Have you noticed, whenever there’s a news article about a guy getting sentenced in federal court, he’s always remorseful

In federal court, the judges expect for the defendants to express remorse. You don’t really see that as much in state-level courts. You’ll see an article about how a guy got sentenced for murder or rape or whatever, and sometimes he’ll express remorse, and sometimes he won’t. In federal court, it doesn’t really matter what the charges are; he’ll pretty much always address the court to say how sorry he is for what he did.

Another thing you’ll notice is that federal courts tend to sentence defendants to a lot of time. Like if there’s a case where a guy paid an underage hooker for sex, he’ll get 15 years if he’s sentenced in federal court. He probably would’ve gotten less time if he’d been sentenced in state court. Maybe he would’ve gotten a suspended sentence; that’s pretty common. A former brother-in-law of mine got sentenced to 20 years for breaking and entering with intent to rape, but 10 years of that was suspended. They don’t do that much in federal court; you’re pretty much going to have to serve your whole sentence in prison.

Not only that, the feds will usually sentence people to be on supervised release as well, after they get out of prison; and the restrictions, supervision, monitoring, treatment, etc. are pretty stringent and intensive compared to what the states impose. They will send people back to prison for long periods for petty violations, like testing positive for drugs or something. I got sentenced to 16 months on my original federal sentence, but ultimately served 46 months because of supervised release violations. One of those violations was associating with felons; viz., writing letters to friends I’d made while I was in prison; I served 10 months for that.

That’s pretty much how they strip people of their dignity — they threaten to sentence them to prison for a shitload of time, and coerce them into making a blubbering fool of themselves on the stand by apologizing abjectly for what they did; and then they sentence them to a bunch of time anyway, and after they get out, make them jump through a bunch of hoops and put up with a lot of intrusive monitoring if they want to stay out of prison.

The feds, unlike the states, can afford to build a bunch of prisons and spend a bunch of money on supervision and “treatment,” because they can borrow as much money as they want. The states have to balance their budgets and can only borrow money for, say, building roads or schools. They have to try to maintain a AAA bond rating. The feds can ultimately print as much money as they need to pay their debts, so their pockets are infinitely deep.

2 thoughts on “Have you noticed, whenever there’s a news article about a guy getting sentenced in federal court, he’s always remorseful

  1. Yeah, it’s a lot like 1984 really. And of course another consequence of defendants expressing remorse is then when they roll the TV cameras (which totalitarians LOVE to do, they always love a good show trial) then the public see the defendant expressing remorse and even if the crime sounded silly or like maybe it shouldn’t be a crime, the public hear the defendant apologising and just assume “oh well, if the defendant is apologising then they must have done something terribly wrong”. But, of course, it’s really that they are apologising under duress.

    It’s depressing so many American politicians LOVE building prisons. I just don’t get it, why is that? Tom Grauer made a good point recently about Jerry Pournelle’s law of bureaucracy that those interested in the benefit of the bureaucracy will get into power and those interested in the goals of the bureaucracy will fade away. I guess that kind of explains why police, judges and prison officers would love to help build more prisons. But it doesn’t entirely explain why politicians want to build more prisons, the left blame “privatised prisons” but a lot of prisons are still built by the government, and I’m not convinced private prison builders have enough political influence. And besides, lefties have shown that they secretly LOVE locking people up in prison so why should we listen to them? In any case, a lot of politicians are very wealthy anyway, so you’d have thought at least some of them would have conviction rather than money at the center of what they do, yet they still seem to love building prisons!


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