I probably should have called the cops on Meshelle that time when she scratched me

There was a time when she got upset at me and then scratched me to the point that I bled. I probably should have called the cops right then and gotten her thrown in jail. Virginia is a mandatory arrest state; if you call the cops on your domestic partner, and they see evidence that she committed domestic violence against you, she’s going to jail.

It’s not really fair that she walks away from the relationship with a squeaky clean record, while I still have this criminal investigation hanging over my head. Probably more men should call the cops when their wives get violent with them.

It’s not like it’s going to cause her to walk away from the relationship. On the contrary, it’s going to hurt her opportunities to get a job, which will probably make her more likely to stay in the relationship, because she can’t support herself. Remember Ben’s story.

If I were to ever be in a relationship again, and something like that were to happen, I would probably call the cops, because it needs to be put in the record when someone has a history of getting violent. Certainly, when I went to court, it ended up being put in the record that I punched my mom on the shoulder on one occasion when I was 15 and on antidepressants.

They will always establish a record of men’s getting violent, while letting women get away scot-free. Probably the reason is that when girls get violent, it’s considered “cute”. It’s not really all that cute, though, when they decide to play the victim and call the cops and put their man through hell. And, since I’m pretty much going volcel/MGTOW till further notice, I’m not going to be the one calling the cops on anyone, so this situation goes uncorrected.

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