Have you noticed, you don’t see too many sex offenders writing under their real names on the Internet?

The reason is, they usually are under some condition of supervised release calling for restriction and/or monitoring of what they do on the computer.

This is invisible censorship; these people truly are the voiceless because they aren’t given any right to publicly dissent. They might as well grab a gun and shoot up the government, but I guess they figure they have too much to live for outside of prison.

If I were to become a registered sex offender, I wonder what I would do? One thing’s for sure — this is yet another unorganized constituency. They aren’t even really represented by NARSOL, since that group has gotten taken over by femoids and cucks.

4 thoughts on “Have you noticed, you don’t see too many sex offenders writing under their real names on the Internet?

  1. Hmm… Disturbing thought. It’s true though, the USA loves to ban sex offenders from the internet, and just about everything, now that I think about it.

    Did you read Marshall Burns “Riding the Registry” report? http://www.solresearch.org/report/Riding_Registry

    He visited lots of sex offenders and documented what he saw. I don’t think he ever went into detail on all the content as it sounds like he got a lot. However, it’s an interesting read anyway.

    The thing that came to me is the cool thing is because all the names of all the registered sex offenders are public you could visit all your local sex offenders and radicalise them to become patriarchists.


  2. On another note, as to your point about why they don’t just shoot up the government I do wonder that. You say they have too much to live for outside of prison, but what would that be exactly? They can just try to navigate some insane, hateful laws, that almost inevitably means they’ll be recalled to prison at some point and work a low wage job, barely affording enough to eat and having to live somewhere crap.

    It seems to me that shooting up the government might well make sense in that scenario, I guess they would have to steal a gun though, as they won’t get a gun license. Maybe they are just too afraid of death. I often wonder, if less people were afraid of death then would the world be a better place? I mean if less people were afraid of death, they’d be more willing to stand up for themselves, and ironically that would mean less people would be driven to death by insane politically correct bullies because political correctness would lose it’s edge. I don’t think Atheism helps either, as that makes people more afraid of dying. Then again I am not sure things were really much better under Christianity, but perhaps that’s because instead of people being afraid of death, they were afraid of hell, and the PC bullies would tell them “if you get labelled as a sex offender, then you will go to hell!” so they were still frightened to stand up.


  3. I have long been a proponent of recruiting sex offenders to our cause because they’re obviously easy to ideologicalize due to their greatly oppressed status, and their wide variety of backgrounds, and the enemy has provided us with “registration” for selective service recruitment.


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