaigns, I primarily focused on the culture war, using a run for office and the structure of elections more generally as a venue for education. Although one might argue, if you’re going to do that, you might want to offer a little bit more of a shadow defense. Oh well; it’s just a matter of calibration, then. These campaigns, whether they’re a run for a seat in the legislative branch, or a motion for a remedy to be granted by the judicial branch, are always going to have some imperfections. There’s always going to be stuff that could’ve been done better.

And at this point, I’m kind of used to my property, and my data and my access thereto, being permanently taken away and/or destroyed, anyway.  In 2018, that’s the kind of stuff that happens (not that search and seizure hasn’t been an area where abuses by the police have been going unchecked by the courts for a long time). Fortunately, equipment has become so cheap that it’s easy to replace; unfortunately, the fact that its cheapness makes it available to the masses means it’s also on the cops’ radar screen more.

It’s kind of like how when I think of the loss of Meshelle, I have to acknowledge, she was and is a pile of trash too, for the most part. The foids that are available in the modern mate market, even if they may have started out with potential many years ago, are not of very high quality to the betas and so on to whom they are briefly and/or partially available for purchase (which may be reneged upon by the other party without refund) at exorbitant prices.

Well, anyway. We’re back to looking at life as a collaboration. People can either accept what I have to offer (and what exactly, and how much, that is, can only be determined by giving me, or allowing me to have, a chance); or reject it, e.g. by tying my hands from doing anything.

The way Thoreau looked at it too was that the state was pitiable, although I don’t give them quite so much credit or generosity in that way. I think when he wrote that, it was probably a lot of COPE. One wishes that one could be so detached and let stuff go like that, without feeling upset about it.

I mean, in a way it makes sense — those who have nothing to offer don’t get the pleasure of doing anything meaningful; yet they’re probably able to convince themselves that fucking over other people IS meaningful, or maybe they’re psychopathic enough not to care. It is true, though, that at a society-wide level, these fuck-ups that are allowed to happen are going to come back to haunt said society.

There was something else I was going to write, but I forget what it was. Fuck. Normally I’m able to remember, but I got called away and forgot. I should’ve jotted down a quick note to remind myself.

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