When you look at it from a racial perspective, why do spousal and fiancée visas need to exist?

The white people coming into this country from western Europe, we can just allow into the country visa-free. Why not? They’re the same as us.

The only other people who would need to come into the country would be Filipinas, eastern European Slavs, etc. But we don’t need to worry about vetting them to make sure that they are sincere about wanting a relationship. We can just let them in as housepets of U.S. citizens. They should have no rights whatsoever.

The only reason to let non-white spouses in, is if a U.S. citizen can’t get a white spouse. But in those cases, there’s a danger that the person is just going to take the green card and run. So, that’s why they can’t have any rights. White U.S. citizens would generally not be seeking a non-white spouse, or a foreign spouse, unless they had some flaw that was keeping them from getting a white American spouse.

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