I think states should stop issuing marriage licenses, until patriarchy is restored

The institution of marriage has steadily become more and more cucked. Let’s consider all the different ways.

  1. Marital rape has been criminalized. Most men weren’t going to rape their wives anyway, but the fact that it’s now a crime means that lots of femoids who want to break up with their husbands can make a false accusation that’s hard to disprove. Gullible white knights will believe these accusations, and feminists who want to empower femoids will pretend to believe them.
  2. Physically disciplining wives has been criminalized. You’re not allowed to do anything physical to try to keep her under control, so your only authority comes from being able to threaten her economically. But guess what? …
  3. Femoids don’t need a husband for their economic survival. They have plenty of organizations and agencies that will help them if they claim to have been abused, plus a lot of them become well-educated and start careers before getting married. A large part of the purpose of that is so that they can walk away if they want to; they’re already planning for divorce.
  4. In the event of divorce, as the breadwinner and non-custodial parent, you’ll be the one paying child support, even if the breakup was her fault. So what does she lose by dumping you, in order to go jump on Chad’s dick while living off child support payments and/or welfare?
  5. Married femoids these days have a whole bunch of orbiters on standby. They’re ready to have an affair and/or branch-swing at any time, thanks to social media. If a man tries to limit this activity by her, he’s considered paranoid, controlling, and sociopathic because he’s trying to socially isolate her like a stereotypical abuser.
  6. You, on the other hand, are not supposed to be talking to other girls, because that would show a lack of commitment to monogamy. So this is the perfect setup for her to be able to cheat on you or dump you and leave you emotionally devastated because you can’t easily replace her.
  7. Femoids who break their marital vows will still get some, or all, custody of the kids in the event of divorce. So even if she’s being a bitch, you have to put up with her behavior for the good of the kids.
  8. The marriageable age has been raised to 18. Half of femoids already gave up the pussy to Chad(s) by that age. The other half are by that point starting to become neurotic from having to go several years past sexual maturity without getting any dick.
  9. The safeguards that used to ensure mail-order brides’ loyalty have been repealed. It used to be that, pursuant to immigration law, she had to stay with you for at least two years, unless she had “good cause” to divorce you; feminists got that requirement repealed, so now foreign femoids are taking advantage of that to commit marriage fraud and fuck over their U.S. citizen husbands.
  10. There’s an operative social convention that says femoids are allowed to do whatever they want, while men have to keep their promises, including their marital promises. It’s assumed that if she leaves him, it’s because he mistreated her; while if he leaves her, it must be because he’s an irresponsible asshole who just wants to go chase after younger tail.
  11. You can’t buy her future loyalty by making sacrifices for her in the present. Femoids don’t appreciate the sacrifices men make, and there’s no such thing as relationship equity. If you believe otherwise, you run the risk of ending up like Ben.
  12. If a man chooses a femoid who turns out not to be a good wife, people blame him for his poor decision; if a femoid chooses a man who turns out not to be a good husband, people blame him for tricking her into marrying him. They assume that a man can discern a femoid’s true nature before they get married; but that men can easily dupe femoids, who have no way of knowing any better than to fall for their trickery. In reality, it’s more like the opposite in most cases, since most men are betas and tend more toward the sperg end of the spectrum, compared to femoids, who are on average more skilled at manipulation.
  13. Femoids don’t have the same sense of integrity that men do, when it comes to keeping their word. Femoids believe doing what their feelings make them want to do is more important than doing what they said they would do. But marriage is all about making exchanging vows. It used to be a contract between men (the groom and the bride’s father) but now it’s a contract between groom and bride, with no social expectation that the bride hold up her end of the deal. This makes it a less-than-worthless piece of paper, from the husband’s perspective, because he’s bound but she’s not.
  14. The fact that a femoid wants you to marry her doesn’t necessary mean she wants to behave as a traditional wife; it just means that she wants you to take on the obligations of a traditional husband. This doesn’t mean you’ll have any meaningful authority over her; or any of the rights traditionally enjoyed by husbands; or anything like that. In fact, if she’s a non-virgin, that probably means she gave everything to Chad that femoids in times past would’ve given to a husband, without demanding any husbandly obligations of him; but now she’s going to demand husbandly behavior from you without giving you the same love and devotion she gave Chad.
  15. Polygyny isn’t allowed by the marriage laws. This makes married men seem very beta, because they’re admitting they don’t think they could ever have a prospect of getting a second wife; or they think one femoid could be all they would ever want.

The main problem is that a guy who wifes up a femoid sets himself up to be shamed if he “abandons” her (i.e. is no longer willing to put up with her bullshit), yet she can leave him at any time and come up with some excuse for why that’s okay; and society will give her the benefit of the doubt. She’s actually MORE likely to claim you abused her, if you’re her husband as opposed to her boyfriend, because she needs to exaggerate how bad you are so that people don’t think she’s a fickle or flaky person for leaving you after making a commitment. The commitment she made actually works against you, once she decides to leave.

The institution is broken. It would be better to shut down the issuing of new marriage licenses until we fix the system. When mothers and fathers are boyfriends and girlfriends, as opposed to husbands and wives, the man can more easily leave without suffering a social sanction. This gives him more leverage to at least not put up with her bullshit. He can be the one to walk first, rather than suffering until she decides to dump him. In the event things aren’t working out, it’s always to your advantage to be the one dumping the other person, kind of like how it’s better to resign from a job rather than get fired. If you’re not married, you can walk away without incurring dishonor, because you didn’t promise shit.

In the modern age, a man who gets married is just admitting that he’s a beta in the socio-sexual hierarchy. You would never sign such a one-sided contract unless you were either naive about femoids’ nature, or in a really weak negotiating position, or both. It’s better to just have a moratorium on further marriages, lest it serve as a trap that more men will wind up getting stuck in and destroyed by. Once the institution is fixed, then it can be restored to its rightful purposes.

Marriage should, at any rate, be automatic if a man deflowers a femoid; and if a husband finds that his wife wasn’t a virgin when they got married, the marriage should be voidable. There should not be this option of playing the cuck and wifing up a non-virgin. That tarnishes the institution’s reputation and is harmful to society. It defeats the point of marriage. Until these fixes are made, it’s best to just get rid of marriage altogether.

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