The new penology

There’s an excellent and much-cited article, “The New Penology,” which I think is worth a read. The old approach was retribution, i.e. holding the defendant accountable for wrong he had committed. Then they switched to rehabilitation, which meant saying, “He doesn’t have free will, so he’s not really responsible for his actions; but we can influence his future actions by putting him through a rehabilitative program.”

Then in the mid-1970s, that theory got discredited, and we switched over to the current McDonaldized model, which is based on incapacitation. I.e., put members of the population into risk groups and restrict the liberty of those who are deemed high-risk.

That was the philosophy behind taking away custody of Piper from me. A retributionist policy would’ve said, “He hasn’t done anything to her yet, so his freedom to be with her should not be restricted.” A rehabilitative policy would’ve said, “Let’s get him into a program to try to enable him to be with her without harming her.” But the current, incapacitationist philosophy says, “Since he’s been assessed as posing a risk to her (by virtue of being placed into the risk group known as “men diagnosed with pedophilia and autism”), let’s take away his ability to harm her by restricting his liberty.”

(At the same time, making my intentions known in a way helped protect me, because now that I’ve been incapacitated through loss of custody, I can’t actually immediately follow through on anything like what I had planned, that would land me in prison for a long time.)

So that is what happened. Incapacitationism has its merits, but also its flaws, most notably that if you’re someone who dindu nuffin, or who committed some very petty offense, you can still have quite a lot of freedom taken away from you on the basis of fears that you’ll commit crimes in the future. This is Minority Report stuff. Most mainstream modern criminologists would probably support a Minority Report-type system, if they could be sure that the predictions of future crime were reliable.

Incapacitationism tends to be opposed by, e.g., blacks, because they’re in a class of people that’s considered at high risk of committing crimes and therefore they’re liable to get treated harshly by the system. It’s the same way with pedophiles and many other groups. People are losing their kids left and right, or getting lengthier sentences, or more restrictive conditions of probation, because a psychologist diagnosed them with a certain disorder and said, “Therefore, they’re at elevated risk of committing a crime.” The philosophy of incapacitation creates a lot of scope for net-widening.

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2018-05-03 17:38:52 [Blackpill] The agepill is the toughest pill to swallow
2018-05-04 11:00:30 [Experiment] How do you deal with dreaming of having sex/GF?
2018-05-04 13:51:03 [Serious] Do manlets seriously consider this shit?
2018-05-05 10:19:13 [Experiment] Would you have sex with an average 5/10 female if it only consisted of you getting fucked with a strapon by her?
2018-05-05 13:13:59 [Blackpill] Having IRL friends is extremely overrated if you’re an incel
2018-05-05 20:08:33 Let’s settle which one of these is worse.
2018-05-06 09:29:42 [Venting] Typical weekend day in Brazil
2018-05-06 19:37:06 [LifeFuel] At least one femoid loves me
2018-05-06 21:05:31 [RageFuel] The smarter you are, the more women hate you
2018-05-06 21:36:07 [JFL] I spent an evening on an incel forum. This is what I learnt.
2018-05-07 12:01:09 [SuicideFuel] Deepthroat is the most blackpilled fetish ever
2018-05-07 21:46:43 [LifeFuel] Being a manlet has its advantages
2018-05-08 03:02:26 [SuicideFuel] That’s how much femoids care about us and try to comprehend us: 0
2018-05-09 00:26:04 What’s up with my stars?
2018-05-09 14:22:03 [Venting] About power, life and love
2018-05-10 07:36:54 [Serious] I just dreamed I was a high school Chad and fucked two RIDICULOUSLY HOT Brazilian teen celebrities (KILL ME NOW)
2018-05-10 20:20:56 [LifeFuel] Have you considered…
2018-05-12 00:45:27 [SuicideFuel] Chadlite friend from old PUA times actually convinced me to go out with him tonight
2018-05-13 11:28:46 [Serious] Chads and the elites are the only victors in the current paradigm and every man who supports it without belonging to these groups is a cuck
2018-05-13 19:59:29 [Experiment] What’s your opinion on Hitler/National Socialism?
2018-05-14 13:22:05 Let’s prove sexual harassment is not a big deal according to the feminist’s own egalitarian standards
2018-05-21 12:24:50 [Blackpill] Retarded people are the proof AoC is bullshit and looks matter more than anything else in life.
2018-05-22 14:24:49 [Experiment] If you could have lived in any time and place, which would you choose?
2018-05-22 18:33:14 [Blackpill] Daily reminder that “consent” is the biggest form of prejudice ever
2018-05-22 22:27:52 [News] “The Most Notorious Misogynist in Brazil Is Behind Bars, Again”
2018-05-23 00:20:08 [JFL] I wish I could believe in Reptilians
2018-05-23 13:47:00 [RageFuel] Cucktears doesn’t know the difference between recognizing someone is unattractive and rejecting them
2018-05-23 16:22:36 Anti-nazism being so popular among women is the proof of how hypocritical and susceptible to social conformism women are
2018-05-23 18:17:55 [Experiment] What should be the age of consent in your opinion?
2018-05-24 21:33:24 [SuicideFuel] My 17yo cousin just told me girl on boy rimming is a standard sexual practice among teenagers nowadays
2018-05-25 11:29:29 [Blackpill] DB/DBZ is blackpilled AF
2018-05-25 12:07:12 [Experiment] [Truecels]If you could be magically lifted to a normie looks tier , would you put in the effort to ascend?
2018-05-25 15:41:28 [JFL] “Homosexuality is natural because animals are also gay” cucks BTFO
2018-05-25 16:55:44 [It’s Over] My own father just sent me this
2018-05-25 19:04:21 [Serious] Only CUCKS deserve death
2018-05-25 20:11:01 [LifeFuel] Best channel on Youtube
2018-05-26 06:31:30 [Experiment] The Whiteknight Dilemma
2018-05-26 09:34:41 I think ogre theory has some truth to it but you have to be really big, ~6 feet= cutoff for manlet nowadays
2018-05-26 12:07:44 [RageFuel] Women won’t even show you their boobs as sexual charity
2018-05-26 13:55:46 [Experiment] Genetic recombination/luck thread
2018-05-26 16:21:26 Post your customized waifu
2018-05-27 12:49:55 [Hypocrisy] Tell me ONE difference between Islam and the typical incel mainstream stereotype
2018-05-27 21:59:35 [LifeFuel] THE best cope ever
2018-05-28 00:31:40 Life as an 8/10 and up male
2018-05-28 01:38:41 [SuicideFuel] Post vids that make you feel sad and subhuman
2018-05-28 11:14:16 [JFL] Heightmogging is hilarious, I can’t see it without laughing after spending so much time here
2018-05-28 23:15:20 [Venting] I came to hate dogs
2018-05-29 10:24:00 [Serious] “Creepy” is way more offensive and cruel than “nigger” or other racial slur
2018-05-29 12:35:30 [Experiment] Why do you think even promiscuous women have so little sex compared with what they COULD have?
2018-05-30 06:34:47 [Experiment] How low would you be willing to get to experience intimacy with a hot, virgin young girl?
2018-05-31 15:40:50 [News] Has anyone posted it here yet?
2018-06-01 11:03:45 [Blackpill] Daily reminder that Jewish bogus psychology is behind both women’s sexual liberation and adult men not being allowed access to prime pussy
2018-06-03 16:14:32 [Blackpill] Being NT makes inceldom even worse
2018-06-04 15:47:10 [Experiment] Do you believe in lesbians?
2018-06-04 17:47:15 [JFL] is very likely better looking than cucktears on average
2018-06-05 17:04:57 [Serious] Approaching =/= PUA
2018-06-06 11:41:23 [Experiment] What’s the most cucked country in the world?
2018-06-06 13:47:32 [Experiment] When do women peak in attractiveness?
2018-06-06 19:09:33 Pokémon trainer cels, post your top 3/5/10/20 whatever you want
2018-06-07 00:23:35 [Experiment] What’s your opinion on racemixing?
2018-06-07 12:09:50 [Serious] JBs are objectively superior to old roasties even if you don’t prefer or even like them
2018-06-07 14:32:40 [Blackpill] Widespread racemixing destroyed Brazil’s looks
2018-06-08 07:32:58 [Venting] I want to kiss a cute kv JB so bad
2018-06-08 08:55:41 [Experiment] Do you think a higher proportion of females in comparison to males could help ameliorate inceldom?
2018-06-08 10:11:38 [JFL] Dumb IT cuck doesn’t even read what he writes
2018-06-09 07:02:47 [Blackpill] Adult men with teenage girls is how things were supposed to be
2018-06-11 07:54:17 [Hypocrisy] Women feel entitled to our help but won’t help us
2018-06-11 08:51:38 [Serious] Don’t women suspect there’s something wrong?
2018-06-11 11:03:59 [Blackpill] Proof that racemixing is objectively bad
2018-06-11 14:02:03 [It’s Over] Just a 10 min walk to get some groceries in a third world shithole during winter is enough to see tons of scantily clothed attractive foids
2018-06-11 22:09:16 [Serious] [High IQ] Positive x negative rights and women
2018-06-12 19:14:29 [Venting] My mere presence is enough to make all fertile-aged women look upset and unfriendly 100% of the time
2018-06-12 20:46:31 [Experiment] What is the percentage of men really satisfied with their sexual lives in your opinion?
2018-06-12 22:12:31 [Venting] White, young and natural-bodied prostitutes are NONEXISTENT in Brazil
2018-06-12 22:40:01 [Blackpill] Absolutely DESTROYING the “height > face”, “frame > face” and “just be masculine bro” theories with one single picture
2018-06-13 00:27:08 [RageFuel] My utter slut neighbor having sex with her partner
2018-06-13 10:13:28 [RageFuel] How can cucktears cucks be so fucking dumb?
2018-06-13 11:07:53 [RageFuel] 17yo upper-tier normie cousin complaining about “depression’
2018-06-13 17:38:31 [Experiment] How does/did your most relevant onitis compare to you looks-wise?
2018-06-14 14:41:39 [LifeFuel] Why Islam?
2018-06-14 19:35:52 [Experiment] What do you consider good-looking but not Chad (5-7 range) cels that never seriously tried getting laid?
2018-06-14 23:09:14 Getting bald is worse than the native American genocide
2018-06-15 00:09:03 [JFL] at faggots who don’t agree that women peak as JBs
2018-06-15 10:58:33 [Venting] I’m mogged hard by most people, even here
2018-06-15 12:27:06 [It’s Over] I planned my whole week to go to an escort today but it’s raining strongly
2018-06-15 16:40:11 [Blackpill] Deflowering your prime, good-looking JB crush is the MEANING OF LIFE
2018-06-15 19:30:03 [Experiment] What’s the worst culture that is (nowadays)?
2018-06-16 14:39:29 [Experiment] Which girl would you prefer?
2018-06-16 20:18:19 [LifeFuel] Who’s your favorite keion?
2018-06-16 20:39:15 [LDAR] LARP as your favorite/least favorite type of user
2018-06-17 07:01:15 [Hypocrisy] Why aren’t most women white supremacists/national socialists/eugenics supporters?
2018-06-17 20:11:57 [News] Brazilian man who was somewhat famous on BR internet and a mod in some BR Imageboards just went ER
2018-06-17 21:23:08 [JFL] Responding to a cucktears (alleged) JB
2018-06-18 07:03:33 [News] I’m asking every single female acquaintance for pity breast touching, thoughts?
2018-06-18 13:22:34 [RageFuel] Blue-haired obvious radfems stare at me on the streets
2018-06-18 13:42:54 [Experiment] Women and violence
2018-06-18 15:10:46 [Media] Post artists that wouldn’t make it today due to insufficient looks
2018-06-18 16:30:13 [Venting] Do you often feel overwhelmed by life and incapable to focus on anything productive or meaningful for long periods?
