One of the implications of moving on

is that no one can give me shit about anything that happened in, or with regard to, that marriage — including the decision to marry Meshelle, how I conducted myself within the marriage, or the events or reasons that led to its end, etc. It’s now as though it all never happened.

Even with regard to having a prior record now of marital failure, I can’t say that it would affect me, in terms of future USCIS proceedings, for instance. If I were to somehow become rich (e.g. win the lottery), I don’t think that I would import another bride. I would just go to live in the Philippines or some other place.

It would seem that I won’t be getting involved in politics for the foreseeable future, so I’m just not sure how I would be affected by the record of marital failure. I have a very simple narrative, in any case, that a lot of people seem to agree with.

Moving on is kind of a contract between the divorced man and society — if society continued to give him a hard time, there would be no end of him trying to give society a hard time too, over what they allowed and enabled.

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