Moving past BuiQuang

The thing about moving past BuiQuang is, we’re now in the realm of post-morality where any judgments that were made earlier are now irrelevant. “Feeling sorry” or “not feeling sorry” for anyone is now a dead issue. “Fault” is a dead issue. There’s no story anymore; there’s only what happened, and what happened is increasingly a distant memory, with a few unpleasant highlights that stand out.

The problem with relationships, and particularly relationship problems and relationship failures, in this purple-pilled era, is that as a man, you get judged no matter what you do. Even if your relationship is going well, people will try to undermine it; but if it’s going poorly, then people will REALLY give you hell.

The only way out of that damned-if-you-do,-damned-if-you-don’t situation is just not to have a relationship. Of course, chicks will gladly snap up a guy who has something to offer them, and then cheat on him and/or dispose of him as it suits them, knowing he will get all the blame, because he chose to have that relationship and didn’t magically cause it to be as perfect as it would’ve been if he’d been an alpha and/or married a virgin.

A dirty little secret is that in the 21st century, being celibate is actually not all that bad, compared to the alternative that is available to most men, which is to be some sort of cuck — and not just any cuck, but a cuck that society will not even pretend to respect (and which the femoid will cease to pretend to respect, as soon as she no longer needs to).

Rest and peace are good. As part of the devaluation / moving on, I’m going to put away a few reminders of Meshelle, such as that coffee mug she gave me.

Here’s how this moving on deal works, in a nutshell

I get my shit back, and society doesn’t have to listen to me talk about Meshelle anymore (unless they read this blog, which only a couple dozen people a day do).

Society had to go to the trouble of taking my shit to begin with, just like they had to go to the trouble of taking my shit earlier, when they burglarized the place. They get their desired result in the end; they just have to work a little harder for it.

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