2018-06-19 12:22:51 [NSFW] All promiscuous women should be required by law to feature in periodical “thanksgiving” fuckfests
2018-06-19 22:42:34 [SuicideFuel] “I want the age of consent to be abolished so I can finally get a virgin pure sweet loli gf who’ll love me”
2018-06-20 13:17:38 [Serious] Having IRL friends sucks tbh. I dislike meeting even known people that never did anything wrong to me
2018-06-20 20:22:56 [RageFuel] Brazilian soccer fans that made a silly prank with Russian girl in Russia are being hunted like animals
2018-06-21 15:10:03 [Experiment] Do you have the typical pedophile look?
2018-06-21 22:36:15 [Venting] Most art, poetry, music, etc, only make sense when all people involved are at least somewhat good-looking
2018-06-22 20:39:52 [NSFW] What do you think of women with this type of body?
2018-06-22 23:13:07 [RageFuel] A young, fertile, good-looking German JB being allowed to become a feminist lesbian is the ultimate HOLOCAUST
2018-06-23 16:47:53 [Experiment] How many foids have you approached in your life (ULTIMATE edition).
2018-06-23 22:00:11 [Serious] Blur is an extremely blackpilled band
2018-06-24 12:09:16 [RageFuel] More feminist agenda being pushed by Brazilian journalists in the world cup
2018-06-26 09:11:37 [RageFuel] I’m so sick of sexually active attractive people downplaying the importance of sex
2018-06-26 11:31:53 [Story] I just walked into my room and there was a ~12yo girl sitting on my bed
2018-06-26 16:09:00 Do you think the average woman would rather fuck a randomly selected incel or eat a ball of shit?
2018-06-26 16:32:34 [JFL] Do you care more about going to jail to be ass-raped for years by an AIDS ridden thug than about a little girl’s feelings? Preposterous!
2018-06-26 23:43:47 [Blackpill] Everything a good-looking young woman does is automatically cool or cute
2018-06-27 18:38:49 [Experiment] Do you wish the Axis had won WWII?
2018-06-27 22:50:34 [JFL] At how my cousin treats his JB fuckbuddies.
2018-06-28 12:57:17 [Blackpill] Masculinity/strength= COPE. Darwinism applied to modern dating scene= LOW IQ
2018-06-28 16:08:28 [It’s Over] When is it really, 100% confirmed, forever, over?
2018-06-28 20:00:27 [Serious] I finally decided on the worst mistake society ever made. It wasn’t giving women the vote, ending slut shaming or allowing feminism or racemixing
2018-06-29 17:32:12 [Experiment] Which ones of these have you tried before giving up?
2018-06-30 07:53:29 [Venting] I wish I had been born in some anglo country in 1970~75
2018-08-18 13:46:37 [Story] My new life as a low status worker in Germany: loneliness, ostracism, nostalgia, nudism beaches, incel hell and more.
2018-08-18 15:55:45 [Experiment] Which one would you rather be?
2018-08-18 17:54:30 [Serious] Rate my plan to ascend
2018-08-19 14:29:05 [Experiment] Do you have any tattoo?
2018-08-20 14:54:19 [Blackpill] Nuclear blackpill to religioncopers (me included)
2018-08-21 16:19:51 [Experiment] Correlation between difficulty to say no and difficult to take a no
2018-08-23 11:34:17 [Venting] If I didn’t know better I’d probably kill myself at this point
2018-08-23 13:07:45 [Serious] Could some high IQ cel please watch this and rebut? I’m to far gone into this worldview, but it makes so much sense I can’t overlook it
2018-08-24 12:16:29 [Experiment] What do you think of the idea of multiple ages of consent?
2018-08-25 19:31:50 [Serious] I fap twice as much in Germany as I did in Brazil
2018-08-31 05:26:26 [NSFW] Do you envy (at least some) porn actors?
2018-09-02 08:59:05 [Hypocrisy] In many aspects, I’m retarded and still feel like I’m 14 or something. The only, single, exclusive reason I can’t date younger girls is my looks.
2018-09-14 19:55:56 [SuicideFuel] Is life as an incel even worth living after 30?
2018-09-15 14:14:19 [Experiment] (POLL) How OLD are you guys? EVERYBODY ANSWER!!!
2018-09-15 15:03:19 [News] (Theory) Kurt Cobain was a manlet/framecel/mentalcel and a lot of “Bleach” is about inceldom.
2018-09-17 12:52:42 [NSFW] How much of a misogynist are you really? Advanced test.
2018-09-18 14:52:33 [Experiment] (POLL) Do you feel attracted to things related to sadness?
2018-09-21 15:54:19 [Experiment] (Theory) Inceldom Triad
2018-09-22 04:41:43 [Experiment] I plan on approaching some German foids before going back
2018-09-22 05:56:45 [Serious] How good really are foids in reading your emotions?
2018-09-22 09:26:12 [Media] Post the most depressed/despondent/nihilistic song you know ITT
2018-09-23 11:28:18 [Experiment] Post your age and where are you on the Norwood scale
2018-09-28 04:16:03 [Blackpill] Boomers had it WAY better than us
2018-09-28 05:23:51 [Blackpill] LOOKS are so fucking important that they make you considerably happier even if nothing comes from it (foids, popularity, etc).
2018-09-28 08:08:57 [SuicideFuel] Driving around during school entrance/exit hours in Germany is quality suifuel
2018-09-28 16:26:03 [Experiment] Do you think it’s possible to be true friends with normies/chads/chadlites as an incel?
2018-09-29 14:10:04 [SuicideFuel] Normie laughed at me with his gf today
2018-09-30 06:03:47 [Serious] I’m starting to think a relationship between a JB and an old ugly incel would really be traumatizing
2018-09-30 12:01:41 [Experiment] What is your level of motivation?
2018-10-01 05:49:15 [Experiment] What do you think is more traumatizing and harmful to mental health on average?
2018-10-01 12:48:30 [Experiment] Rei or Asuka?
2018-10-01 13:43:27 [RageFuel] I hate “MUH EVOLUTION” cels
2018-10-03 13:22:33 [It’s Over] I can’t lowinhibmaxx through alcohol anymore
2018-10-04 11:37:09 [Story] Freak Show (1997) – the curious time when a teenager chadlite rockstar wrote an entire album LARPing as a subhuman truecel
2018-10-05 13:38:04 [Venting] When I was in my early twenties, people always thought I was 17/18; now, at 30, people often guess my age with 37-40
2018-10-06 08:52:41 [Serious] All incels should be aiming towards dropping from society as much as possible and contributing as little as possible
2018-10-08 05:55:19 [Blackpill] Daily reminder that women are the most “visual” gender and have simply INSANE standards
2018-10-09 07:21:26 [Blackpill] Threads about adult men marrying preteen girls trigger cucktears the most because they KNOW this is what would end feminism and degeneracy for good
2018-10-10 14:26:57 [Experiment] Who had it better?
2018-10-12 07:30:24 [Hypocrisy] Inceltears and other progressives cannot coherently support transgender people while at the same time denying that transage people exist
2018-10-13 15:22:16 [NSFW] [Suicide Fuel] While you’ll probably either die a virgin or betabuxx some old ass foid, this man has throated hundreds of prime Russian teens
2018-10-15 14:14:04 [It’s Over] I was wanting to give internet dating apps a last shot while still here in Germany but I gave up upon looking at my pics
2018-10-15 20:17:19 [Hypocrisy] Inceltears user thinks it’s morally justified to beat up and torture someone just for HITTING ON an underage girl – but we’re the ones who are violent
2018-10-16 10:45:29 [JFL] Just saw an arab-looking manlet approaching two tall German young women and being rejected
2018-10-16 16:04:37 What is your top 5 most memorable threads of all time?
2018-10-17 05:45:57 [Experiment] Do you think it’s possible to be truly happy as a truecel (denied sex and relationships for your whole life)?
2018-10-17 08:13:18 [Hypocrisy] Men’s consent
2018-10-17 10:50:22 [Serious] The JBpill destroyed me
2018-10-18 12:28:32 [It’s Over] I almost cried in front of my father today
2018-10-19 02:51:03 [Blackpill] Daily reminder that being a man is basically criminalized in the west in 2k18
2018-10-19 03:28:25 [Blackpill] No matter how much of a misogynist I become, I’ll never manage to hate women as much as they hate me
2018-10-19 09:35:23 [Blackpill] Indisputable proof that normies are NPCs
2018-10-20 12:42:05 [Experiment] Where do you come from (to
2018-10-21 12:55:59 [Serious] The 5 ACTUALLY most oppressed groups in the modern west
2018-10-21 17:12:49 [Serious] Just who is Foxman8472?
2018-10-22 02:52:20 [SuicideFuel] Further proof that having a good face and looking young trumps being “tall” or “masculine” any day of the week
2018-10-23 14:15:45 [SuicideFuel] I just sat across an 8/10 perfect German JB Stacy for more than one hour and she didn’t look at my face one single time
2018-10-25 08:09:30 [LifeFuel] I’m back home
2018-10-25 10:38:30 [Gaming] Any Visual Novel cels?
2018-10-27 11:07:37 [JFL] I dreamed of knajjd today
2018-10-27 23:34:08 [SuicideFuel] “You are at least ten times more attractive to women when you have hair”
2018-10-28 10:18:22 [Experiment] What’s more important to you on a female?
2018-10-28 18:31:27 [LifeFuel] Bolsonaro elected president in Brazil
2018-10-29 00:53:38 [Experiment] What do you think the current proportion of each type of user (incel, truecel, fakecel, mentalcel, undercover foid) is here?
2018-10-29 09:48:14 [Experiment] What “triggers” you more?
2018-10-29 10:56:54 [Blackpill] Take the twinkpill
2018-10-29 13:05:48 [RageFuel] I just got approached by two cute JBs asking for money and my mom gave 2 FUCKING BUCKS to them
2018-10-30 15:37:45 [It’s Over] Even when trying to study I have to be mogged by a Chad and see foids drooling over him
2018-10-31 05:40:02 [Story] Kissed two gorgeous JBs last night
2018-10-31 15:43:55 [JFL] This is how dumb cucktears is
2018-10-31 19:54:12 [Autismmaxx]Going to the Members sections and imagining the number of posts is the power level of each
2018-11-01 08:24:54 [Experiment] Which ones of these options would you consider volcel?
2018-11-01 19:03:23 [Blackpill] Pain and pleasure are different sides of the same coin
2018-11-01 22:55:33 [RageFuel] This is how much empathy women have with incels: 0
2018-11-02 06:34:29 [Blackpill] How much men go out of their ways not to touch females
2018-11-02 08:16:59 [Experiment] How would you react if the girl you hypothetically ascended with bled, strongly indicating she’s a virgin, while you fucked her pussy?
2018-11-02 21:55:22 [TeeHee] More low IQ stuff from cucktears
2018-11-02 23:33:41 [Blackpill] Personality means fucking nothing
2018-11-03 14:33:30 [Venting] Pokémon Emerald’s Battle Frontier is fucking TOUGH
2018-11-03 18:09:46 [Experiment] Would you like to watch a debate between FACEandLMS and Roosh V?
2018-11-05 10:26:16 [Experiment] Which ones of these groups do you hate?
2018-11-06 17:32:51 [News] Ritalincel about to surpass Facade as the user with most posts
2018-11-07 13:10:16 [Experiment] Do you think being given a young, virgin and attractive foid as wife without the possibility of divorce would cure your depression?
2018-11-07 17:08:49 [LifeFuel] Do you take pleasure from being hated by foids and normies?
2018-11-07 18:13:20 [Venting] 12-15 year old girls are extremely attractive, more so than old, used-up foids, and I’m not sorry about stating this fact at all.
2018-11-07 21:40:24 [Venting] Unborn fetuses are the true prime foids
2018-11-08 09:46:37 [Serious] Draconian age of consent and rape/harassment laws are very counterproductive
2018-11-08 12:12:33 [RageFuel] I hate women, but sometimes it’s difficult not to largely hate men as well
2018-11-08 16:33:38 [Blackpill] Neither the right nor the left supports incels; neither of them supports removing women’s rights; neither of them supports women marrying young
2018-11-09 07:21:48 [SuicideFuel] Just accidentally saw extremely degenerate porn on my stepfather’s phone
2018-11-09 13:33:17 [Experiment] Do you support antinatalism?
