Do you ever wish you were more narcissistic?

I.e. that you had a bigger ego, a greater sense of self-importance, a stronger desire for respect and recognition, etc.? Would you prefer to think more highly of yourself than you really deserve, so that you would go out into the world to try to prove that your inflated perceptions of your own value are justified; and in so doing, make the prophecy of your success self-fulfilling?

Ayn Rand wrote, “Man’s ego is the fountainhead of human progress.” When you start out in life, you have no power; you’re just being trained in what other people already know. You may live much of your life in fantasy, because the reality of your situation is so boring and limiting. During that time, people can easily laugh at your dreams and your confident predictions of what you can accomplish, belittling you and calling into question whether you’ll ever amount to anything. Adults judge your performance by whether you do well in school, stay out of trouble, etc. but to peers, those are all just signs of nerdiness.

So, from the beginning, you have something to prove. Of course, once you start to be successful, then you attract haters. However, being hated is different than being belittled, which is the default if you seem insignificant in the big scheme of things. At least if you’re a villain, it means that you’re powerful enough to inflict pain and destruction on those who wrong you; that seems better than being a villain.

Part of the pain of inceldom is from not being recognized by femoids as worthy of sex and love. Some men blame themselves for the rejections they receive. A narcissist like Elliot Rodger, on the other hand, feels he’s more worthy than the men who get to bang femoids and enjoy their companionship. This causes him to rage at the injustice.

Some might argue that the narcissist, deep down, feels insecure about his own worth. That may be true; in fact, a lot of narcissists are also suicidally depressed at times. (Even ER eventually shot himself.) Another possible reason for this, though, is that while they still recognize their own worth, they despair in getting others to recognize it; and so to preserve their own dignity, they refuse to subject themselves anymore to this kind of treatment.

Yes, the narcissist rages when people give him less respect than he feels he deserves; and he becomes determined to right this great wrong by producing indisputable proof of his greatness. For ER, this meant producing videos and then shooting a bunch of people. But others can channel their narcissism into other endeavors.

Anything is theoretically attainable in this world. With advanced enough technology, we could create designer femoids who are attracted to incels. The human mind is capable of such accomplishments. Some might say, “The politics of our time won’t allow it,” but a skillful politician might be able to sway the masses in a different direction.

Who has the drive and ambition to accomplish such things? It requires a certain ego strength to not get discouraged and defeatist. If you want to accomplish something truly great, i.e. above what the average man can accomplish, then you have to consider yourself of above-average ability. The narcissist has that confidence.

Some sites, like Wikipedia, are just designed to induce narcissistic injury (and therefore, narcissistic rage) because your credentials mean nothing there.

3 thoughts on “Do you ever wish you were more narcissistic?

  1. Genetically engineering females to be attracted to genetic shit (incels) is not a good idea.

    I have studied females sexual selection a lot and i have not seen any major flaws with it, male sexual selection is more probematic.

    We need more brutal female sexual selection to weed out more subhunans, it’s way too easy to pass on your DNA as a male subhuman now.


  2. The painful part is not proving one’s worth. The painful part is being so used to refusing to recognize your own worth that you end up in the same bag all the losers do. And when you finally start to succeed, no one believes it. Because they are used to your meek self.
    Even worse in this day and age when making a profit out of one’s talents is harder than becoming yet another office zombie.


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