The only foids men get to have any authority over, are foids they’re not allowed to bang

It used to be that if you were in charge of foids, you got to bang them. E.g., a husband was allowed to both bang his wife, and exercise authority over her in other ways. These days, he has neither privilege (she’s allowed to both withhold sex and disobey him in other ways).

Meanwhile, a father can have authority over his daughter, but he’s not allowed to bang her.

A teacher can have authority over his female students, but he’s not allowed bang them.

A boss can have authority over his secretary, but in the #MeToo era, he’s not allowed to bang her.

The situation is set up to maximize the amount of sluttiness that girls can engage in, by eliminating the ability of any man to use his power to make a foid his sexual property. That also eliminates a way by which incels could potentially ascend.

But you know what they say — possession is 9/10ths of the law. No wonder, then, that incest and rape are such common fantasies. A daughter, or a kidnapping victim, etc. are the only femoids a man gets to have physical possession of, so that he can become their de facto owner.

Femoids trying to lure betas into subjugation and/or exploitation will say that a balance of power makes for a good relationship, but it’s actually imbalances of power that are hot. Hence the whole mommygf fetish, and the daddy/daughter fetish that even most normies have to some degree.

Without any legal or cultural pressure for spouses to stay together, couples have to rely on either raw physical attraction (which, sadly, only Chad’s looks can inspire) or some other bond. The tie of consanguinity is immutable, and the love of the parent for the child unconditional; and they already call each other by terms of endearment (e.g. “daddy”) that signal the lines of authority in the relationship.

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