2018-11-09 20:45:04 [Serious] Schopenhauer’s Hedgehog’s Dilemma is one of the most relevant and accurate philosophical metaphors on human life
2018-11-10 12:35:29 [It’s Over] The absolute state of conservatism
2018-11-10 14:01:16 [Serious] An open letter to the media and all the people who write or produce stuff about incels
2018-11-10 16:29:04 [Venting] I just saw a JB version of myself
2018-11-11 22:27:24 [Hypocrisy] The real reason why transgenders are accepted while transages will never be
2018-11-12 10:40:49 [Gaming] Pokémon collective run thread
2018-11-12 16:52:24 [Hypocrisy] Being raped as a promiscuous woman is comparable to having to work nowadays as an incel
2018-11-13 10:36:59 [Serious] The lack of capacity for inductive reasoning is the trademark of the progressive mindset
2018-11-13 14:11:51 [Serious] The reason why we’re incels and not cucks is the same reason why we’re not orbiting random internet hoes
2018-11-14 09:08:10 [Serious] Some people call me a pedophile for wanting to date sexually developed young girls, but truth is, I’m one of the users who cares the most about kids
2018-11-15 05:58:51 [Blackpill] The mirrorpill is BRUTAL
2018-11-15 18:32:26 [Blackpill] Women encourage men to be worse people
2018-11-16 10:14:46 [Blackpill] The VAST majority of men are cucks who defend women’s sexual freedoms
2018-11-16 13:00:44 [Experiment] What would be the best solution to inceldom in your opinion?
2018-11-16 19:30:43 [Serious] How to trust the scientific community nowadays?
2018-11-16 19:41:43 [Serious] How can you be motivated to do anything as a man, and a fucking incel to boot, in the west in 2018?
2018-11-17 09:07:39 [Blackpill] Hanging out with foids is pure poison to the incel mind
2018-11-18 17:04:20 [Experiment] What’s your favorite Eeveelution?
2018-11-18 23:27:24 [NSFW] Daily reminder that this is the type of sex women have with Chads nowadays
2018-11-19 18:48:54 [Media] Rate my new song
2018-11-19 22:51:10 [JFL] at the argumentative skills of foids
2018-11-21 15:35:44 [Blackpill] Ever wondered why the age of consent is far above puberty, “pedo” paranoia is everywhere, but at the same time young girls are endorsed to be sluts?
2018-11-21 20:54:41 [Blackpill] Extreme nihilism is a defense mechanism against an entirely shitty life
2018-11-22 20:59:55 [Experiment] Do you think looking/acting feminine/gay makes you lose points with foids? How much roughly?
2018-11-23 10:35:25 [LifeFuel] Mainländer’s 10.000 posts announcement
2018-11-23 16:16:57 [Media] Incel Music – The Sorrows of Knowing You’ll Never be Able to Experience Teenage Love in A-Flat Minor
2018-11-25 12:28:16 [Story] PUA and Approaching, Women Can’t be Incel, David Reimer Case and Hypocrisy
2018-11-25 16:47:19 [JFL] Roosh V will make a live on the Thot Audit
2018-11-26 13:23:22 Sexual Marxism?
2018-11-26 16:55:38 [SuicideFuel] I just forgot the water tap opened for like 2 hours
2018-11-26 19:16:09 [Serious] Interesting article about Darwinism made by Brazilian author
2018-11-26 21:29:13 [RageFuel] Is there something more irritating than car alarms?
2018-11-27 12:39:55 [Venting] It feels bad that many great users have the inclination to LARP-brag
2018-11-27 18:31:43 JBs and the scissors strategy
2018-11-28 10:24:14 [Serious] Mainländer’s message to autistcels
2018-11-28 13:50:05 [Media] Incel Music – Incel Friends (tribute to all the great users permabanned from
2018-11-29 11:58:38 [Venting] I’m so fucking horny right now
2018-11-29 13:05:50 Video embedded in signature
2018-11-29 22:20:40 [Story] My experiences with escorts and why I don’t think going to escorts counts as ascension
2018-11-29 23:31:31 [It’s Over] Zesto’s Last Thoughts On
2018-11-30 10:58:42 [SuicideFuel] I updated my profile picture on Whatsapp and a normie friend posted this on his status

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Date Time Thread
2017-11-09 09:19:54 This is what happens when an attractive FHO gets closer than 1 meter to me
2017-11-09 10:56:46 who else has a diagnosed mental illness?
2017-11-09 15:41:49 repost:WARNING SUI-INDUCING AND GRAPHIC
2017-11-10 13:50:37 would you mate with your looksmatch?
2017-11-10 17:02:12 if you still have a girl of your dreams…
2017-11-10 19:55:37 deathpill(literally)
2017-11-11 12:58:15 friendly reminder that every FHO has\had chad semen inside her
2017-11-11 20:31:37 we shold have these guys as our leaders
2017-11-12 11:53:59 I keep dreaming of being cucked
2017-11-12 13:23:06 how I imagine an incel meeting
2017-11-15 15:25:08 my chad friend delivered this blackpill(vomit inducing)
2017-11-15 18:48:27 things women would rather fuck than you
2017-11-16 13:40:05 is it too much to ask for my looksmatch?
2017-11-18 04:56:20 would you press a button to stop existing?
2017-11-19 11:36:47 reminder that FHOs are evil and have no soul(with proof n 878894477692)
2017-11-20 23:14:52 this book exposes sexual behaviour of FHOs
2017-11-21 04:44:57 we should have a sticky subforum
2017-11-21 06:11:15 what is a mentalcel?
2017-11-24 04:55:50 most powerful image from r\incels
2017-11-24 08:26:26 wanna science? get science
2017-11-25 04:49:29 how to find a deleted yt video?
2017-11-25 11:15:16 LM is the true solution
2017-11-25 12:33:23 can we get rid of animated sigs?
2017-11-25 13:27:43 humble reminder: FHOs ignoring\rejecting you are actively shortening your life span
2017-11-25 14:51:41 wish I had met ER and be his friend
2017-11-26 01:51:30 tatooed femonics shall be slaughtered
2017-11-26 01:58:36 for the deluded ones
2017-11-26 03:13:14 about balance
2017-11-26 05:48:29 “few millimeters of bone” is legit BUT
2017-11-26 07:22:22 every FHO showing themselves on net(aka aw’ing) should be featured in porn sites
2017-11-26 12:30:54 I legit look like Massoud
2017-11-26 17:06:53 reminder: femonics are SATAN, thinking otherwise will unleash abominion in your life
2017-11-27 07:22:06 daily reminder if a FHO does not satisfy your sexual needs she does not exist
2017-11-27 14:32:35 [DONE] proposition: open a welcome subforum
2017-11-28 06:24:05 pure prime virgin pussy IS A RIGHT FOR EVERY MAN
2017-11-28 13:01:33 This guy is wise ( western society is ogre ): even if you get a FHO you’ll be alone
2017-11-28 18:34:50 this is on television NOW
2017-11-29 10:10:46 guys, judge by yourselves
2017-11-29 13:12:32 does someone know where is the full video of the speech of Osama?
2017-11-29 21:21:50 brace yourselves, guys: WHO is with us
2017-11-30 06:45:00 reminder government is killing us
2017-11-30 06:59:03 do you like nightwish?
2017-11-30 07:13:03 and here it is, my looksmatch
2017-11-30 11:56:57 about Grotesque signature
2017-12-02 16:33:23 usual reminder: femonics are with us now
2017-12-02 18:41:34 does this reasonate with you at least at a certain level?
2017-12-04 12:04:24 sad video: it gave me legit tears (ER)
2017-12-04 14:22:28 Metro serie
2017-12-06 08:12:47 we are like the oppressed people of palestine
2017-12-06 10:06:34 authors for incels
2017-12-06 11:19:52 not sure how to tag:italian cop snaps and kills entire family
2017-12-06 13:32:49 glorious movie character
2017-12-06 15:00:34 if you are triggered by couples
2017-12-06 16:26:14 powerful video ( and music ):vietnam combat footage
2017-12-06 18:33:35 amazing icarus theme from deus ex
2017-12-06 18:48:18 attention: this video will make your blood boil
2017-12-06 21:28:16 watch the entire video, jfl at weemenz
2017-12-07 11:17:16 and this is the question
2017-12-07 12:35:34 2k members
2017-12-07 14:47:28 I wanna St.M.Lepine with me everywhere I go
2017-12-07 15:48:51 evil society vs glorious incel
2017-12-08 14:02:18 confession: bip bip BOOM
2017-12-09 20:24:26 any good lesbosquirt porn?
2017-12-10 18:38:10 solution to inceldom and injustice
2017-12-11 00:32:29 Al Julani interview with eng subtitles
2017-12-11 02:24:46 Al Muhaysini interview with eng subtitles
2017-12-11 02:29:33 Who started r\incels?
2017-12-11 03:08:20 gender equality is against biology(scientifically proven)
2017-12-11 05:12:14 St.M.Lepine(pbuh) has to be venerated on this board above anything else
2017-12-11 22:56:42 any sistercel?
2017-12-12 20:58:27 how do you feel now?
2017-12-12 23:41:12 if you don’t laugh at this…
2017-12-13 03:32:55 look at how much this dumb feemaz is triggered LOL
2017-12-13 05:25:46 my only desire
2017-12-14 00:32:23 ali g rare find
2017-12-14 02:17:23 St.M.Lepine(pbuh) tried to protect us from this
2017-12-14 02:51:47 bruno !!
2017-12-14 02:55:35 borat vs feminists
2017-12-14 03:11:23 opsec banned why
2017-12-14 05:40:46 proposal: SKYPE !
2017-12-15 00:02:34 the Bible is full of blackpills
2017-12-15 00:36:08 powerful insight on weemen
2017-12-15 00:50:59 I am crying
2017-12-15 08:25:13 dustin hoffmann freshly accused
2017-12-16 03:48:04 incels living alone
2017-12-16 03:56:19 nobel prize for Sascha NOW
2017-12-16 08:19:14 forum game HALO
2017-12-16 13:43:57 epic, to see if depressed
2017-12-17 03:16:55 what? St.M.Lepine was linked to islam?
2017-12-17 21:50:31 superb
2017-12-17 22:00:58 if you don’t laugh I will put you on ignore
2017-12-17 22:04:36 english gentlemen
2017-12-18 00:17:31 proposal: seek and destroy altaccounts
2017-12-18 03:23:09 femoids with makeup are disgusting
2017-12-18 13:06:19 please help me quit borat, cannot stop
2017-12-18 13:26:58 youth in Asia
2017-12-18 13:33:36 I promise this is the last one ( maybe )
2017-12-19 04:39:18 veteran people who does the animal thing
2017-12-19 06:55:03 would you use viagra to bang a foid you don’t like?
2017-12-19 07:29:44 let’s say you become a dictator: how would you solve inceldom?
2017-12-19 13:07:09 who has the best avatar?
