It’s over

Sadly, there’s nowhere else for blackpilled guys to go besides the incelosphere

They sure don’t want to hear about the blackpill over at Roosh V Forum, since “The members of this forum believe in a model of abundance” and “Game is about banging a lot of new girls”. The definition of a beta is a guy who doesn’t get to bang a lot of new girls, because he has to find one girl and tell her, “I know I’m not the best-looking guy, and that there’s a lot of hotter men you fucked in the past and maybe could be fucking right now if you wanted. So here’s all my money. I’ve been building a career this whole time just so I could get what Chad got for free back when you were younger, hotter, and tighter. Let’s go ahead and start a family, and you can frivorce-rape me later if you want, but at least I won’t be a virgin anymore.”

RVFers will never admit the situation is as bad as all that, and incels will say, “AT LEAST YOU GOT TO BETABUXX FOR A ROASTIE! IT’S MORE THAN I EVER GOT TO HAVE! FAKECELS OUT!” (I didn’t really betabuxx for August, but I did put more on the line for that relationship than previous guys did, e.g. by marrying her and thereby rendering myself vulnerable to accusations of marital rape.)

Really, for a beta, a sexual history is becoming more and more like a criminal history. The last two girls I’ve been with have accused me of rape. That’s why I call myself a rapecel. Society at this point is not going to allow me to have sex without giving me a hard time for it. (I could get an escort, but even that is technically illegal, plus I can’t afford it and wouldn’t want it anyway.)

Basically I’m not even welcome in my own physical community (Catlett, Virginia) unless I remain abstinent. The local cops will harass me and take my property as “evidence”. At the same time, though, I’m also not really allowed on incel boards because of my sexual history, which is kinda similar to how I’m not allowed in the workplace because of my criminal history.

So the cops, and incels, are really on the same side, when it comes to giving me a hard time for sleeping with these past two girls. And actually, RVFers are the same way, because they say that the fact I married a prostitute shows I lacked game. And VisaJourneyers are the same way, because they say I should’ve known better than to have married Meshelle when I didn’t have better financial stability and enough resources to move out of my parents’ place.

So actually pretty much everyone is saying that I should’ve stayed celibate. But, even if I had stayed celibate, I still wouldn’t have been welcome at either RVF or in the incelosphere, because RVFers think you’re uncool if you don’t cold approach girls, and incels think that even if you’re a virgin, you’re a fakecel if you’re a decent-looking guy who COULD ascend if he wanted to (e.g. if he had enough betabuxx, which theoretically any guy can obtain).

So yeah, it looks like I’m in a bind no matter which way I turn. There’s gonna be haters no matter what I do. Femoids call me a rapist too, but if I had stayed celibate, then they would’ve mocked me as a virgin, because they love to do that. It’s the one thing they can hold over men’s heads — “unless we say yes, you get no pussy, and you’re viewed as a loser by society.”

Even supposedly “redpilled” guys participate in giving femoids that kind of power over men, by joining in calling men losers if they won’t do what’s necessary to “attract girls” (which increasingly involves being good-looking, although redpillers don’t seem to be acknowledging that much yet, because it would be “game denialism” to admit that girls don’t want ugly guys, when they have as much money as they need to survive and access to plenty of more attractive sexual options via Tinder).

It’s a shitty situation, and unfortunately, I’m once again between communities. (At the time of my RVF ban, I was still involved at BoyChat; but I didn’t fit in there either because I’m not a boylover, so my eventual departure from that community was inevitable too.) I don’t really count Discord servers as communities, because they’re not public, they don’t have the same features as forums for keeping separate discussions organized as threads, and everything is about one-liners rather than essay-length posts. If you’re not around when a discussion happens, then you miss it, because discussion moves on to other topics.

So yeah, it’s over.

I really hate virgin-shaming

Femoids have an advantage, in that they can always get dick. They might not have a man who will commit to them, but they can always get fucked by some man or another who’s above their looksmatch, and reproduce. E.g., a 2/10 girl can probably find a 5/10 guy, or maybe even higher, to fuck her, because sperm is that cheap.

Guys, on the other hand, have the disadvantage that girls are pickier, so that means it’s possible to be stuck being a virgin. But it’s not the virginity itself that’s the worst part. It’s the low status that comes along with having that designation.

Because girls will do a lot of virgin-shaming. It’s the sharpest knife in their arsenal for putting a guy down, because that’s really all that girls have at their disposal for hurting guys — denying access to their holes, and the status that comes from having that access. (Anything else in this world, a man can get by his own ability, or from other men by trade, or gift, or whatever; but heterosexual sex, he can only get from women.)

Men, too, will virgin-shame; so that means women automatically have power to affect where men will be in the hierarchy of men. Men like to banter and brag about their sexual conquests, so any guy who’s hanging around who hasn’t had such conquests will feel uneasy and left out. Maybe they’ll reassure him, “Don’t worry, you’ll get a piece someday.” He still will feel left out, and maybe even tormented, while they’re having those convos about what they get to enjoy, that he can’t have.

However, we’re now at a point where non-virgins get persecuted too, unless they’re Chad. So really, it’s just a shitty time to be a non-Chad.

SergeantIncel just didn’t have the courage of his convictions

So the rules say:

Incel (Allowed): Person who is not in a relationship nor has had sex in a significant amount of time, despite numerous attempts.
Blackpilled (Conditional): Person who believes in / wants to learn about the Blackpill.

We all know that “incel” is actually interpreted by the users as meaning “virgin”. If you’re not a virgin, they consider you fakecel.

Also, “conditional” means “you’re half-welcome to be here.” Not fully welcome. It’s kinda like Meshelle’s status as a conditional resident in the U.S. She doesn’t have the same privileges as citizens; e.g. if she commits a felony, she won’t just go to jail; she’ll be kicked out of the country. That means she’s only half-welcome in this country, because her status is not of the same class as that of a citizen.

Same deal at As a non-virgin, I probably get treated shittier than if I were a virgin. We know there’s at least one mod there who wants to get rid of fakecels (which, in his view, includes mentalcels), and my heaviest warnings have come from him (he’s the reason I’m at 70% right now).

SergeantIncel could post an announcement, “Hey guys, you need to stop persecuting non-virgins” but he’ll never say that. There would be too much pushback, and there would be massive civil disobedience. Users would continue grumbling and looking for ways to make non-virgins feel unwelcome.

One thought on “It’s over

  1. I don’t agree with everything that you have to say, but I just want to say that I am glad that someone is saying it. Most women deserve to be raped because they won’t do the right thing and fuck men and enjoy it unless they’re forced into it. Somebody needs to say so, and I’m glad that you are saying it.


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