Smartphones helped make mail-order brides a non-viable option

In the old days, you could kinda keep your mail-order bride sheltered from bad influences. Probably not so much anymore. All she has to do is find a way to get hold of one of those small, thin devices that she can use as a portal to an unlimited number of guys she can cheat with, or branch swing to, etc., and she can easily be disloyal and unfaithful.

If she doesn’t have her own smartphone, she could easily go to a neighbor and borrow theirs. I’m sure there are plenty of women who want to empower other women, because they have nothing better to do, and they want companionship, like in this vid.

The smartphone can enable them to find out how they can manipulate the system by making a false accusation of abuse. There’s all kinds of bad stuff they can do with it. They might even arrive in the U.S. already having established a network of American orbiters which they can connect to just by logging into Facebook. Again, it makes the branch swing easy.

Think how easy it is, too, for femoids to take selfies these days, using their smartphone. That helps them play the whore even more easily.

Combined with the new laws that pretty much eliminate the requirement that a mail-order bride stay with her husband for two years if she wants to get the conditions on her permanent resident status removed, this is all a disaster waiting to happen.

Until we get this situation under control, by reinstituting patriarchy, we need a moratorium on immigration.

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