2017-12-19 13:18:26 imagine you have a sister, she’s hot and up to it …
2017-12-19 16:35:27 is there some way to …
2017-12-20 12:43:31 thread disappeared
2017-12-20 15:46:29 SOS Save Our Souls
2017-12-20 17:06:54 “if the grass is on the pitch, let’s play”
2017-12-23 11:37:23 without the brain nothing else works
2017-12-24 04:24:04 strange
2017-12-25 06:32:55 rage inducing fem at the end: proceed with caution
2017-12-25 10:31:58 terrorism
2017-12-25 10:39:00 watch this to laugh, best moment of Ali G ever ( uk police )
2017-12-25 11:40:22 NSA? texas here
2017-12-25 14:15:43 wholeheartedly suggest to watch this
2017-12-25 14:27:39 my grandma did it with a monkey
2017-12-26 01:58:08 FBI cucked itself full force here JFL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2017-12-26 05:43:17 Carl Gustav Jung: a blackpilled genius
2017-12-26 06:40:52 deuce here ( somewhat )
2017-12-26 12:26:59 chechen war
2017-12-26 12:54:44 actual radio convo : russian and chechen talk before battle ( powerful )
2017-12-26 15:23:47 american dating service ( ’nuff said )
2017-12-27 05:25:45 radio convo : grozny ( chechen war ), surrounded russians
2017-12-27 07:04:27 Werner Herzog thread
2017-12-28 06:01:11 sascha baron cohen thread ( Borat etc )
2017-12-28 06:46:06 my favorite movie of all times
2017-12-28 14:05:46 stupid q incoming
2017-12-29 06:46:06 using gif’s
2017-12-29 07:33:55 news fresh from italy
2017-12-29 07:53:34 death ( guy suicide over gf ), also cuckoldry
2017-12-29 11:30:04 falklands\malvinas war ( powerful video )
2017-12-30 07:21:41 daily reminder that this guy can press a button
2017-12-31 08:39:21 meme suggestion
2017-12-31 08:46:27 is it possible to…
2017-12-31 15:21:38 who here has been humiliated by girls?
2017-12-31 17:50:51 BIOSHOCK
2018-01-01 07:43:00 my username color is against my human rights
2018-01-01 19:10:13 catfishers : what changed in your minds in relation to females after …
2018-01-01 20:52:06 anyone else shellshocked by women?
2018-01-02 06:23:38 your fav sci-fi movie
2018-01-02 17:37:27 secure this meme please !
2018-01-03 13:48:44 berlusconi and ruby JFL uallahi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2018-01-03 14:11:02 before I die alone
2018-01-04 09:45:05 scavengers expeditions
2018-01-04 09:47:48 STALKER from andrei tarkovsky
2018-01-04 12:01:48 operation thunderbolt-best sf op in history
2018-01-05 14:15:43 I am back home from bar
2018-01-05 22:06:10 personal notepad
2018-01-06 19:29:36 eastern front
2018-01-07 08:16:22 inceltears children
2018-01-07 08:22:54 no words, just watch
2018-01-07 09:05:16 INCELMAN EXPOSED
2018-01-07 10:17:54 “here in america we try not to make fun of things that people don’t choose”
2018-01-07 10:31:32 wise man here
2018-01-07 10:47:22 glorious truth
2018-01-07 12:26:12 Chernobyl
2018-01-07 17:21:23 MEMRITV FIGHTS
2018-01-08 20:53:36 saddam hussein mogs the cucked judge
2018-01-09 15:56:18 let’s talk about this ( supernatural )
2018-01-09 18:37:21 who killed JFK?
2018-01-10 18:16:37 let’s talk about this ( techmology )
2018-01-11 21:44:02 come and see
2018-01-12 02:22:50 nuke it nuke !!!
2018-01-12 02:33:10 ARMA
2018-01-12 04:24:02 romero 1978 dawn of the dead
2018-01-12 06:42:53 sascha is seriously right here ( cucked politician exposed )
2018-01-12 13:25:08 americacels? condolences
2018-01-12 13:58:44 this is the japan I like ( thou shalt not cheat )
2018-01-12 17:14:24 blackpilled movie ( recent )
2018-01-13 22:21:53 let’s talk about this ( animals )
2018-01-13 23:49:00 aftermath of nuclear world war
2018-01-13 23:58:02 best commander of ww2
2018-01-14 01:41:25 shining by s.kubrik
2018-01-14 01:43:48 total war games
2018-01-14 02:36:45 let’s talk about this ( vlad tepes aka dracula )
2018-01-15 13:59:10 paradox grand strategy
2018-01-16 01:04:39 my suicide
2018-01-16 02:21:53 the worst issue
2018-01-16 13:02:14 this is kenshiro
2018-01-16 13:29:57 beautiful scene from the book of eli
2018-01-18 04:33:36 your fav movie
2018-01-18 04:50:28 your fav battle of all times
2018-01-18 07:23:21 any physicist here?
2018-01-18 18:41:28 let’s talk about this ( tribes )
2018-01-19 02:54:41 L.F. Celine vs cucks (LOL)
2018-01-19 03:27:43 oops CUCKED !
2018-01-19 05:13:52 my sis shall cuddle with me at my will
2018-01-19 12:00:58 wehrmacht tribute
2018-01-20 00:13:49 syria: how it will end?
2018-01-20 00:41:08 old videogames
2018-01-20 04:02:05 tabletop games
2018-01-20 04:19:46 POMPEI ( the real one ) , AMA ( first hand experience )
2018-01-21 03:33:30 curious about medicine?
2018-01-21 03:39:06 I need informatic teacher
2018-01-21 05:27:02 simple and to the point
2018-01-21 05:54:01 best warfare theorist?
2018-01-21 07:08:25 superfun
2018-01-21 08:27:06 graviteam tactics
2018-01-21 10:42:39 blackpilled text of songs
2018-01-22 02:06:18 human specie annihilation
2018-01-23 04:28:29 I want the ER persecutors to be punished
2018-01-23 04:41:39 This is the speech I listen to every morning as I wake up
2018-01-23 05:16:07 do you think China is hiding something?
2018-01-23 06:10:08 alt-history scenario
2018-01-23 08:04:52 from italy freshnews ( man shot 50 bullets before suicide )
2018-01-23 11:23:20 who was jack the ripper?
2018-01-23 11:34:30 politician brawls welcome
2018-01-24 02:28:14 in all honesty
2018-01-24 03:55:58 IL-2 sturmovik
2018-01-24 05:34:28 [travesty][injustice][abominion][idolatry] It has begun
2018-01-24 08:55:29 What would happen if scientists find alien life?
2018-01-24 10:06:01 italian politician vs belgian politician
2018-01-24 11:35:16 fagotonabike
2018-01-24 13:19:44 would you bang a preggo?
2018-01-25 04:43:08 dream thread ( the sleep thing )
2018-01-25 12:22:23 2001 a space odyssey by kubrik
2018-01-27 09:47:02 at the dentist
2018-01-29 05:06:44 proposal: museum of memes
2018-01-29 05:42:20 one of the most glorious post from r\incels
2018-01-29 06:30:04 chikatylo ! chikatylo ?
2018-01-29 19:32:48 Alien saga discussion thread
2018-01-30 19:54:23 I am in this photo: who am I ?
2018-01-31 12:03:53 INFO: another powerful site from Italy
2018-01-31 12:34:24 GHOST RECON ( 2001 )
2018-01-31 14:46:16 PRAY FOR KOINTO
2018-01-31 17:06:04 bring back autoconverter
2018-01-31 20:48:03 let’s talk about this ( kointo’s parents )
2018-02-01 06:41:36 bragging rule has to be modified
2018-02-01 12:31:58 england and all its spawns shall be nuked asap
2018-02-01 13:19:16 GROTESQUE PROMOTION
2018-02-02 08:15:54 naval warfare
2018-02-02 10:18:52 THIS IS IT, THIS IS INCELDOM
2018-02-02 10:44:01 Idk if it is feasible BUT
2018-02-02 14:09:02 let’s talk about this ( sf )
2018-02-08 20:49:29 [HIGHLY VALUABLE] thank me latER )))
2018-02-09 14:19:07 best blackpilled songtext I found ’til now: keep rotting in the free world
2018-02-09 17:14:12 [VOMITFUEL] take cover
2018-02-09 17:58:25 meme request ( with the video )
2018-02-09 21:17:50 Mythology
2018-02-10 20:18:45 the melbourne citizen who does not know what to do with life
2018-02-10 20:27:37 noshower
2018-02-11 02:17:26 warriors of the world
2018-02-11 03:28:41 the shutting down of
2018-02-11 04:36:00 geopolitical caricatural maps ( request )
2018-02-11 05:42:40 let’s talk about this ( quantum physics )
2018-02-11 06:01:19 Roma caput mundi ( AMA )
2018-02-11 06:08:44 Serenisima Republica Veneta ( Venice ), AMA
2018-02-12 10:45:07 youtube video I cannot find anymore
2018-02-12 12:51:57 where’s bri?
2018-02-12 13:19:23 [SOME FUEL][BOOK][HIGHVALUE][JUNG]King-Warrior-Magician-Lover
2018-02-12 20:22:15 dunkerque
2018-02-12 21:02:18 wish me success with dating and relationships
2018-02-13 13:34:45 tabletop roleplaying
2018-02-14 00:16:16 suena lo tambore de la rebelion
2018-02-14 02:12:29 whoever prefers console to pc is a cuckholder of the highest degree
2018-02-14 02:41:22 cucks hymne
2018-02-14 13:52:35 beautiful is the girl
2018-02-14 14:02:23 my rage level is skyrocketing
2018-02-14 21:41:37 attack over?
2018-02-15 21:31:48 another meme request ( orgy chamber )
2018-02-15 21:49:22 russians vs bitcha
2018-02-16 01:10:56 gift
2018-02-16 02:06:29 your ship aka your inner state
2018-02-16 02:54:42 infiltrators
2018-02-16 14:39:41 reminder for the short sighted ones
2018-02-16 17:29:08 society must be destroyed
2018-02-17 00:35:24 choose my 10.000 post
2018-02-17 04:09:27 [SURVEY]which user\s has posted\posts high quality content?
2018-02-20 06:53:58 people asking for ban shall stop
2018-02-20 11:28:03 blackpill=?
2018-02-20 13:47:57 you can meet irl one user from here
2018-02-20 15:03:52 yeah
2018-02-20 21:24:50 gift\s
2018-02-21 02:56:36 historycels : which is your fav period\the one you know the most ?
2018-02-21 05:20:29 I AM A PEDOPHILIAC
2018-02-21 05:44:57 HOMOONABICYCLE !!!!
2018-02-21 07:20:00 I am an animal puller
2018-02-21 11:09:53 did someone try to kill you?
2018-02-21 11:22:40 if someone is israelian join here
2018-02-21 12:59:44 ISIS appreciation thread
2018-02-22 04:20:11 what kind of superpower you want me to usurpate when I become regent?
2018-02-22 07:59:58 the best form of government ?
2018-02-22 11:11:02 best borderlands universe character
2018-02-22 13:10:46 it makes no sense whatsoever that my sister does not cuddle with me
2018-02-22 13:17:46 rape is legit reproductive strategy
2018-02-22 16:28:39 St.M.Lepine(pbuh) celebration thread
2018-02-23 02:26:46 ban psychologismus
2018-02-23 02:53:06 idk you are fucked
2018-02-23 03:04:24 a good friend come back or cuck
2018-02-23 03:08:52 towncel
2018-02-23 03:33:09 coke
2018-02-23 05:24:30 wanna bang this preggo so bad
2018-02-23 07:39:18 gift for everybody here ( … )
2018-02-25 04:33:53 post the song you are listening to now
2018-02-26 05:43:41 offtopic is very good
2018-02-28 10:45:26 the new layout is against my human rights
2018-03-02 16:55:04 the ban of sub8hate is against my human rights
2018-03-20 18:36:54 [SuicideFuel] stop eh
2018-03-20 18:40:14 redcolor
2018-03-25 16:08:32 [News] tagging my username away from offtopic is against my human rights
2018-03-28 12:56:54 [Story] OH, fucka usage eh
2018-03-28 16:03:45 [LDAR] give a vote to your existence
2018-04-01 13:41:05 [Story] who is the dement who thought the videolink was a good idea?
2018-04-03 07:51:32 [Story] imperial war museum ( london )
2018-04-03 15:01:07 [LifeFuel] Incelman celebration thread
2018-04-04 14:28:34 [Blackpill] I developed a theory but Idk
2018-04-04 16:06:01 [JFL] let’s talk about this ( belgium )
2018-04-05 15:25:20 proposal, ban animismus from offtopic
2018-04-06 07:01:26 where’s olinthe rose
2018-04-08 15:20:07 [Story] NOTE for EVERYBODYY
2018-04-08 16:24:31 [Media] my mp3 list rocks
2018-04-08 16:33:29 [Story] command and control
2018-04-08 16:45:47 [Meme] cannot use the threads with highvideocounts
2018-04-09 07:00:14 [Media] polyushka polye
2018-04-09 07:05:40 [Story] WHERE’S SAINTMARCLEPINE
2018-04-09 10:24:34 [Media] best march
2018-04-10 15:11:10 opsec banned??
