I’m ready to throw out the baby with the bathwater

So Trump is getting rid of birthright citizenship. Good, let’s do that, and let’s ban all other refugees as well. Anything to stop the BuiQuangs of the world from getting in. They come here, and then they support immigrants’ using manipulative tactics to take advantage of U.S. citizens to get visas, and defiling the sanctity of marriage through divorce. It’s not good.

We don’t need that type of person in this country. I used to think refugees were cool, and that letting them in would help cause a “brain drain” in their own country. Well, look what the brain drain gave us — chicks like Nina Kouprianova, who betray their husbands.

They’re not sending their best, that’s for sure. I would even go so far as to say that we should send back the refugees who are already here. Yeah, some of them may have families, etc. but who gives a shit? Nobody cares about marriage or parental rights anyway.

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