Women have to denigrate marriage somewhat

They have to make it seem like marriage is an institution where they might get fucked over by an abusive husband, because otherwise they wouldn’t have an excuse for why they waited so long to get married, and why after they did get married, they were discontent with it and wanted out. If marriage were a good institution, then every femoid would want to get into it right away, as soon as they turned 18. The reason why they wait till their late 20s, or just never get married, is that it’s not that great of an institution for them, apparently — at least, not while they’re young and in their prime.

Therefore, they kinda have to shit on married men somewhat, by saying they’re assholes. Otherwise, why wouldn’t they have wanted one of them to (or insisted that he, as a condition of her opening her legs) put a ring on them long ago?

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