The Kavanaugh hearings demonstrate that a major change has occurred

I wrote a post earlier about the “warnings not to marry”.

Thing is, the Brett Kavanaugh hearings established a precedent that you don’t need to sign an I-864, or marry a chick, or even meet the chick, to get accused of sexually assaulting her. There’s an extradition treaty between the U.S. and the Philippines, so theoretically, even if I’d never met Meshelle, she could’ve accused me of raping her, and gotten me extradited to the Philippines to stand trial there, and face whatever other consequences their legal system wanted to dish out.

So it made no difference whether I married her or not, from that standpoint. All of the consequences I’ve faced could’ve just as easily happened in that kind of scenario. She could’ve gotten a Barangay Protection Order against me and told the Fauquier County Sheriff’s Department that my electronic devices had evidence of the rape (thus justifying a search warrant), etc.

One might argue, “Yeah, but she would’ve had no motive to do that.” Why not? Maybe if I hadn’t gone over to see her, or if I hadn’t married her, she could’ve felt angry at being rejected and made a false accusation for that reason. There’s really no way to safeguard yourself in this era. Open season has been declared for women to victimize men as much as they want by abusing the system.

6 thoughts on “The Kavanaugh hearings demonstrate that a major change has occurred

  1. You know, I’m actually upset about what Antifa/Anonymous did to you. Even though you’re a nutcase (well, it takes one to know one!), your IQ is obviously quite high, you possess Germanic creativity, and you had all these interesting projects going on. Men, these cucks really did want to stop you… It’s upsetting to me because you had quite the potential. Technically you still have potential, but obviously you’ve become un-motivated, now that your stuff is gone. Goddamn.


  2. It’s a combination of factors. I’m not allowed to go around chasing publicity anymore due to my mom’s situation; and to keep an edgecel site up, I would probably have to go on some Daily Stormer-style odyssey from one domain to another. That probably gets expensive, and and it’s a pain in the ass. Anglin was able to stay in the news because of all these domain changes; part of his claim to fame is that he’s so much-censored. Supposedly, my family actually has something to lose, though, from getting a bad reputation.

    Well, anyway — we could try to give this IncelsAndMaleSexualists thing another try, but we’d have to go to the darkweb, and nobody seems to know much about doing that, because there currently aren’t any darkweb incel sites. The Daily Stormer went to onion briefly, but they’re not really our friends, because they think we’re degenerate.


  3. I don’t think it would be that hard for us to setup something on the darkweb. Though obviously it would require some time commitment to get it sorted, and then once you’ve done that, then how are you going to get the mass exposure? I worry that people are too lazy to install whatever darkweb software it is that they need. At a minimum you’d have to be able to run some PR campaign to get people to hear about your darkweb site (e.g. run for congress and tell all the media about your darkweb site).

    Then again, maybe there’s benefit to having a consistent central place, that doesn’t disappear, a center of operations, from which one can then command other operations (e.g. trolling the clearnet and getting banned, which would create more exposure, and encourage more people to join ‘the movement’).


  4. I’m told that putting a site on the darkweb doesn’t actually hide who your webhost is; it just provides anonymity for your users. I’m not sure why it is that BoyChat and the Daily Stormer both went to the darkweb, then, when they were under attack. I’m pretty ignorant about this stuff.

    Well, I’m thinking we can give a go, whenever Caamib is ready to create a forum. We need to come up with a clever name, maybe “Incelstuous” or something. I’m thinking we might skip using some lengthy name like “IncelsAndMaleSexualists” (that’s kinda redundant anyway, since most incels have male sexualist sympathies).


  5. The “darkweb” is a vague term as it doesn’t describe any single network. However, most often when people use the term they are really referring to Tor onion sites as those are the most popular. If so, then what you have been told is untrue. If you host a Tor hidden service (i.e. it sits behind a special .onion domain name only accessible using the Tor browser) then it will also hide who your web host is. This is how the famous Silk Road and the various child porn sites have managed to operate. Of course, in many cases the police eventually catch them, but the reason the police catch them is because they work hard to find security exploits on the server hosting the web site. In many cases other software on the server has security issues which allows the police to, say, execute some code on the server that then reveals the machine’s real IP address. Perhaps in some cases there have been exploits in Tor itself or the NSA have exploited it, who knows.

    Either way, whilst I personally think Tor is probably too risky if you are running a web site against a government that is happy to squander millions on trying to find out who you are and lock you up, I think it would be a fine platform for an otherwise legal website that might be against the web host’s TOS. It is extremely unlikely that any SJW would be able to find out who is hosting your server.


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