Moderation at, cont’d

Ryo_Hazuki writes:

The user in question made a post offering to exchange CP privately. Was it a joke? I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say sure, it was.

The problem with that post is that it might not look like a joke to someone who might have the power to shut us down. Keep in mind, not too long ago our registrar banned us for offensive speech, which is why we’re .is now and not .me. So as it stands were walking a very fine line. If our host or registrar sees posts like that (even if they were doing it jokingly) that could get this website shut down.

From a legal standpoint, shouldn’t there be a safe harbor that allows mods to say, “We don’t hold posts for moderation before they go live; all we can do is take them down after they’re reported”? But if the webhost or registrar is going beyond the requirements of the law, then they could just as easily ban the site for, e.g., being politically incorrect. Xkcd 1357 and all that. So yeah, free speech is pretty much fucked.

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