Why is it okay for Meshelle to hold a false rape accusation over my head to get me to sign off on a divorce?

BuiQuang wrote:

You both used each other and you lost.  Too bad, so sad for you.  Obviously, you the victim.   You did not plan to hold green card over her head to gain control.  You the good guy.

Why is it bad for me to do that, but okay for Meshelle to use a false rape accusation to get me to sign off on a divorce? How is that not some form of abusive coercion, the only difference being that she’s using the system to do it? He also writes:

Why should anyone feel sorry for you?  You didn’t get enough warnings not to marry?

Come to think of it, I think people also warned Meshelle not to marry me. Didn’t the consular officer bring up some concerns, and also people on Facebook told her to dump me, before she even got to the U.S.? More importantly, didn’t I warn her about the effect of the felony on my potential job opportunities? She said she didn’t care, though; that it wasn’t a dealbreaker for her.

Yet nobody tells her that any of the outcomes of this marriage were her fault. It’s kinda like the situation with Richard Spencer — a Redditor took issue with his wife’s decision to marry him, knowing he was a white nationalist; and people accused him of victim-blaming.

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