Incels and pedophiles

The two movements are running into the same problem, which is that the system of free love is breaking down. Free love is based on the idea of, “What if the girl consents, tho?” Pedophilic free love is just a subset of that: “What if the LITTLE girl consents, tho?”

#MeToo is invalidating consent across the board, by allowing women to call into question whether they were truly able or willing to consent. And of course, anyone who doubts a rape allegation is a misogynist in the MeToo’ers view.

We have situations where the police are taking seriously allegations that a husband raped his wife, so that men can’t even use the argument, “What if the wife consents, tho” anymore. Already, of course, drunken sex has been categorized as rape, so that we can’t say, “What if the drunk girl consented, tho.”

So now we’re going to try to establish a legal principle based on the idea of, “What if the child consents, tho”? The politics are headed in the opposite direction, of considering everything victimization that used to be categorized as potentially consensual.

The only area in which the feminists have wanted to grant any wiggle room was in letting teen girls have sex with boys their own age. Since provisioning isn’t a factor in that situation, teen girls are mostly choosing sex partners based on looks, game, and other superficial qualities, which means it’s generally going to be Chad rather than the bottom 80% of teen boys who get sex.

But that’s pretty much how feminists want it, because their agenda is to keep girls in school, rather than setting them up with a older guy who’s going to provision for them. The feminists are not going to be cool with letting older men get with 3-year-old girls, because the two might fall in love and he might start provisioning for her, and encourage her to leave school.

The cornerstone of feminism is keeping girls in school so that they don’t end up in a situation where they’re financially dependent on a husband or boyfriend.

One thought on “Incels and pedophiles

  1. Okay, unlike most of the other people I could find who are against you, let me instead of just screaming at you about how awful you are, I’ll just tell you my story. When I was younger (9 maybe 10) my brother (20 maybe 21) started playing a game with me, where he would rub his genital on genitals, this didn’t happen often maybe once every week, I never told him to stop because I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND WHAT WAS HAPPENING TO ME! So yes my brother never raped me, it had nothing to do with mixing genetics or anything, but the fact that this happened made me feel awful, it completely broke me when I started to understand what sex was. It was completely psychologically damaging to me.

    But since you believe that kids should be able to explore their sexual urges and I never understood what was happening so I didn’t say no, its ok right? HELL FUCKING NO! So maybe children that young shouldn’t be exploring sex because even if they don’t say no they won’t understand.

    And on the matter of incest; because of what happened I have some fucking terrible repercussions when it comes to my relationship with my brother and the rest of my family. I didn’t tell anyone what happened, I didn’t understand and I was far too scared when I did realise. But I can’t stand in a room with my brother without freaking out entirely, I can’t talk to my sister, or my dad or my mum because I’m scared they wouldn’t believe me and I don’t wanna make everything worse. I have felt isolated from my family since I was 10 because it absolutely ruined me.

    So don’t you dare going around and spilling this shit all over the internet like you have any idea what it’s like, because you don’t, you don’t know what it does to people. And the worst part is that people listen to you and your arguments people who could think that because your argument agrees with their messed fetishes or things that they’ve done that it’s ok and their won’t be a victim. Shit like your blog literally makes me sick. (I’m sorry I know I was going to try and not get angry but god shit like this makes me furious)


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