Yeah, I could’ve just opted not to disclose some stuff

In retrospect, I probably didn’t have to drop out of the election. I could’ve moved out to a campsite and told the press, “I’m living in an undisclosed location in the Commonwealth of Virginia” and if they asked about my means of financial support, I could’ve said that I wasn’t disclosing those either. The precedent for that would’ve been how another politician, Dick Cheney, was in an undisclosed location for awhile.

I wasn’t trained for this type of scenario, but with some creativity I could’ve gotten through it. Oh well. This is the kind of fuck-up I commit all the time in my life. It’s why I’ve lost a lot of my self-confidence and given up on a lot of stuff. My judgment is not really top-notch.

Another example of this kind of fuck-up was when I withdrew my objection to a condition of supervised release. I’m sure there are many other instances where I quit when I didn’t really have to. Maybe I’m in one of those instances now, with Inclupedia.

Of course, the way a lot of stuff works, is that even if you don’t quit right away, you still lose. But at least you get to see how the situation would’ve played out if you’d continued playing. It’s like in a chess game; sometimes there’s a resignation before the situation gets played out far enough to really give a feeling of satisfaction.

But, y’know, my mom had brought up the either-or, and one of the options she gave was to withdraw from the race. She didn’t seem to express any regret about that option. And later she said that even if I’d moved out, maybe my candidacy still would’ve caused problems for her at work. But in all likelihood, it wouldn’t have been a big deal, I’m thinking.

So it’s too bad that the voters didn’t get an antifeminist choice this year, and instead they have to pick between a moderate feminist and a more radical feminist. It’s too bad that we’ll never know how many votes I would’ve gotten. And it’s too bad that I couldn’t get as much bang as possible for the 1,000-sig buck that I invested. Oh well! Like I say, it’s just another fuck-up in a long list of fuck-ups I’ve committed in my life.

One thought on “Yeah, I could’ve just opted not to disclose some stuff

  1. Decision making isn’t about iq, i can do well on pure intelligence test but i often fuck up when it comes to making important decisions.

    Most people do suck at decision making but they just rationalize it later and do not realize they fucked up.


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