2018-04-12 12:25:00 [Media] Indari is pure love
2018-04-12 12:29:44 [Story] women ARE pronstitutes
2018-04-12 12:45:38 [Media] the nasheed at 2:27
2018-04-12 12:51:11 [Meme] even the yeti refuses my gifts
2018-04-12 14:09:47 [Meme] the yeti exists
2018-04-12 14:16:09 [Story] knadjjj exists in violation of human rights
2018-04-12 18:31:33 [Story] DA SEPARATORRRRRRRR
2018-04-12 20:34:58 [Story] akarinika appreciationthread
2018-04-12 21:15:51 erika
2018-04-13 08:22:55 [Serious] BELGIUM = SHIT
2018-04-13 14:10:00 [Story] gift to ( who wanna see )
2018-04-13 14:15:52 [Media] fukmylyf lovethread
2018-04-13 14:42:06 [Media] music eh
2018-04-13 16:07:52 [Story] story
2018-04-13 17:29:24 [Story] italiangift
2018-04-15 09:28:30 [Media] muzik
2018-04-15 09:40:56 [Media] itheithe a t
2018-04-15 12:31:57 [Media] opsy appreciation thread
2018-04-15 13:14:23 specy
2018-04-15 16:41:01 [JFL] lawyers
2018-04-15 16:49:35 [Story] where’s vlo from?
2018-04-15 16:52:06 [Media] looking for a nasheed
2018-04-15 17:09:57 [JFL] oops
2018-04-16 10:20:05 [Serious] WARNING: who still develops ONEITIS has no rights to interact with me
2018-04-16 17:10:51 [Media] pepsidude apprecthread
2018-04-17 10:14:11 [Story] arabictranslationthread
2018-04-17 10:15:08 unyversallyabhorred banned???
2018-04-17 10:28:42 [It’s Over] it’s over tag LOL
2018-04-17 14:44:22 [Story] the enigma of k.h.
2018-04-18 07:54:02 [Media] in my mp3
2018-04-18 13:07:29 GRU
2018-04-18 13:39:22 [LifeFuel] do not miss this ( I gave it as a gift to kointo BUT )
2018-04-18 14:49:13 [Story] grotesque apprecthread
2018-04-18 14:56:26 [LifeFuel] daily reminder apophis has a chance eh
2018-04-18 15:39:48 [LifeFuel] INCELMAN THE KING
2018-04-19 14:12:33 [LifeFuel] weed apprecthread
2018-04-19 14:52:56 rage level poll ( vote or cuck )
2018-04-22 17:57:02 [Story] balkan tension rising
2018-04-23 02:53:06 [Story] wanna make a gift, how?
2018-04-23 03:06:37 [Meme] daily reminder this dunya is a meme
2018-04-23 06:13:22 [Story] fagotonabike apprecthread
2018-04-23 06:26:26 [Media] let’s spin this ( action )
2018-04-23 06:38:39 [Story] automoderator apprecthred
2018-04-23 06:51:05 [News] how to convert to mp3 format a liveleak video?
2018-04-23 06:54:00 proposal : outlaw oneitisized users
2018-04-23 07:18:52 [Media] when my body goes cold
2018-04-23 10:10:14 [Story] cobraverde
2018-04-23 10:12:32 [Media] re-request
2018-04-23 15:15:44 [Story] sub8hate apprecthread
2018-04-23 15:25:19 [Story] history————–>operation zvezda
2018-04-23 16:01:41 [Story] who saw this? tell me about
2018-04-24 10:50:58 [Media] musiks
2018-04-24 10:59:49 [Gaming] who has played\plays this game?
2018-04-24 11:10:02 [Story] torujo apprecthread
2018-04-24 11:13:34 [Gaming] a very good mp game
2018-04-24 14:28:21 [NSFW] should I put this in my mp3?
2018-04-24 14:50:20 [Story] suggested
2018-04-25 05:42:50 [Story] supergood movie
2018-04-25 05:45:16 proposal : add new tag
2018-04-25 06:09:48 [SuicideFuel] an extremely powerful user is missing
2018-04-25 06:14:24 [Story] ohhhhhhhhhhhhh what a discovery
2018-04-25 06:51:20 [NSFW] I am thinking…
2018-04-25 15:19:58 [Story] who is this alek misassians
2018-04-26 11:51:00 [Story] M. al-Gaddafyya
2018-04-26 15:00:54 [Story] INCELMAN
2018-04-26 15:02:20 proposal : add another tag
2018-04-26 16:30:07 [Experiment] experimental gift
2018-04-26 16:45:12 [Serious] database error
2018-04-26 16:47:20 [Story] better you watch this masterpiece
2018-04-26 17:09:12 [Serious] videomakers respond
2018-04-28 05:52:08 [Media] grapevine
2018-04-28 06:25:00 [Blackpill] with musique
2018-04-28 07:06:21 [LifeFuel] lifefuel
2018-04-28 07:20:38 annihilation of humanity is the answer
2018-04-28 07:33:57 daily reminder better incel than cuck
2018-04-28 13:07:18 [News] a moment of silence
2018-04-28 15:08:08 gift for all
2018-04-28 15:10:25 [LifeFuel] retardeddumbshitapprecthread
2018-04-28 15:20:19 [LifeFuel] blickpallapprecthread
2018-04-28 15:26:32 [Media] commanderzoidberg apprecthread
2018-04-28 15:34:08 [Blackpill] unclaimedcorpse apprecthread
2018-04-28 16:01:01 [Blackpill] itheithe is righteous
2018-04-29 01:40:17 [LifeFuel] masterapprecthread
2018-04-29 02:21:00 [Media] help needed
2018-04-29 02:37:31 [Serious] daily reminder female=SHAYTAN
2018-04-29 02:39:14 [NSFW] nauticaapprecthread
2018-04-29 05:49:59 [Story] suggestion
2018-04-29 05:55:25 [Media] hello cucks
2018-04-29 06:06:07 [Story] rate my new avi
2018-04-29 06:19:41 [Serious] hellsbells
2018-04-29 06:31:55 black rectangular boxes popping on my very screen in this site
2018-04-30 14:38:22 [News] ratscatchers
2018-04-30 14:41:53 [Serious] where’s the photo of ? ?
2018-04-30 14:46:28 [Story] pmmestrippaapprecthread
2018-04-30 14:52:37 [LifeFuel] idkapprecthread
2018-04-30 15:01:37 [Story] St.Alia Harkonnen celebration thread
2018-04-30 15:08:00 [Media] service communication
2018-06-10 06:09:49 [NSFW] brother Bilo got it ( high five )
2018-06-10 16:02:57 [Serious] URGENT : Paul Valery
2018-06-10 16:28:20 [Gaming] gift foh gsvtrtpwhateva
2018-06-11 03:51:19 [SuicideFuel] desaparecidosthread
2018-06-11 05:29:26 heretic nest
2018-06-11 11:30:00 [Story] if I ever disappear
2018-06-11 13:20:52 [JFL] definition of life : go
2018-06-12 02:03:45 [News] put a limit to animismus
2018-06-12 07:32:11 [Story] pandora’s myth
2018-06-12 12:22:31 [Experiment] ATTEMPT to establish clarity ( input from Ryo Suzuki )
2018-06-12 15:53:09 [JFL] imma drunka
2018-06-12 16:12:53 [Serious] what’s wrong with sleeping with sister?
2018-06-13 17:39:44 [Serious] congratulations to the moderationteam
2018-06-14 10:24:01 [Meme] proposal : taskforce anti-oneitis
2018-06-14 13:48:43 [LDAR] booksthread
2018-06-14 15:46:12 [Serious] select your hopelevel
2018-06-14 15:59:21 [Serious] daily reminder eh
2018-06-15 10:08:22 [Blackpill] there’s nothing more repugnant than preggos
2018-06-15 13:46:52 [Hypocrisy] permission to join room denied
2018-06-15 14:14:14 [Blackpill] are normies cucks?
2018-06-15 17:05:33 [Hypocrisy] followfeature
2018-06-15 17:29:43 [Serious] pariah
2018-06-15 17:44:10 do not abuse repfeat eh?
2018-06-16 04:25:49 [Story] el indio
2018-06-16 05:56:02 [JFL] I get attacked everywhere
2018-06-16 06:23:17 [JFL] I went out around with pijama with cumstains
2018-06-16 06:28:17 [News] counterignoranceproject
2018-06-16 06:42:28 [Serious] medcels signup here
2018-06-16 09:21:55 [Serious] yeti is busy
2018-06-16 12:35:00 [Serious] most higheffort thing here
2018-06-16 17:32:56 [Story] supergift
2018-06-16 19:13:45 [LifeFuel] hope i wont wake up tomorraw
2018-06-17 03:39:38 [Serious] me needa dis
2018-06-17 10:55:18 [Gaming] grok
2018-06-17 15:21:21 [News] FREE KOINTO—->JOIN THE ATTACK
2018-06-18 05:07:38 [News] lil yeti : counting
2018-06-18 05:47:11 [LifeFuel] me dealing with the mcdaddies
2018-06-20 17:31:29 [News] the otha forum
2018-06-21 07:54:19 [News] me found my chicken
2018-06-21 16:09:06 [Experiment] whatta bout…
2018-06-21 16:13:54 [Serious] is cioran right?
2018-06-21 16:17:11 [Experiment] hello yeti I am back
2018-06-21 17:34:18 [Blackpill] while I was banned
2018-06-22 08:52:53 [LifeFuel] new incel meeting, there’s hope but
2018-06-22 08:58:46 [LifeFuel] my reaction to deaththreats
2018-06-22 09:46:12 [News] big clash in family
2018-06-22 17:13:58 [Story] sewers
2018-06-23 08:00:27 [LifeFuel] kointo’s rescue operation: leaked video
2018-06-23 08:20:52 [Blackpill] truth
2018-06-23 10:20:02 [Blackpill] me thinking
2018-06-23 10:28:24 [Serious] cucks must be exterminated
2018-06-23 10:33:10 [Serious] females want the status quo
2018-06-23 12:20:51 [Blackpill] daily reminder we got nothing to lose
2018-06-23 12:55:44 [NSFW] combat diary
2018-06-23 17:50:24 [JFL] everybody attacking me NOW
2018-06-23 19:22:11 [Experiment] what’s in the briefcase at 1:50?
2018-06-23 20:22:27 who does control da woooooooooorldaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
2018-06-24 07:02:13 [Blackpill] dishi basara
2018-06-24 07:04:19 [LifeFuel] the will to act
2018-06-24 07:13:59 [Blackpill] we stay together…
2018-06-24 09:31:51 why me most posts now
2018-06-25 03:39:35 [Serious] pre-investiture thread
2018-06-25 07:37:30 [Serious] akarin
2018-06-25 09:13:41 [JFL] jfl at cucks, they are everywhere
2018-06-25 15:39:07 [LifeFuel] butcher pete ( violence inside !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )
2018-06-26 07:08:24 [News] Nausea Imperator, Investiturethread
2018-06-26 13:08:42 women are pure concentrated evil ( good musique inside )
2018-06-26 19:19:21 [Serious] let women die of starvation
2018-06-27 11:59:21 [News] Emperor’s 1st speech
2018-06-27 17:41:40 [Experiment] ask yourself a Q and give yourself an A
2018-06-29 09:50:24 [Experiment] freely talk about the yeti
2018-06-29 12:47:02 [Serious] imma developing strange sickness
2018-06-30 18:10:12 [Serious] what about I ban the yeti
2018-06-30 18:16:26 [News] new approach to the rope
2018-06-30 18:35:24 [Experiment] spot the alts of mcdaddies
2018-07-01 07:05:36 [News] the reconciliation of nausea and ryo suzuky is official
2018-07-01 10:17:42 [News] Hello, me Grand Vizier
2018-07-01 15:19:30 who made the 1000000 post ?
