So I’m gonna give this asshole one more chance

whisenant orderJudge Whisenant denied my motion this morning, so I’m gonna wait till next Thanksgiving and then file another motion saying it’s been 14 months since the cops seized my stuff, and they should’ve had enough time to go through it and give my property back. That is of course, assuming I don’t catch a case because of this stuff.

Next year, once the leaves are off the trees, and the Democrats have their trifecta, and people are making their plans to get together for turkey and pumpkin pie, it’ll be time to file that motion.

By that point, I’ll be able to say Meshelle hasn’t been heard from in more than a year, and that she presumably moved on with her life. So I will express to the court that I too want to tie up the last remaining loose end so I can close that chapter of my life as well.

I’m not going to make reference to my previous motion, either. I’ll just pretend like it never existed. The less said about it the better.

So that I remember what was taken, though — there was:

  • Blue HP Stream
  • Grey/silver HP Elitebook 6930p
  • Toshiba laptop
  • iPad
  • Samsung mobile phone
  • iPhone
  • Thumb drive
  • Several SATA hard drives (one Hitachi and several Western Digital drives)

Well anyway, one advantage of this situation is that now I think about Whisenant and the court proceedings more, when I used to think of BuiQuang and the VisaJourney thread more. I kinda figured it would take another incident to push out of my mind that incident.


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