I don’t remember where I left off with this wiki project

I’m looking at code from early August (which was after the hard drive theft but before the search warrant). Well, MediaWiki 1.31 came out in June. But the code was originally designed for MediaWiki 1.28. I can’t remember if I updated the files in Git for 1.31, or if I’ve been just manually patching stuff each time. (Damn, I’m

Well, a quick way to find out. I’ll just compare the parameters and see if they’ve changed at all. Or, I’ll just look at the history of the files. Okay:

$content = ContentHandler::makeContent( $text, $titleObj );

Good. But just to be sure:

public $template = QuickTemplate::class;

So that one’s not so much up-to-date. Hmm. Well, for now, I’m just going to leave that as a task for later, because it’s not an essential part of the minimum viable product. Or, maybe it is, but I just can’t be arsed worrying about it at the moment. I’m probably gonna have to make some changes to it anyway. Reverting back to the v1.31.1 SkinTemplate.php for now.

MediaWiki 1.31.1, by the way, for the foreseeable future will be the official version used for Revisionpedia, unless I see some compelling reason to use a different version (e.g. when the next LTS version comes out).

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