VisaJourney is probably going to mostly die

I would predict that with the growing hostility to prospective immigrants, and growing awareness that there’s a lot of visa fraud, sites like VisaJourney that take such a hostile attitude toward U.S. citizen husbands will lose popularity.

It’s kind of like how Roosh V Forum, which took such a hostile attitude toward incels, is losing popularity. I don’t think they can cope and rationalize forever; they have to acknowledge at some point that IT’S OVER. Even the ability to enjoy the decline so much will go away as they get older.

I think there are only a handful of people very active at RVF anymore. It’s the same way with VisaJourney. It’s always the same few regulars who respond to everything. That doesn’t seem like a coincidence; it’s not hard for them to monitor everything, because there’s not a lot of activity.

A lot of times, I’ll face some malefactor who then will no longer be around later. E.g., BuiQuang is no longer around. I’d like to check out RVF and see which of the people in this thread are no longer around.

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