2018-07-01 19:01:46 [News] english gentleman is back
2018-07-02 06:49:38 [News] been accused of stinking even if showered
2018-07-02 07:07:28 restricted poll
2018-07-02 07:16:44 do u love ur momma?
2018-07-02 12:08:48 [LifeFuel] some prophet goes around forecasting azavii return soon
2018-07-02 12:48:13 tech help : how to upload here a file
2018-07-02 16:59:37 got bad news
2018-07-04 18:45:49 title
2018-07-05 07:32:06 [Serious] translators needed
2018-07-05 07:34:51 [Experiment] C.I.P. project poll
2018-07-05 08:06:27 [Story] imma reevaluatin’ dude thomas jefferson
2018-07-05 08:22:57 merciful sniper
2018-07-05 16:14:54 [Blackpill] powerful one inside
2018-07-05 17:08:55 postapocalyptic stuff
2018-07-05 17:29:56 [LifeFuel] themisterpepsicoke creation ( bow down to him )
2018-07-05 21:49:54 [JFL] cannot sleep
2018-07-07 02:34:22 [JFL] stop celebrating normie life
2018-07-07 02:38:25 [Serious] hemorroidsupportthread
2018-07-07 03:13:34 [News] strippah insigned
2018-07-07 04:35:24 [LifeFuel] yetihunting club
2018-07-07 08:29:30 [Blackpill] cucks % here
2018-07-08 17:09:56 [LifeFuel] nazionalsocialismus und fascismus appreciationthread
2018-07-09 08:23:24 me tired of repeating eh
2018-07-13 07:28:09 unban

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Date Time Thread
2018-04-01 12:53:13 [Serious] There Are Only Two Types of Asian Girls (From Experience at Large University)
2018-04-01 16:53:28 [Blackpill] Japan After 2020 Tokyo Olympics
2018-04-02 13:22:48 [Blackpill] It Is Impossible For an Incel to Cold Approach in College
2018-04-02 15:13:48 [Serious] What do you consider an IOI?
2018-04-03 14:56:52 [Venting] Feminists on /r/niceguys Saying Not To Cold Approach Because Its Creepy Since You’re A Stranger
2018-04-09 18:44:47 [Blackpill] A Roastie’s Body Language Will Tell You Everything
2018-07-22 15:29:14 [Venting] Saw Nerdic Stick With Asian Girl On Train
2018-07-22 21:14:42 The Only Way I’d Choose Death
2018-07-22 22:35:28 [It’s Over] Went on 4chan /SOC/ to try to meet people to ascend
2018-07-23 17:36:49 [Experiment] How do you fraud tinder pics?
2018-07-27 22:19:53 [Fantasy] Where I Would Take An Azn Waifu On A Date
2018-07-29 13:41:29 [Fantasy] Where I Would Take An Azn Waifu On A Date Part II
2018-08-01 20:12:42 [Experiment] Thailand or Philippines?
2018-08-05 14:08:18 [It’s Over] No Longer Have The Will To Swipe
2018-08-05 15:16:26 [Experiment] Anyone Here Learning Japanese?
2018-08-07 11:25:38 [Experiment] A Possible Golden Opportunity
2018-08-13 17:40:31 [JFL] Which One Of You Did This?
2018-08-15 19:17:58 [Venting] Felt a Profound Sense of Shame
2018-08-21 20:08:04 [Blackpill] A Normie’s Life
2018-08-23 22:04:32 [JFL] Should I Start Eating Fish To Simulate The Taste of Pussy?
2018-08-25 23:55:14 [Fantasy] Where I Would Take An Azn Waifu On A Date Part III
2018-08-28 22:56:15 [RageFuel] When Someone Writes “This needs to be sampled” On An Obscure Japanese Song
2018-09-02 16:13:28 [LifeFuel] Pledge Thread
2018-09-07 15:42:14 [Experiment] Does Anyone Know Any Good J-Dramas?
2018-09-08 21:28:48 Can GIF Uploads Be Looked At?
2018-09-10 20:38:14 [Blackpill] Blackpill Analysis of The Terminator 1984 (The Virgin Warrior)
2018-09-11 17:03:16 [Blackpill] Why Does Cucked Western Society Encourage Porn On Everyone Yet Escorting Is Prohibited (Compared to Asia)?
2018-09-11 21:54:46 [Serious] I’m a Captain Now, Just Like Luffy!
2018-09-16 22:57:55 [Hypocrisy] There’s Only One Thing Worse Than Breaking A NoFap Streak
2018-09-16 23:47:10 [Serious] Life Ends At 25 If You Don’t Take Care of Your Collagen
2018-09-18 21:58:20 [RageFuel] Don’t Ever Donate Your Organs (or ride a motorcycle)
2018-09-19 00:26:35 [Blackpill] Never Picking Up A Foid’s Pen Again
2018-09-19 15:37:47 [Story] Would the Retarded Fantasy I Like to Daydream About Make a Good Manga?
2018-09-19 18:05:01 [Serious] Is Emily Dickinson the Foid Version of BlackOps2Cel?
2018-09-19 22:41:42 [RageFuel] Sony Blocking Anime Game “Omega Labrynth Z” For Having Sexy Lolis In The West
2018-09-20 18:08:59 [Serious] If I Don’t Ascend in Japan I Will Gehrmanmaxx
2018-09-20 21:46:32 [Blackpill] Time Capsule: Blackcel Goes ER On Asian Women with a Hammer
2018-09-21 01:22:46 [Blackpill] Blackpill Analysis of Tatsuro Yamashita’s “Big Wave” – A Song About Being A Surfing Incel
2018-09-21 12:33:32 [JFL] [Kek Fuel] Man Screaming While Dragged Out of Mcdonalds
2018-09-21 23:10:39 [Experiment] You Got Your Waifu but What is Your One Exception?
2018-09-22 12:34:03 [Blackpill] Hitler and Mussoulini (Axis) Knew the Truth (The Ultimate Race-Pill)
2018-09-22 14:59:30 [LifeFuel] Just Lol @ You if You’re Not Exfoliationmaxxing
2018-09-22 15:15:43 [JFL] Gamestop Is the Biggest Freak Fest on Earth
2018-09-22 17:37:00 Feel Like a Branded Man
2018-09-22 18:55:46 Tfw When You Make A Post
2018-09-23 11:03:24 [LifeFuel] Just Lol @ You If You Don’t Wash Your Face as Soon as You Get Up in the Morning
2018-09-23 11:37:08 [It’s Over] Tfw When You’re a Living Meme
2018-09-23 12:25:23 [LifeFuel] Why is Everything in Japan Better?
2018-09-23 13:31:42 [LifeFuel] Tfw When You Make a Thread Then Look at All The People Viewing It
2018-09-23 14:15:10 [Serious] Is There A Problem With Weak Self Esteem?
2018-09-23 14:42:11 [LifeFuel] Diving Face First Into Manko After Going In With A Candy Flavored Condom
2018-09-23 15:51:03 [LifeFuel] Heaven in One Picture
2018-09-23 17:06:29 [Blackpill] Incel Ricecel Goes Insane and Becomes Tranny From Watching Porn
2018-09-23 23:28:40 [Blackpill] Would You Use a Behelit to Ascend? What Would Be Your Sacrifice?
2018-09-24 00:01:51 [Serious] If The First Thing You Do When You Walk In Your House Isn’t Take Your Shoes Off You’re a Western Animal
2018-09-24 00:59:16 [RageFuel] [and Lifefuel] A Tale of Two Japanese Professors
2018-09-24 02:20:05 [JFL] Just Lol @ Dormies
2018-09-24 11:21:41 [LifeFuel] What Would The Song Be To Describe Your Relationship With Your Gf When You Ascend
2018-09-24 14:10:40 [JFL] Just Lol @ You if You’re Not Shampooing Your Pubes and Armpits in Addition to Your Hair Everytime you Shower
2018-09-24 14:14:56 [LifeFuel] Get a Personal Trainer
2018-09-24 14:36:32 [Blackpill] Found A Website With All The Answers To The Online Quizzes For This Class I’m Taking But I Will Never Tell This Filipino Girl I’ve Been Talking To
2018-09-24 15:38:54 [Blackpill] I’m Lowinhibmaxxing By Posting From My Lecture, Don’t Do This
2018-09-24 15:42:53 [Serious] Never Going To Be Late Again
2018-09-24 16:17:59 [JFL] Year 2518 Run JBH Game Bro! (Just be Human)!
2018-09-24 18:33:20 We Need a No Doxxing Rule
2018-09-24 20:28:37 [LifeFuel] The Pistol I Would Buy For Self-Defense If My State Allowed It (The Samurai Edge)
2018-09-24 22:01:08 [Blackpill] My Greatest Fear (Being Falsely Accused in the Tokyo Metro) (CHIKANPILL)
2018-09-24 22:27:32 [Experiment] Should I Buy And Put These Stickers On My Car and Possibly Laptop (the one I bring to class)
2018-09-24 22:52:54 [JFL] Just Lol @ This Mcdonalds Commercial (Fat Dirty Looking Ricecel With Older Stacy Wife) (Who the Hell Makes and Approves This Shit)
2018-09-24 22:58:49 [LifeFuel] Posting on is a new way to set me free, Posting on it’s a new way I like to be (EUROBEAT THREAD)
2018-09-24 23:34:44 [Experiment] Can Someone Make A Thread For Me?
2018-09-24 23:43:55 [LifeFuel] Rate My New T-Shirt
2018-09-25 00:27:54 [RageFuel] Everything “Bigger is Better” Shows How Debased and Primitive The West Is
2018-09-25 09:10:09 [Blackpill] Nani, Woke Up and Broke My Record (Dopamine Whores GTFIH)
2018-09-25 09:15:17 [RageFuel] Got Six Hours of Sleep and Feel Like a Zombo (Need 9-10 to Feel Alive)
2018-09-25 14:41:46 [News] [BREAKING NEWS] Bill Cosby Sentenced To 3-10 Years For “Raping” “Lesbian” (wth?)
2018-09-25 16:00:40 [LifeFuel] What I Thought Was The Coolest Thing in the World When I Was a Kid (Lifefuel for 90s Kids)
2018-09-25 16:16:35 [JFL] Which One Of You Did This?
2018-09-25 16:33:37 [LifeFuel] I Need a Waifu to Cosplay as Vegeta and Bulma With
2018-09-25 18:32:08 [LifeFuel] Mfw When I Arrive in Japan
2018-09-25 18:53:47 [LifeFuel] I’m Going To Ascend Like Gohan
2018-09-25 19:48:06 [Blackpill] Would You Ascend In This Way? [BLACK (African American) Pill] (Curries GTFIH too), Would You Get BLACKED?
2018-09-25 22:09:51 [LifeFuel] Any WatchMaxxers Here?
2018-09-26 00:47:00 [LifeFuel] I Remember When I First Found Out About This Place
2018-09-26 02:54:35 [JFL] ngl This Braincels Meme is Hilarious
2018-09-26 03:11:07 [LifeFuel] Dream
2018-09-26 10:36:37 [LifeFuel] Tfw When You’re in Japan and Remember the Degenerate West
2018-09-26 11:44:09 [LifeFuel] Song That Perfectly Describes Life in the West
2018-09-26 12:30:34 [LifeFuel] Zesto’s Dojo (Japanese Learning Thread)
2018-09-26 12:44:26 [RageFuel] There is Nothing more Cringe and Disgusting Than GIFs on Tinder Foids’ Profiles
2018-09-26 13:41:46 [LifeFuel] Name Your Price Albums Are The Coolest Thing Ever
2018-09-26 14:06:49 [LifeFuel] Whose Looking Forward to Retirement? (Golden Years boyo!)
