Pedophilia is a result of nature’s favoring a “when in doubt, fuck her” strategy

The selfish gene regards its extended phenotype (i.e. you), as well as any foids who happen to be around, as just means to the end of replicating itself. The selfish gene ruthlessly objectifies anyone and everyone — not only rape victims, but also you, the rapist.

The selfish gene just really wants you to go ahead and dump your load in a fertile chick. Little wonder, then, that when surveys are taken, so many men say they’d rape a girl if they could get away with it; the selfish gene doesn’t care that she’d prefer Chad, any more than she cares that you, the incel, want to dump a load in her. Neither of you care about the other, so one might say, this is a match made in heaven. It was meant to be!

But not every chick is fertile. There are some chicks who are perhaps kinda old and getting close to menopause. The selfish gene will whisper in your ear, like one of those devils from the cartoons that sits on a man’s shoulder, “Go ahead and fuck that milf. There’s a chance that doing so will cause phenotypes bearing portions of my code to be expelled from her uterus nine months from now, and enter the world to someday produce further replicas.”

It’s entirely possible that this milf might be infertile, and that you will be wasting your load by shooting it into her pussy. The selfish gene doesn’t care that all those pelvic thrusts that were needed to reach orgasm, plus the cow that had to be slaughtered to produce the hamburger from which you acquired the protein needed to produce those sperm, might be in vain. This is a high-reward, low-risk scenario. Maybe this chick’s body will even release oxytocin that will cause her to emotionally bond with you, producing further opportunities to inject semen into her open cervix.

Well, what about pedophilia? As mentioned above, the selfish gene doesn’t give a shit about a girl’s “capacity to consent” or anything like that. It just wants to replicate itself. But there’s a girl who doesn’t yet have fully developed breasts, or pubic hair, or the usual markers of fertility. The selfish gene will say, “Go ahead and fuck her just in case; what’s the downside? You were just going to jack off anyway, so might as well dump that load in her instead. Maybe her womb developed ahead of the rest of her body, and she can actually produce children this early. At any rate, might as well claim her as yours by taking her virginity, and establish a relationship that may someday produce replicas of me.”

One might argue, “Little girls get traumatized by adults having sex with them.” Well, it may be that her selfish gene doesn’t like when non-Chads dump their loads in her, which makes her want to cry out, “Help, I’m being traumatized!” so that someone will rescue her before she gets old enough that the guy who’s fucking her could actually impregnate her. Her selfish gene wants to save her womb for Chad, and pretending like she can’t stand being raped suits that purpose. But in reality, foids have a remarkable ability to adjust to whatever situation they’re forced into, because it was necessary throughout their evolutionary history to please their masters (and, ultimately, those masters’ selfish genes) in order to survive.

The only problem is, when the selfish gene isn’t being satisfied with adequate opportunities to replicate, it starts to get a little cray-cray, and propose desperate measures. It may say stuff like, “You better log into Reddit and virtue-signal on CuckTears, so that maybe some SJW chick will open her legs for you!” This is pure insanity and won’t work, but the selfish gene feels it has nothing to lose.

Whenever a man tells you, “I don’t want you fucking my little girl!” what he really means is, “I don’t think your fucking my little girl would help my selfish gene replicate the way I want it to.” The idea that “pedophilia is wrong” is just a meme which also replicates selfishly, using humans as phenotypes. Perhaps meme power has, by this point, overcome gene power.

One thought on “Pedophilia is a result of nature’s favoring a “when in doubt, fuck her” strategy

  1. You’re a mentally ill man who has no treatment and no job. That’s what happens to you, parasite.

    Seek treatment for your disorders and a supervised job and you could become a human being again.

    You are a defective gene of the human species, everything from you getting up to going to sleep.

    Pray that you never die of success, the day when all the rabble like you become known and we are in danger, we will hunt you like fucking plagues, you and all the rapist, misogynist, supremacist, fascist, reactionary scum of earth.


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