2018-09-26 15:31:10 [LifeFuel] Just Lol @ Ascending With A Western Roastie
2018-09-26 15:51:00 [Blackpill] Getting Blackpilled in Anthropology Class Right Now (Prof has this graph up) Down Syndrome (Trisomy) Chance Going Up With Age
2018-09-26 16:08:40 [Blackpill] Just Got Skinpilled in Anthropology Class (The Blackpills Keep Coming in This Class)
2018-09-26 20:58:50 [RageFuel] Learned the Hard Way About JUGGERNAUT LAW Tonight (Don’t EVER DO WHAT I DID)
2018-09-26 23:54:24 [It’s Over] I Feel Like Miyamoto Musashi After He Eliminated The Entire Yoshioka (Don’t Think I Have Much Time)
2018-09-27 16:13:14 [SuicideFuel] Asian Women May Be The Most Loyal Race to Their Men (in the west)
2018-09-27 18:44:47 [Experiment] Your Top 10 Words
2018-09-27 22:53:25 [Serious] From This Day On I Am Captain of the RDF and the ATP
2018-09-28 00:03:22 [LifeFuel] Don’t Ever Kill Yourself
2018-09-28 01:29:16 [LifeFuel] Dagashi Kashi Will Never Be Printed in English
2018-09-28 01:56:25 [Serious] Kointo Was The Original CerealCel Not UltraFayJr
2018-09-28 19:04:08 [RageFuel] Just Lol If You Believe This Western Scum About How To Pickup Girls in Japan
2018-09-28 20:32:41 [RageFuel] Why Does It Have To Be So Expensive?
2018-09-28 22:42:05 [LifeFuel] My Nipponese Waifu’s Favorite Hoodie
2018-09-28 23:51:01 [Experiment] If I Fail In Tokyo
2018-09-29 01:41:25 [Serious] Do You Think It’s Better to Learn a Language in a Class or On Your Own? (LanguageCels GTFIH)
2018-09-29 11:37:52 [JFL] The People On Here That Don’t Want to Ascend in Asia
2018-09-29 13:11:05 [Experiment] Which One Do I Buy?
2018-09-29 14:54:09 [RageFuel] There Will Be No Future Generation That Will Be Able To Ascend in Asia
2018-09-30 09:10:09 [Experiment] Anyone Else When Buying Products from Japan Imagine the EMS Delivery Service as “Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan Shipping” or is That Just Me?
2018-09-30 10:23:31 [Serious] The One Problem With NoFap
2018-09-30 11:05:39 [LifeFuel] Everyday That I Wake Up and go to the Mirror I Find Myself Looking More and More Japanese
2018-09-30 11:12:19 [Serious] RAIDEN ONLINE
2018-09-30 12:36:01 [Serious] Would You Mind Being Haunted?
2018-09-30 13:19:45 [LifeFuel] Best Cope (DRAWCELS GTFIH)
2018-09-30 14:05:42 [Experiment] Could Dagashi Kashi Have Been Made by Kentaro Miura (or even Takehiko Inoue)?
2018-09-30 15:31:36 [LifeFuel] The Part of Resident Evil 4 You Didn’t See
2018-09-30 16:11:23 [LifeFuel] Finally Figured Out How I am Going To Reveal My Ascension in June
2018-09-30 23:11:53 [Blackpill] I’ve Never Felt Warmth
2018-10-01 17:18:37 [RageFuel] Another Morning in the West
2018-10-01 17:35:43 [LifeFuel] The Secret to Japanese Women Part 1
2018-10-01 20:29:38 [LifeFuel] Is This What Ascension Feels Like?
2018-10-01 20:46:01 [Serious] The Virgin Vaporwave vs The Chad Future Funk
2018-10-01 22:22:15 [Blackpill] Asians Are Far More Blackpilled Than Even I Originally Thought
2018-10-02 01:50:04 [Blackpill] The Day I Became Black Pilled (and how it led to me taking the Yellow Pill)
2018-10-02 09:48:27 [RageFuel] Life in the West in One Image
2018-10-02 09:58:44 [LifeFuel] Mfw I Pull Out The Exact 10 Pages I Need To Print Out My Paper Without Counting
2018-10-02 14:49:23 [LifeFuel] FUN FACT: East Asians Are The Best Smelling People
2018-10-02 15:29:36 [LifeFuel] The Secret to Japanese Women Part 2
2018-10-02 19:37:42 [LifeFuel] Do You Remember Love?
2018-10-02 23:39:36 [Serious] A Message from the Captain (and Acting Leader) of the RDF Zesto, We Are Going On A 30 Day Strike
2018-10-09 22:56:47 Sumimasen!
2018-10-10 02:13:57 [LifeFuel] Tfw You Log in For the First Time in a Week
2018-10-10 11:10:44 [LifeFuel] Rate my Sword
2018-10-10 12:18:38 [LifeFuel] This is Why I Will Always Consider the Japanese to be The Greatest People
2018-10-10 13:26:03 is the Japan of Internet Forums
2018-10-10 23:23:29 [JFL] Just Lol @ You If You Think Anime Characters Are White
2018-10-13 15:19:12 [LifeFuel] Take The Yellow Pill, Join my new faction TYP (The Yellow Pill)
2018-10-13 16:12:02 [SuicideFuel] Try Tickling Yourself Now
2018-10-13 16:44:27 [SuicideFuel] Akira: The Future of Japan (Countdown to 2019 (when Akira takes place) and 2020 Tokyo Olympics)
2018-10-13 19:38:06 [LifeFuel] Just CalmMaxx Bro
2018-10-13 21:00:58 [Blackpill] Fuck IOIs If a Girl is Really Interested in You She’d Do Shit Like This To Get You To Talk To Her
2018-10-13 21:59:38 [Blackpill] Everyone Wrong With the West in One Video
2018-10-14 01:25:57 [LifeFuel] My Next Car Must Come With an AI Japanese Holographic Schoolgirl Infotainment Control System Like This Chinese SUV
2018-10-14 01:32:46 [LifeFuel] I’ve Found Learning Japanese to be Just Like Tidus Learning Al Bhed in Final Fantasy X
2018-10-14 11:41:21 [Blackpill] Most People are Lazy
2018-10-14 12:56:32 [LifeFuel] Just Washed My Face and Applied Vitamin C Serum After For the First Time and I Feel Like a God
2018-10-14 14:14:12 [Blackpill] I’ve Been Permanently Banned From For Belittling an Asian Ladyboy That Posts There
2018-10-14 22:06:32 [Serious] Feel Like a Reverse Version of Tidus From Final Fantasy X
2018-10-15 00:46:17 [LifeFuel] My Father Finally Accepted the Black Pill Just Now (and The Yellow Pill)
2018-10-15 10:24:24 Official Character
2018-10-15 17:31:03 [RageFuel] It’s Fucking Over For Me Now
2018-10-15 18:17:30 [NSFW] Is There Anything Lowlier Than This?
2018-10-15 22:10:41 [LifeFuel] If You Were a Star Wars Character Who Would You Be?
2018-10-15 22:56:37 [RageFuel] Absolutely Sick of the Japanese ZOG Taking Down 80s J-Pop on YouTube For Copyright Strikes
2018-10-15 23:23:05 [Serious] The Good Guys Lost (to (you) 79 years from now)
2018-10-15 23:23:55 [LifeFuel] Me in 7 Years
2018-10-16 00:50:55 [Media] Reminds Me of When My Dad Taught Me To Drive
2018-10-16 02:15:09 [LifeFuel] The Best Part About Halloween
2018-10-19 09:44:09 [LifeFuel] The Best Part About Knowing It’s Over For Me In America and Always Will Be
2018-10-19 09:48:20 [LifeFuel] I Don’t Want To Be a Man Anymore
2018-10-19 09:54:19 [SuicideFuel] It Is Better to be Alone Than in the FriendZone
2018-10-19 10:01:34 [RageFuel] I Have Never Felt More MOGGED In My Life
2018-10-19 11:31:05 [LifeFuel] If I Don’t Ascend When I Go To Asia I’m Not Coming Back Home
2018-10-19 14:52:55 [LifeFuel] Noodle Whore
2018-10-19 14:56:04 [Experiment] BadBoy Maxxing
2018-10-19 15:25:35 [LifeFuel] If You Ever Go To A Cafe Make Sure You Always Order a Vanilla Latte
2018-10-19 15:50:11 [LifeFuel] Final Fantasy VIII is The Best One Because of MommyGF Quistis (and Squall is the worst character because of her)
2018-10-19 16:05:42 [Experiment] BoyMaxxing
2018-10-19 16:08:17 [Blackpill] All Races and Every Woman are the Same
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2018-10-19 20:23:07 [LifeFuel] Rize Is The Japanese Form Perfectly Captured In 2D (and MommyGF Thread)
2018-10-19 20:55:04 [LifeFuel] I Was Permanently Banned From /r/IncelTears For Just Being Myself After Just One Post Where I Showed Them My Personality
2018-10-19 21:40:31 [Blackpill] There Is No Such Thing As The Proximity Principle/Rule of Familiarity
2018-10-19 22:00:13 [Experiment] Would a Date Do Anything For You?
2018-10-20 00:20:47 [LifeFuel] NapMaxxing
2018-10-20 17:03:06 [Experiment] BeautySleepMaxx
2018-10-20 17:53:28 [LifeFuel] Just Randomly Found Out My Mom Is In Paris (A Text Conversation With My Mom)
2018-10-20 18:40:15 [LifeFuel] Told My Dad I Wanted To Buy a $3200 Doll
2018-10-20 18:48:45 [RageFuel] My Paris Trip
2018-10-20 21:56:38 [NSFW] Take The Doll Pill
2018-10-21 00:07:13 [LifeFuel] Balamb Garden
2018-10-21 11:28:55 [LifeFuel] Need To Imagine My MommyGF To Get Anything Done
2018-10-21 11:29:17 [LifeFuel] If You’re Going To Have An Azn Mommygf Just Don’t Act It Out In Public
2018-10-21 13:03:28 [LifeFuel] My MommyGF Told Me I Have To Take A Break
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2018-10-22 07:32:08 [Experiment] NoSun. Now. (VampireMaxxing)
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2018-10-22 11:28:42 [Blackpill] Deconstructing A Hypergamous Indonesian Whore I Found On Quora
2018-10-22 13:29:52 [Blackpill] Yaramiso – Middle Aged Virgin Men of Japan
2018-10-22 20:59:26 [Blackpill] Do Not Ever Buy A Sex Doll/Sex Robot, There Will Never Be Decent Sex Robots, And For The Love Of God NoFap Now!
2018-10-22 22:37:39 [LifeFuel] Does Anyone Else Refer To Their Phone As A Scouter?
2018-10-22 22:49:16 [LifeFuel] My Mom Finally Paid For My Japanese Class Just Now
2018-10-23 09:53:04 [LifeFuel] NoFap. Now. (Get Your Streak Counter Here)
2018-10-23 11:31:57 [Experiment] NoSwear. Now.
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2018-10-24 15:59:07 [RageFuel] Cursed Out A White Girl Today (What You Would Call A “Stacey” What I Would Call A Western Sow)
2018-10-25 00:58:48 [RageFuel] I May Have Been Just Permanently Banned From /r/Braincels
2018-10-25 10:58:47 [LifeFuel] MommyGf Buying Me New GPU
2018-10-25 15:00:49 [Experiment] BoyMaxxing Part 2 – Unleashing the Boy Inside
2018-10-25 15:36:14 [LifeFuel] Hate ZOG + Love Japan =
2018-10-25 16:32:02 [Experiment] I Bought Red Dead Redemption 2 (First New Western Game I’ve Bought In Years)
2018-10-25 16:47:04 [RageFuel] Where the Hell is Raiden?
2018-10-25 17:36:14 [LifeFuel] I Just Realized Marty McFly Is 100% BoyMaxxed
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2018-10-25 19:42:53 [Serious] Isengard (and how Aragon is a weeb)
2018-10-25 20:02:39 [LifeFuel] I Am Now In Communication With The Legendary Kointo (find out how you can be too inside)
2018-10-25 23:00:04 [LifeFuel] What Are Ya Buyin Stranger?
2018-10-26 06:49:22 [Blackpill] Tom Cruise in Top Gun is Another Example of BoyMaxxing (and why Men are the Superior Sex, and why western women are disgusting)
2018-10-26 07:46:43 [Blackpill] Picture of FiveFourManlet (Everyone GTFIH) (Who In The World Said This Guy Is Chad Are You Blind or Just a Baka?
2018-10-30 09:33:08 [LifeFuel] GoodBoyMaxxing
2018-10-30 22:46:36 [LifeFuel] Post Your Desktop Wallpaper
2018-10-30 22:48:19 [LifeFuel] Post Your Phone Wallpaper and Lockscreen
2018-10-30 22:50:19 [LifeFuel] Post Your Keychain Here
2018-10-31 00:13:19 [LifeFuel] Tfw I Drive My Car (Also Cars Are Pretty Much Gundams)
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2018-10-31 10:17:39 [Serious] What Say You In Your Defense?
2018-10-31 21:41:40 [Serious] Public Message to Six (Why Waifus Are Object Oriented) STEMCels GTHIH
2018-11-01 11:28:41 [RageFuel] My Speeding Days Are Over (Why I Will Never Buy My Dream Car a New Mazda Miata)
2018-11-01 11:31:45 [Blackpill] In Class Right Now and Foid Asked To See My Book
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2018-11-01 13:02:52 [Serious] I’m Going To Go See Raiden
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2018-11-01 15:47:03 [LifeFuel] The Buttons
2018-11-01 18:05:30 [LifeFuel] This Is What Happens (And Should Happen) To Foids Who Go To SEA
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2018-11-01 20:15:01 [RageFuel] I Need My MommyGF To Drive Me Around
2018-11-01 22:52:03 [LifeFuel] It’s a little late for Halloween but here’s my favorite scene from my favorite horror movie
2018-11-01 23:35:31 [LifeFuel] NoFap November (The Official Sign-Up Thread)
2018-11-02 00:45:20 [Blackpill] How Come When You Are Tired All You Can Think About is Sleep but When You Can Actually Sleep You Still Don’t?
2018-11-02 01:36:46 [SuicideFuel] I Always Wanted To Be The Hero
2018-11-02 07:42:09 [SuicideFuel] All I Wanted To Be Was Leon
2018-11-02 17:25:27 [Experiment] Watch Alien (1979) To Learn How To Be NT/Interact Socially With People
2018-11-02 20:30:52 [RageFuel] USA is a ZOG Police State, Truecels Being Locked Up While Stacey Runs Wild
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2018-11-05 16:49:46 [Experiment] I Want to Join the Highway Patrol
2018-11-05 18:03:00 [JFL] Some Stupid Cuck Just Told a Korean Whore She’s Got Toilet Paper On Her Shoe
2018-11-05 18:31:45 [RageFuel] Holy Hell This Disgusting Roastie Just Adjusted Her Ponytail and Hair Strands Just Went On My Laptop Keyboard
2018-11-05 21:29:15 [News] Bonobos Can Understand 3000 Words
2018-11-06 19:58:00 [LifeFuel] My Onahole Collection (Each One Superior To Any Western Woman’s Rancid Roast Beef)
2018-11-07 00:01:40 [LifeFuel] 52 days, 12 hours, 52 minutes
2018-11-07 19:21:23 [Blackpill] There is Only One Advantage To Being a Man in the West
2018-11-07 19:34:30 [Blackpill] The ZOG Are Promoting Queers To Make Incels Gay (Also How The Promotion of Asses/Anal Sex/Thick Memes is a Plot to Make Men Gay in General)
2018-11-07 22:47:33 [JFL] Hey Boys, Look What I Got Here!
2018-11-07 23:29:42 [LifeFuel] I’m Not Sure I’ll Ever Talk To A White Woman Ever Again
2018-11-08 00:09:18 [RageFuel] My Mom Wanted Me To Be Betabux
2018-11-08 00:36:04 [Blackpill] When I Was A Kid All I Wanted To Be Was White (Because I Had An Insane White Worshipping Ethnic Mother)
2018-11-08 01:47:26 [LifeFuel] Sleep Is The Only Thing That Can Keep An Incel Sane
2018-11-08 02:05:50 [LifeFuel] The Hunter Plan
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2018-11-08 16:07:36 [Blackpill] Are Weebs Even Incel?
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2018-11-08 19:38:44 [LifeFuel] Isekai Anime Thread
2018-11-08 20:29:43 [Blackpill] To Be A Truly Good Person You Must Have Experienced Suffering (*for the most part) (and why Incels could be the greatest people)
2018-11-10 19:09:25 [LifeFuel] Cheers Serge
2018-11-11 12:21:04 [Blackpill] The Inevitable End of the White Race May Be Beneficial For Incels
2018-11-11 13:29:53 [RageFuel] Westerners Who Steal and Profit Off of Foreign Culture Should Be Imprisoned
2018-11-11 15:39:29 [Blackpill] If You Desire Anal Sex You Are Part of the Problem
2018-11-11 16:23:47 [Blackpill] The Future of Washed Up Roastie Whores
2018-11-11 16:28:01 [Blackpill] Pussy Envy
2018-11-11 16:31:01 [Blackpill] To Be a Beta Orbiter is To Be a Faggot in the Eyes of a Foid
2018-11-11 16:46:44 [Blackpill] Homosexuals Are As Much the Enemy of Incels as are Foids
2018-11-11 18:30:36 [Blackpill] Attention ItalianCels I Urgently Need Your Help (Translation Needed) (I believe I have discovered the Italian counterpart to this site)
2018-11-11 23:36:02 [RageFuel] Sometimes I Hate How Innocent I Am
2018-11-12 10:38:48 [Blackpill] Persecution of Weebs, Imprisoned for Lolis in the West, and What May Have Happened to Raiden
2018-11-12 14:15:47 [LifeFuel] Would Anyone Here Mind Being In an LDR (Long Distance Relationship)?
2018-11-12 16:09:18 [RageFuel] New Year Normies Are The Absolute Worst (Message to Godzuki)
2018-11-12 18:02:22 [Blackpill] Tfw You’re Sitting in Class and the Foid Sitting Next to You Participates So Everyone Turns To Look at Them and by Effect You
2018-11-12 18:51:27 [Experiment] Why Am I The Only One On This Whole Site With Original Waifus?
2018-11-12 19:45:12 [Story] I Drew Midari and Presented My Drawing to My College Class
2018-11-12 21:38:10 [LifeFuel] She Looks So Innocent In This Picture
2018-11-12 22:02:23 [Blackpill] Sexual Education is Faggot Indoctionation of the Youth
2018-11-12 23:11:21 [Blackpill] Interracial Relationships Especially Black Men and White Women Should Be Encouraged
2018-11-12 23:55:21 [Blackpill] The People Who Help Others Are Often The Worst
2018-11-13 11:24:55 [LifeFuel] Manga Will Always Be Better Than Anime
2018-11-13 14:38:48 [Blackpill] You Cannot Hate Black Women and at the Same Time Covet White Women Without Being a Hypocrite
2018-11-13 19:56:44 [Blackpill] To Be Otaku is to Be a Revolutionary
2018-11-13 20:26:35 [LifeFuel] The Buttons Came! I Just Put Them On the Backpack I’ll Be Bringing to College Everyday (Pics Inside)
2018-11-13 22:12:20 [Blackpill] If Asia Didn’t Exist I Am Certain I Would Die Both Unloved and Alone (from 3D foids)
2018-11-13 22:32:40 [Blackpill] 11 Years Old is When Western Foids Lose Their Innocence and They All Become Whores
2018-11-13 23:14:07 [Blackpill] Pascal’s Wager (The Ultimate Gamble) and why I am Christian
2018-11-14 00:04:12 [Blackpill] TheRedPill Destroyed Me (Insane Stunts I Used To Do To Be “Alpha” ITT)
2018-11-14 01:44:24 [Blackpill] Incels Should Never Go NEET (To Damage Society Incels Must Fully Participate In It)
2018-11-14 08:48:13 [Blackpill] Never Kill Yourself Lest Ye Suffer a Fate Worse Than Death or, The Curse of the Virtue Signalling Roasties
2018-11-14 08:54:49 [Blackpill] Next Time You See a Christian/Islamic/Born Again Roastie That Tries to Religiously Virtue Signal, Show Them This Image
2018-11-14 10:38:42 [Experiment] Tfw Ritalincel Posts in a Thread (or for some people maybe when I post in a thread) Also New Vegas Thread!
2018-11-14 10:56:05 [RageFuel] Tfw You Have Another Post You Want To Add To Your Thread But Waiting For Someone To Respond So You Don’t Cuck Yourself Out of +1 Post
2018-11-14 11:20:05 [LifeFuel] Don’t Go Hollow
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2018-11-14 12:07:47 [Blackpill] You Should Imagine This In Your Mind If You Ever Ascend (Bonus: NSFW Pics of Western Women Inside!)
2018-11-14 13:12:29 [Media] Fake Otakus vs Real Otakus (Message to Soyboys Who Appropriate Weeb Culture)
2018-11-14 19:09:09 [LifeFuel] Raiden Appreciation Thread
2018-11-14 19:14:24 [News] Friendship Ended With Godzuki
2018-11-14 20:53:39 [Blackpill] Splitting
2018-11-14 21:14:03 [Experiment] Anyone Ever Been To A Chinese Massage Parlor?
2018-11-14 21:41:21 [Experiment] Does Catfishman’s Low Res Avatar Give Anyone Else a Headache?
2018-11-15 00:10:24 [Blackpill] The Sad, Pathetic Story of Stan Lee
2018-11-15 10:50:30 [LifeFuel] Tfw You’re In An Empty Classroom Blasting J-Pop and Posting on Because Class Was Cancelled
2018-11-15 11:29:25 [Blackpill] If I Didn’t BoyMaxx Than My Life as a PSL 2 Man Would Truly Be Hell
2018-11-15 14:10:37 [LifeFuel] First Snowfall of the Year
2018-11-15 20:25:19 [Story] I Have To Go To Court 9/11/2019
2018-11-15 21:36:06 [Blackpill] I Can’t Imagine Anything More Pathetic Than Going To A Bar For Fun
2018-11-16 13:08:48 [RageFuel] Dark Days
2018-11-16 13:12:01 [Blackpill] BoyMaxxing Is The Only Way An Ugly Male Can Be Treated With Any Decency
2018-11-16 13:32:40 [Blackpill] How Foids Really Feel About Their Beta Orbiters (Blackpilled Moment in Kakegurui), Why Manga is the Most Blackpilled Media + Why I Will Never Be Wota
2018-11-16 14:56:08 [LifeFuel] Any Classic Rock Fans Here?
2018-11-16 15:07:26 [Blackpill] The BoyMaxxed (Mop-Top Era) Beatles Were Pretty Blackpilled, Just Check Out This Song
2018-11-16 19:11:04 [RageFuel] Now That Hunter’s Gone Who Will Help Me Control My Urges?
2018-11-16 20:25:51 [Venting] When You Feel Like A Securitron
2018-11-16 22:53:13 [Blackpill] Can’t Even Watch TV Anymore
2018-11-16 23:08:22 [Experiment] What Type Of Man Are You?
2018-11-17 00:41:55 [LifeFuel] Ikishima Midari Build, New New Vegas Thread (NewVegasCels GTHIH)
2018-11-17 01:18:32 [News] See You On The Other Side
2018-11-27 01:40:55 Ban Appeal

I wrote a script to create a list of every thread I’ve posted

The end product is this. The way it works is, you go to Your Threads, and then on each page (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) you click Ctrl-u to view the source, copying and pasting the raw HTML into files (leu1.html, leu2.html, leu3.html, leu4.html, etc.) Then at the command line, you launch this script using (in my case) python Here’s the source code. Here’s the source code for my other script.